February Fundraiser – Raising The Pressure

December and January have been excellent months for our cause and our goals but its vital no one rests on their laurels.
Everything is moving in exactly the right direction so now is the time to redouble our efforts in the month of February. If Anna Turley is having her Bill heard on the 24th of the month then it makes absolute sense to generate a bit of a storm ahead of that.

The first thing I would say here is that its actually been an age since we last did a fundraiser. You might recall that all of Operation Trilogy was actually the funds that were initially raised for the tank. That must be about three months ago.

This proved to be a good move in terms of publicity but it also meant that we did not require to do a fundraiser on the lead up to Christmas. My point is that its actually be a long time since we’ve come to you and required fresh funds. But start delving down the back of that sofa as I’m asking you to step up today.

As mentioned recently, it affords me far greater flexibility if I simply fundraise for a budget rather than fundraise for one operation in isolation.

In February I wish to take that momentum from the entirety of December-January and do a series of events to take us through to the 24th, when Turley’s Bill is meant to get heard. I think it is better strategy to do two or three things in rapid succession than it is to do one event, then a big gap, then something else.
This is the era of the short attention span. Things can very easily vanish out of the public narrative unless you make the concerted effort to keep them in the public narrative. Politicians can very easily think they’ve ridden the storm and that they can become complacent again.

Make no mistake – those in public office do not like to be so publicly embarrassed and exposed for their weakness in such a non stop way. They hate it and over time it does damage to them. They would do anything to make it go away eventually, especially when it actually gains more momentum as time goes by and not less. They really hate these methods as they are as public as can be and there is not a damned thing they can do to stop it.

Make no mistake about this either – to abusers of all stripes we are poison to them. They are all akin to cockroaches and what do cockroaches most like? Darkness and to be undisturbed. These two legged cockroaches do NOT want something which takes a huge light and relentlessly shines it on their activities.

Every time we manage to push this into the public thought process we deeply unsettle and disturb their world. In short – they know we are relentlessly going after them and they know we will not stop until such a time when the new norm is that they are properly punished for their actions.

Those who are abusers do not generally seek out publicity and notoriety. There are possibly some types of criminal class who do (gangsters), but the psyche of most abusers is to run in the opposite direction from publicity and to operate in the shadows.
When they cannot keep running and when they run out of dark space to hide in then they done for. The two brothers may as well be ‘branded’ because any time OF is name checked it drags up the case and their names all over again.

They can change their names but you cannot get a new face. They have been doomed not merely by their actions but by virtue of their actions never going away in the public eye. There is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it. We operate within the law and if their case keeps getting brought up then that’s just tough cheese.

These kinds of abusers are all weak and cowardly. It would be a challenge enough for a strong person to continually be haunted by an action so publicly let alone those who have the weakest psychology of all. Just try to imagine it.

Its not driven by spite but by my unwavering belief that for far too long abusers have generally been allowed to slither back into the shadows and it gets forgotten again. That’s why we are stuck on this cycle of abuse/victim/light sentence/more abuse/more victims.

My aim is to completely and totally destroy that cycle.


And to do that takes intensity. And it takes financial backing to bring what needs doing into reality.
It is the 4th of January today. If I am to action a sequence of events for February then time is going to be of the essence. It takes time and effort to plan things correctly and pull them all together for maximum effect. The more time I am afforded the better.

From December to January we managed to do three events in a related sequence and all of them were appealing enough for the press to give large space to. The press are now really starting to get it and fully understand what this is all about. Our most recent coverage was not only highly accurate but almost uniformed in nature. The press are not misreporting and getting it all wrong. The press are presenting a narrative to the reader which is accurate and in sync. That is excellent. That is the very best sort of press you can get. The press also now understand that we are a movement with a past history of work. This makes reporting on things even more appealing to them as it becomes an on going story.

I would like to attempt something similar in February. I don’t own the press unfortunately, but with a bit of thought and a lot of work I think we can do a sequence of things in February that any logical media would want to cover.

I’d need a budget of at least the same to have a chance of achieving the same ahead of that Bill being heard. That was £2400.

So that’s the fundraising target for our February budget £2400. We’ve managed to raise similar sums inside of a week before so lets try to get this together for the 11th of January – that is one full week. This would then give me the window that I need to plan stuff out and do the things that need done.

I’m looking into adding new ways people can donate, Google wallet etc, but for now you can just use the same paypal – operationfrankish@gmail.com

I’d like to see a clutch of new people step up and give, this should never be all on the shoulders of the generous few.
This is everyone’s fight. This effects every single person in this country in one way or another.


By now I shouldn’t be needing anything more than a soft sell since the public can see they ae dealing with a legitimate and serious movement that use all donations honestly and for what they are intended for. They can also see that set backs don’t remain set backs for long. We got hit with fog in Wales first time over and it was my call to risk sending the pilot or postponing. We postponed and two weeks later ended up back in Wales and probably with a stronger message – starting the New Year off with a bang. Then on the eve of the new date the normal pilot was sadly taken to hospital with a collapsed lung. He is slowly on the mend but grounded for three months. A back up pilot was found and we ‘stood with Wales’.

There isn’t a political party who is currently going after these things in the way that we are so you may as well throw your weight in behind us.

With your aid I can bring an increasing weight of pressure down upon those who are meant to govern us and protect the vulnerable. Government doesn’t really have a conscience. Only being paid off or relentlessly pressured makes them crack.
So let’s try to get that budget by the 11th of Jan.

Thanks folks


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