10 Things We Want To Action This Year

1) Dominate even more of the regional and national media and more often. I’d estimate that in around 7 months there have been 10-12 news stories that were dedicated to our work and cause. Not little two or three line mentions but full pages, front pages, video, photos – the whole nine yards. Sometimes it included newspapers in different cities on the same day. This is an amazing amount of coverage with so little resources and in such a short time span. It is still not sufficient though. It is for that reason its crucial to assist us to gain even more press and more often. The press ultimately tell people what is news and what’s not. The press effectively determine what is important by virtue of the space they afford it. The more space they keep on affording it the more the public start to perceive this must really be a huge issue.


2) I want to cleverly affiliate us with something in such a way that would raise the profile of the gravity of the situation way above and beyond what even an individual stunt does. There is great value in doing this if you find the right type of affiliate with a high profile. Doing this has been at the forefront of my mind for months. You need an affiliate that is a common part of popular British culture. It should then come as no surprise that the most coveted affiliate tends to be football clubs and their association. I have always believed this is something we should do. I have seen similar done before and it worked extremely well once it was up and going.
I would either doing it by way of liasing with the FA themselves or by way of speaking with and presenting ideas to the clubs. All we’d need are a few high profile clubs to endorse it and get involved and you create yourself a very powerful affiliate who can generate mass awareness. There are alternatives to having them as an affiliate but that is probably the best example.
You need to try to picture what an affiliate like that would mean in reality. It would mean that participating clubs would be quite happy to ask some of their high profile stars to do simple things to elevate it. Understand that these players having a Twitter following of millions. Just a few high profile players all Tweeting or doing something and it would create its own Twitter storm.

This should be robustly pursued and I am comfortable and prepared to do the direct negotiations and put a proposal together that I think they will buy into.


We will get one good bite at it though. It is for that reason that it must be presented to them in a professional and engaging way. It would be top end executives who’d decide so it would require to be given to them in a way that looked professional and as if a great deal of thought had gone into it. You cannot just send them some letter waffling on about a bulldog.

They’d want a clear intro letter that ended with asking something from them. But since they get letters every week it needs to be more. What I’d want to do is send them a physical example of what we may want them to do. When the ‘Give Racism The Red Card’ thing started out they would naturally have produced some example material for demonstration purposes. That is what we’d need to do. Along with the letter we’d need to send them a physical example of something we wanted their player(s) to do/wear. And to make it fully engaging for them I want to create a 2 min promo video that would visually demonstrate what we are looking to work with them on (and why).

Since we’ll only get one shot at this we must either be able to do it as described or not at all. That is going to involve some level of production. I can negotiate it and I can probably pull it off. But before I can do it to my satisfaction I would definitely need to be able to action those other components. I will not do it until I can as I am not interested in a failed attempt.


3) I want to arrange or play a part in a conference. I am loathe to use the word since it conjures up images of a big talking shop that is extremely boring. And where nothing happens at the end of it. That’s not the sort of deal I want. Instead I want to bring together people who aren’t on a six figure salary as the CEO of some charity. There are already plenty of dull as dishwater conferences like that. I’d be thinking more along the lines of guest speakers who aren’t getting paid six figures to trot out the same old lines. Instead I’d want people who work on a grass roots level like we do and who are absolutely committed to action and change. We’ve totally lose control of our streets. The animal sadists and child predators are winning because our state allow them to win. I read the page of Dark Justice and time and again they are baffled by the prolific use of suspended sentences. I have far more respect for their thoughts and words than I would someone who is usually sat in an office as the paid head of a charity. These are the kinds of people that have the will in their heart to get things done. I’d like to mix up the speakers, maybe invite a respected criminal psychologist, maybe invite a legal speaker, but what I would do is plan it well and promote it heavily.

