The July 16th Project – OF Declare War On Abusers Funding & Freedoms

Did you know that animals have a ‘patron saint’ and that its Francis of Assisi?
Here’s a bit of a blurb;

‘Francis’ devotion to God was expressed through his love for all of God’s creation. St. Francis cared for the poor and sick, he preached sermons to animals, and praised all creatures as brothers and sisters under God. St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology, was born in Italy around 1181 or 1182.
He was canonised as a saint just two years after his death, on July 16, 1228′.

You don’t need to be religious to see the sound principles there.

Don’t worry – this is not a religious lesson. This is indeed a call to arms. The only reason for that intro is that the date July 16 will be relevant as I explain to you how we’re going to build up and cause some nerves this summer.

I’m going to urge you to do the very thing I usually preach as being pointless – I want you all to write to your MP. Even if you’ve never written to them before make this a first time. Even if you don’t know who it is, take to Google and find out.

Our reach is UK wide so with a great number of shares we ought to be able to cover most of the constituencies of most areas. You can be anywhere in this country and play a part here.

You can write them a physical letter. You can do it via e mail. What matters is that you do it in the way most liable to reach them. I’d recommend sending a copy to your local counsellor as well.

By all means write it your own way but since this is an action it requires a level of uniformity.
This is an example of the sort of thing I would implore you to write out;
Dear ****
I am writing to formally advise you that as of July the 16th 2017 I intend to withhold the sum of 1% from my council tax bill.

My actions are born out of good conscience. As a British citizen I can longer stand by and do nothing while our towns and cities are lost to dangerous and violent abusers who belong behind bars.
£100mill per year is spent on electronic tagging. It neither rehabilitates nor does it punish.

I cannot simply stand by while the 650 MP’s of this land oversee a nation in which those who are found guilty of the most grotesque examples of animal cruelty are met with a small fine (which is often paid by the tax payer if the offender receives benefits).

This collective political negligence and weakness is encouraging more sadism and more abusers.

It is our communities and the well being of our nation that is being placed at risk any time this happens – which is all too often.

It is a violation of my conscience and my human rights to go on paying fully into a system that directly contradicts with my own conscience.

The British populist movement called Operation Frankish have sent out a rallying call which I support.

Operation Frankish estimated that around 1% of our annual council tax bill is spent on keeping various kinds of abusers (but specifically violent animal abusers) out of prison. They are issued a token fine, given a banning order (which is meaningless since its not efficiently enforced) and then these extremely dangerous offenders are placed back into our community.

This clearly places the community at risk.

The Government recently decided against a pet abuse register. Yet how many MP’s went out and asked their constituents? Did you?

Their motives for rejecting what would be a great tool were lamentable and unacceptable.

Operation Frankish have chosen the date of July 16th to action this UK wide dissent. They aim to have tens of thousands of people all primed and ready to begin this civil disobedience unless by that date this Parliament commit to addressing some key issues as a matter of national urgency.
1) The decision to reject a publicly accessible data base linked to other agencies to be reversed.
2) The Government and Parliament must formally and publicly acknowledge the now undeniable links between pet abuse and other forms of abuse.
3) The Government and Parliament must take Anna Turley’s private members bill (to be heard on February the 24th) and elevate it to a far more pressing and serious level.
Operation Frankish plan to mobilise so many people that local and central Government would not be practically able to process all the financial dissent nor would they easily be able to use other means of state intimidation.

If any punitive measures are acted out by local or central Government against the action of holding back 1% as a legitimate form of dissent then their plan is to garner public funds to act on behalf of the people and against the Government and MP’s for on the basis of forcing citizens to pay into a system that endangers them and destroys the safety of their community. They are prepared to secure a legal team if that is what it takes.

As the MP for my constituency I would urge you to take this letter on to Parliament.

Weak Governance is encouraging and emboldening these sadists and it is placing everyone else at risk.

British citizens cannot and will not stand by and accept the current circumstances.



Whatever replies you all get to that – send us the screenshots. We will make copy out of them. We’ll publish them, we’ll try putting them into a video montage, all sorts.

Doesn’t matter if you are far south or north. Everyone can do this.
Things such as this have been picked up by the press in the past.

This will probably get into the press if people get on it and start writing. You can even copy and paste what I gave you if you’re happy with it. The main thing is to send lots to lots of MP’s from different regions. Do the region you are in. That’s the most obvious.

Encourage others in your town to send similar as well. This is really simple stuff but if it gains the traction I am looking for then it will be powerful stuff.

If the press see it as a serious thing then they will pick it up. That’s why we must be serious and get on it in droves. Think out of the box. How can you get the most people in your area to write and send that to your MP? The answer will differ depending on the person.
Don’t over worry it. Don’t over think it. All you need do is make sure that one statement of intent is sent to your MP. Then all we ask is that you send us their individual responses. We will take it from there.

If they think we are kidding then they are even more detached from reality than I thought. I would have nearly 6 months to organise, push, mobilise and promote this type of civil disobedience. That’s one heck of a lot of time to afford me and give me the remit.

I would be fairly relaxed that by the time July came around I’d have shaped this part into a big thing with lots and lots of people getting on it.

If they wish to call my bluff then they can do so and we shall see in time.

Or they can avoid all of that by simply doing what they are paid to do – serving the will of the public. And that is NOT being done right now, not in relation to these matters.

We need to lose the Stockholm syndrome and man up here. Or women up (doesn’t sound the same).

We cannot keep whining while paying toward the free stuff and luxuries that people who want to do you harm enjoy on the outside.

That is morally wrong and legally questionable.

There is one good thing about a weak and spineless body politic. They are not steadfast and they don’t stand for anything save their own careers and perks.

This is very good in one sense. It means that if you have the heart and will and if you are organised – you will rattle them badly. This is especially true when your demands are morally sound and really quite simple. You can wound them badly with this tactic and that’s before its even formally actioned.

I know its boring writing to MP’s and what not.

Call this …. motivation.


And always try to give us some coinage support – esp if you’ve never done so. We are in this to win it and the more we are enabled the faster and bigger the gains will be.





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