Britain’s Most Deplorable Pet Abusers

Most of you will by now know that the two inbred lemmings were on the news again last night. Its only a brief clip and was used as part of a wider story.
If you’ve not yet seen it you can find it here (at around 1.48)
This got me thinking. There are over 100,000 reported abuse and neglect cases every year and according to RSPCA figures. Dogs make up the biggest % of victims. I was curious to know if any offender had ever gotten the level of exposure that they have AND that has endured this long. After about an hours worth of research the answer appears to be negative.
It would seem that no other pet abusers in modern history have had this much press coverage, in so many different media outlets, over and over. There are some whose actions maybe got them into the press as a one off thing. There were even those that would get checked again on rare occasions. But there was simply no other pet abuser who the media have covered so much and for so long. There have even been cases of abuse which (believe it or not) were worse than this, but not even they felt this level of relentless exposure time and again.


This is very good. All the biggest historical legal gains used one or two lead examples to lever in the changes. That’s is precisely what I wanted. I deliberately set out to make them into the most abhorrent pet abusers on public record. While their initial actions were enough to court a first wave of press I knew that their names and this case needed to be pushed into the media narrative as much as possible.


Almost everything we do has been geared toward that. We can put any message up at all and any press that cover it woud still need to brief their readers on why we are called OF. It has immortalised the case and the story.
This case has now been perfectly shaped to be used as THE case which changes legal history. Its all there. The ball is literally sitting on the line and just needs someone to sidefoot it into the net.


I only hope that enough of the public are able to see that and that they do not simply rely on professional politicians. We’ve relied on them to do the right thing for far too long. Look where it has gotten us. We should certainly be sympathetic to any that are talking the talk but lets never rely on professional politicians from any party. Lets instead rely on ourselves for a change. We’re just ordinary people funded by ordinary people and who want to effect change that will make life better for all ordinary people for decades to come.
We want to achieve that by changing the balance of power. At this moment they abusers have too much of it and good people do not have enough. This must change.



We want to alter that balance of power by taking the liberty and freedom away from abusers so that at least society is rid of the convicted one’s for a good long while. We want to send out a clear message that this is no country for such people. I want Britain to be THE most intolerant society in the World in two specific areas – and this is one of them. And I want that absolute intolerance to be reflected by the actions of Government. I want us to be totally and absolutely intolerant of those who commit actions like this. I want a society that ostracises them. I want businesses that refuse to serve them, I want landlords that refuse to house them, I want people to turn their backs on this kind of ‘person’. I most of all want a Government that will finally and at long last start caging these beasts as they deserve.

I want a Government minister to watch that infamous footage then look me in the eye and tell me they deserve to be at large.

But I most of all definitely want Britain to be a right bastard of a country … if you happen to be such a twisted little freak that you would do such things.

I’ve had enough of ‘do gooders’ who will wring their hands and assure us how they are good boys really and that how such types can be ‘reformed’. This is utopian lies. By the time they do what they did at the age they were – it is already too late. All you can do after that is reject them as a society while the state can throw them in a cage for a few years. Then they’d need monitored after release.
That is what must happen with cases like this and there must also be an expectation of a custodial sentence when found guilty.
Watch out for those political and legal tricks that Government will try, such as making a change that looks not bad in theory but in practice it is under used. If (when) that happens you must be prepared to then hold their feet to the fire until it is used to its fullest.

That video was truly sickening. No words can ever do it justice. Yet rather than being abused, dead and forgotten that little bulldog may well end up as being the symbol behind the force that changed pet abuse laws radically in this country.
What a legacy that would be for ‘Baby’ to have left for her suffering. Taking something evil that cannot be undone and making it into a catalyst for good.

Furthermore, any time OF are covered in the press the mood is upbeat and defiant. One day when people think back to that little dog it will not be with sadness but with pride. Pride in the fact that it was her suffering that was to serve as the catalyst for long over due change on a national scale. I ultimately want her to be a positive icon for the future.

Incidentally, going back to those two Orcs specifically what I also discovered last night is that if you add up all the different press coverage they have had from May 2016 to Jan 2017 it was greater than the vast majority of men whose convictions got them sent to a maximum security prison.

Doesn’t happen by accident. Doesn’t happen on its own and keep happening on its own. It has been engineered to be that way. If you want to make one example THE lead case then it needs unswerving media attention. That can only be engineered externally since the press themselves would not consciously think to give more sustained coverage to a pet abuse incident with a dog that died in 2014 than to someone imprisoned under terrorism charges. That is how the media and press work and that is why PR agencies determine what is news to a degree.

Its good. But we need more of it to be honest. We especially need more of it in the here and now because this is really starting to become a mainstream talking point now with MP’s of different parties suddenly calling for five years.

Its like I said yesterday for those that watch cheesy horror films. At some point the victims always get a chance to kill off the enemy. Shoot him in the arm and assume him dead only for him to inevitably rise again and make them regret not going all the way.

This is the same. Politicians and abusers are reeling at the level of pressure this past year especially.

This is not a time to let them recover.
This is the time for knock out blows.
We can fight this with one hand tied behind our back but not two. Give us at least one hand to fight this.


2 thoughts on “Britain’s Most Deplorable Pet Abusers

  1. Brilliant. It did cross my mind that this is probably the only time a case which was apparently put to bed long ago (if the courts had their way) is still being picked up in the media. Other cases of cruelty just never seem to get mentioned after the initial news break. We have to keep persevering and I’m sure we will get there. Soon.


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