Then what I’d do is simply invite the press pack to be there. Speakers would present their own speech and after it you have a press Q&A. I needn’t point out the huge potential this would have.
4) I want to appeal to the public that they are being financially mugged by their Government. Many people are only triggered if they think that the state are taxing them to pay for something rubbish. I want to make it register in their heads that to fork out £100mill EVERY year on electronic tags is a failure or a scam. They do not work. Would you pay your mobile phone bill if you couldn’t call out or text? Of course not. Do you realise what could be done with £100million every year? It is not small change. We have indeed been able to experiment with this method a little bit. We needed to unashamedly rile people up and get them all triggered over this complete waste of public funds.

5) I want to be in a near immediate position where we can seize on any case this year which matches or exceeds their case for wilful sadism and in which magistrates come up short again. I especially want to be able to do that now that magistrates are meant to be working under sudden new ‘advice’. A new part of that advice was to give special attention to anything recorded. If there is a case like that and if the system fails that way, we want to be in a position to be on it right away.
6) We’ve enjoyed excellent press media coverage. Id like to grow that into radio coverage. With radio coverage you get to discuss and elaborate your positions and why this is such a crisis. If there’s a phone in included then so much the better. I am quite happy to do a serious or genuine radio interview. I’m quite confident of being able to articulate our goals and aims well and I’m very confident I could easily persuade listeners how dangerous a thing this is. Radio invites come thick and fast once you have reached a certain level. I’d say we’re probably 75% of the way toward that type of level.
7) I want to pay mind to reaching out to the very young in age appropriate ways. That’s why we laid a foundation with the Juniors Page. The page is by no means enough though and was never intended to be. I have stated this before and it remains an aim. I want to develop an engaging and innovative little pilot programme and invite one primary school to participate. I want to attempt to do this in a slightly different to the norm way, the norm might be someone going in with a few pets, giving a talk and then they go away. That is not really what I want to do. It has value but there there are already those doing it.
I’ve a few ideas that don’t rely on live animals being carted into schools or even talks. I want to pursue these. If they prove a success in one pilot school then they can be presented to other schools.
8) I want to be able to do more events and even more audacious events. They work. They do what they are meant to do. We and the press love the OF plane but I want to be able to do things that can take it beyond that. I want to be able to do something high profile and public to draw attention to a problem not often spoken of – dog fighting. I want to select a city where it is more prolific and do something that doesn’t just ‘raise awareness’ but induces the public to ring a hotline (linked in to the police) in which they can report suspected activity.

9) Don’t underestimate the raw power of a really strong poster stuck up in a given town. So long as you word it well and have the right visual a series of them all over town can create a huge drama. Look what happened when we ran some posters that people printed off and stuck around Redcar. The poster appeared in the tabloids and they scuttled away defeated. That was just one clever poster printed off and distributed on a small scale. I want to be in a position where I could speedily have thousands designed, printed, and sent to someone to co-ordinate their distribution.
10) I want to draw upon all my years in the advertising profession to create a sub campaign whose aim is to visually make it easy for people to see the links between sadism against pets and violence against children or old people. This will draw in a mass of people who previously thought ‘pet abuse campaigns are not relevant to me’. They will start to see this as something else, something far more. Something that is relevant to all.


Anyone can see that if you added those ten developments on top of what we already are then it would obviously create absolute bedlam. The press coverage would only inflate. The entire status and crucial nature of these issues would be elevated to never seen before heights. Those in public office would grow to dread picking up the paper after one of our events.

You’d have abusers (who are cowards) in a state of paranoia that maybe the focus would fall on them next. You’d end up making magistrates, judges and politicians so self conscious that they’d eventually buckle for the quiet life and to avoid the negative press and coverage.

The more they fail us they worse we will make them look.

I will create divisions even among politicians themselves by way of engineering positive coverage for those who visibly take a strong stand while doing the polar opposite to those who do not.

Realise your own power here and you will eventually end up with far more than you have ever had in centuries of the Parliament existing.

