£1 per reason

Here are 20 very good reasons why you should give £20 to our cause today. See it as a £1 per reason if you like. Then ask what you can get for a £1. Probably a bar of chocolate or a newspaper. Well this is far better for you than a Twix or the Daily Star. This is 20 sound and concise reasons why you should act today.
1) Our methods do what they are designed to do. Operation Trilogy was designed to create a ripple effect in the British press through December and early January. That is precisely and undeniably what happened.

2) As I’ve repeatedly said, if you want to break through a situation you must take one really good example and make it infamous. One the back end of the energy created around that you can then lift the issue right up and drag in the entire general subject as being a matter of real urgency. We have counted the media space devoted to them that came as a result of direct efforts to force it into the press cycle. It was more than afforded to any abuser in modern times and it was more than was afforded to criminals who committed category A type offences.
If you think the press have kept dragging it up just because they are emotionally touched by this one dog then you give far too much credit to their priorities. We have pushed and forced it into the press cycle so that their names are now often the first to be used automatically. The value of this should surely be transparent for anyone to see.

3) Our presence is causing a ripple among those in authority at local and national level. Not merely my view, but one confirmed to me by a number of sources, including a counsellor and an academic and those who speak directly to MP’s. They are becoming aware of us as a presence that has persisted and doesn’t seem to be going away. They know our positions are common sense and ethically sound and they don’t have counter arguments like they usually do. They aren’t going to argue on behalf of the abusers. They are not all fully aware of us yet . But they are definitely aware of us and they do know its a serious thing. If we grow then we win and if we don’t grow they win. I’d say that’s a sound reason.

4) We can do things that other more traditional bodies simply would not be able to do. The RSPCA and Dog Trust have a role but they simply cannot do the things we have done and plan to do. We are able to do those things because we’re not bound by committees, formal protocols etc. We can take things to the edge at times. They cannot.
5) Abusers and those convicted of it are wary of us. They are not wary of those who send them threats on the Internet. This is a fact. I even read a chat log in which one of the worse convicted offenders stated that such threats do not phase him. I believe him. They don’t care about some stranger online ranting and threatening them. They ignore it or sometimes they pass it on to police. But they have seen with their own eyes and by reputation what we are capable of doing to make an example of two of them. I can assure you – they do not want to be next. No one would WANT that.
6) If you are angry at seeing even the most extreme offenders walk out of court free men time and again. No concessions – that must end. We will fight to end it.
7) If you care about who lives in your community and what threat it might present to you or your family. We want to work to give you more rights than you have right now – which are nil. There is no pet abuse register. That needs to be pushed for even more than it ever has been. We also want local Government to take more responsibility and to be accountable for any such individuals that they house in a community. They must answer for those that they place there. We want to create a situation where they are directly responsible and where the community has the right to know if a POS like Frankish has moved in to their street. No more covering it up.
8) If you have children or plan on it. You can be a great parent and give them a good education. But what good is that going to be if this sadism keeps spreading and getting more extreme (which it is and will do)? That’s not going to help them when they are growing up in such a culture or if such people come into their life.
9) Because not one political party gives these matters any priority in their party policy. They have a whole lot of absolute worthless junk in among official party policy but none of them are leading with a get tough and wipe the slate clean approach. They are weak on this and they are weak on the causes of this. We will gradually force them not to be.
10) Because the people in this team are totally devoted and are constantly demonstrating a high work ethic and at great personal sacrifice to their own time. We don’t do this for us. We do it for all the victims who have gone and all those who are yet to be.

11) Because the more resources we have the more we can take it to the politicians and abusers alike.
12) Because any time we take in money we do precisely and exactly what we have said we are going to do. It is obvious by now that we can be trusted and didn’t put together 8 months of work to scam someone out of £20.
13) Because there is a very measurable way of seeing your £ going to work. You give to some things and you’re not exactly sure what they do with it. We tell you what we are going to do and why. Then we do it. Always.
14) Because nothing will be achieved unless it is organised. Doesn’t matter if a million voices cry foul in the privacy of their own home at a Frankish type. It needs a conduit. You must be organised. We have proven that we are well organised.

15) Because a movement creates a perception of size. It creates it to the casual reader, to the abuser and indeed to anyone in public office. This is esp true once the movement has a body of press behind it. We have a very good body of historical press behind us now. We are now recognised.

16) Because it is costing you a whole lot more than £20 to allow them to be free!
17) Because it simply cannot be healthy to have a status quo in which a combination of small fines, suspended sentences, home curfews and electronic tags are being used as a substitute for getting truly evil people off our streets and at least take away their liberty. This is a disaster waiting to happen unless you tell yourself that it must be stopped and then the damage undone. Don’t wait until its too late , and whatever you do, don’t put your faith in anyone who is part of the establishment to go all the way on this. Only something external to the establishment will have it in them to go all the way.

18) We took an utter disgrace of a non sentence and through ways various we made it into a sort of ‘life sentence’. Frustratingly this is something that all too many STILL do not seem to get. I can only assume its because they have never had the entirety of the press and the pressure of a movement turning them into the Brady and Hyndley of pet abuse. If they actually thought about it for just one nano second, if they placed themselves in their slippers then there is absolutely no way we’d still read stuff like ‘they’ve got away with it’. This is just a complete and total nonsense. They ‘got away’ with f*** all, unless you think having the rest of your life stained is getting away with it.
How would you like it if your face and name just kept appearing in press all over Britain after all this time? How anyone at all can think that anyone could just endure that and feel nothing is beyond all logic. Who do you think they are, Rambo and Jason Bourne? You’d honestly think they’d been professionally trained in psychological warfare the way people implicitly credit them with strong personalities.
19) We have new ideas and new methods that we want to pursue to take this on to the next level. We are pleased with what we have created and where we are at, but we are here to win and to win big. The time for me to feel ‘pleased’ will be when I can look back one day and finally know that in this country we do not tolerate sick sadistic cowards that taint our society with their actions. I want other nations to look at us as an example to follow. I’m not interested in settling for some tiny little crumb of a victory. That is no use at this advanced stage of the complete breakdown of society. I want big victories. I want a Britain that can stand tall and be seen as the pioneers of protecting the easy targets and punishing those who dare prey upon them.
20) Because it will permit us to go after those who do this more be that by way of pressuring the body politic or making some new future storm about another case that may occur. It basically makes us into a giant wrecking ball against cockroaches and puts the nuts of public officials in a vice.
Do those reasons not seem ‘worth’ £20?

Yes?   One click is all it takes.







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