It is not the 650 MP’s that sit in Parliament that have the real power. Its really you who are the real power. We could easily live on without them, but they need us in order to justify their existence. Even if you took the not inconsiderable wealth of those 650 MP’s (there are quite a few millionaire’s) it would still be absolute peanuts compared to the collective resources that a riled up public could muster.

Somewhere down the line it seems our ancestors forgot who had the power and sort of passed that notion on to you. We need to remember who holds the power again. If a particular MP is blatantly being very soft on this and therefore putting society in danger then I want to be in a position to target his immediate constituents in a swift mini campaign. The logic being that if through a clever mini campaigned designed with his or her constituents in mind it ruins their power base there then we will have made a bloody bold example of one of them. And if you can do that just once it can be done again and to others.

It would then be human nature and professional survival for the others to want to avoid getting The Treatment next.

The absolute beauty of it is there is not a thing they can do to guard against it. There are no threats or crimes so there is nothing they can do except suffer the very public consequences of being a spineless let down who has put their region at risk.

This is what I think we have the potential to build and be.

Any of those ten things taking in isolation would stand up by itself. But if you put them all together and added them to what we already have? I think the shockwaves it would create would end up achieving more than any of us were ever hoping for.

The simple grown up truth is that the more resources we have the more we can tick of the ten aims.

We are sadly not on the teat of the state or an EU grant. Those are usually reserved for groups who advocate for equal representation of one eyed, asexual midgets. The state aren’t going to fund us to defeat the state. Even they aren’t that stupid.
No matter though.

What we do have is the people. Even if you factor out all those who whine on but never try to do anything you still get left with a lot of good people who are intelligent enough to see a good plan when they see one. They are also able to project ahead and see where this country will end up if we don’t take some pretty swift and relentless action.
Its easy to put wine in the water but its not so easy to take the water back out. Once every community in the UK is utterly contaminated by this filth then it may be irretrievable.

It is not too late yet but at the same time (due to decades of nothingness) everyone is on the clock here. I dread to think how things will look in just ten years if present trends are not arrested.

We as a people have a small window to push back on this and even win big and win forever.

Lets not let that window close and not take advantage of it.
If you see this as unacceptable then do not accept it. I’m not accepting it.
By supporting us with coinage you help achieve the ten things listed.

A donation to our movement is another cut to the abusers and those in office who could and should be doing more.

This is how you beat them. By way of lots of ‘cuts’.

We understand that not everyone’s personal circumstances would allow them to do something like this and drive it on. That’s totally fine. We also get that not everyone may have a skill that can be used in this instance. We can live with that.

But the bottom line is this. Everyone that hasn’t done so before can click a link.
With that link they can enable and empower us to defeat the parasite.



Nothing worth doing is easy. Screw this instant gratification culture, it brings no true long term value. But we can and need to create a ‘wall of steel’ here in a political, legal and societal sense.

We must create a wall of steel so strong that it would make many of these horrible little opportunists fear the consequences. Those who dared keep on and who insisted on breaching it? Then they would lose their liberty and their luxuries for a substantial period of time.
These types of offenders are the weakest of the weak. Do you honestly think they would do what they do if for one second they thought their target could hit back? Of course not. That’s why they go out of their way to only select those that cannot.
They are afraid of their own shadow when their nefarious actions aren’t allowed to just fade into history as they had banked on. And while its tempting to shove them into the ‘broken home’ category, I don’t recall the homes of those convicted of the attack of that dog called ‘Chunky’ being impoverished.
I seem to vaguely recall the father of one paying a substantial amount of court costs which suggests at least a privileged economic situation in that home.

There were no court costs for Frankish and his family since they had no measurable income. The majority of them seem to cling to their legs of their mummy when their horrible actions come to light.

Prison is the place for them until a better idea one day presents itself.

Weak mummy boys like that? They’d scream when the judge gave some hard years and the order to take them down.
When you enable us you take us closer to a day when we can ‘make them scream more’. At long last.


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