Operation Planespotting – Theresa May – Tackle The Sc(r)um

The official name for our event on the 25th is to be known as Operation Planespotting. Its an obvious play on words which sort of neatly slips into the recent hype over a film with a rhyming name. The press will like it and the fact that this event also happens to be in Edinburgh all ties in.

We can do quite interesting and creative things with that name if anyone is up for taking on some work. If you want to create some static visuals or gifs for us to use then this is a good name for you to work with. You could create them influenced by the fonts and colours used to promo the film in their poster material. You could take a poster from the original and do something interesting with it to promote Op Planespotting on the 25th.

We don’t have the luxury of spare funds to pay people to make them. This is the kind of thing someone would need to do for free because they like the creative challenge and because they would enjoy it.

If we can get some good visuals made up we can use these and promote them heavily via Twitter and FB. It is the type of thing the press also like and look out for.

Send your best effort to us via PM on FB. Or e mail them to us – opfrankish2016@gmail.com


If we could get two excellent one’s in the next week or so then we can make good use of them.

By popular request the banner message will read – Theresa May – Tackle The Sc(r)um. As someone pointed out – we really cannot go higher than her. I think the message is pointed enough to be understood with a little play on words with it being a rugby game.

The reason I want people to step up and send their memes and images is that you need to be engaged. This is a way for someone to contribute who may not be able to in any other way.

This isn’t the responsibility of one person or two. Its not even all on the Government. Creating a better set of conditions is surely everyone’s responsibility.


This isn’t some abstract threat from the future we are fighting here. This is about as serious a threat as there is and it thrives in the here and now. I’ve warned since the start that unless the present trends are forcibly stopped and reversed that things will get to the stage of being so extreme and so often that there will come a stage where the situation will be irreparable.

Its not like there will be a date and time after which point things will be irretrievable. This is not a sudden death of morality and law and order – this has been the long and suffocating death of morality and law and order.

The last virtue of a decaying society is apathetic tolerance.

Those who tolerate the status quo yet moan about it are part of the problem. I am only one man but I have and will do everything in my power to keep a vice like grip on this and force it forwards. I am not prepared to concede my country and the future for children to increasingly demented and dangerous freaks. I am not prepared to just sit back while educated people (who must know better) dither around achieving nothing or (in the case of the judiciary) let them walk free.
I’ve proven that I am not prepared to accept either of those things. I created this movement from no more than an idea, lots of hard work and some loyal donors. This movement gives people hope and that in itself is invaluable. This movement gives more than a space on the Internet for people to talk. It is a real life thing. We do real life stuff. I am constantly thinking of ways to advance the cause and weaken our enemy. Always. Each day and every night.
I am entirely motivated by knowing what sort of dystopian hell will materialise very soon unless direct and visible action is taken that can lead to rolling back this loss of law and order and loss of basic morality, esp among those in public office.

I know for a fact that unless this is won in a relatively short time and unless radical new measures are put in place that all control will be lost – and when it is then current levels of abuse are going to seem like a happy memory by comparison. It is not myself that I fear for when we get to that point. I fear for all those who are not me. I fear for the pets, the children and the elderly. They’ll be the first pieces off the chess board as these savages run riot.
We need to get a grip of ourselves here. It is completely and totally humiliating that the current circumstances mean that a bunch of utter degenerates can act without fear or boundaries thanks to this culture of softness that exists toward them at the top.

We should all feel embarrassed that a set of conditions exist in which animal sadists and filthy child groomers can act out, get caught, and be home for tea. Shameful.

We should be angry with ourselves for allowing that to be the the case. No use being all angry with low life scum if in fact the person being angry doesn’t actually do anything at all to try to improve anything. Such a person should first be angry with themselves for their own weakness and lack of action. Then they should resolve to get angry in the right way.

This is about far more than one case or another. This is about far more than pet abuse in isolation. This is really a show down between good and evil. On one side you have an ever increasing number of zero empathy and semi feral savages. Their sole goal in life is to destroy, abuse and kill. Protecting them you have the present system – weak and unfit for purpose. Then at the other end you (hopefully) have people whose sole aim is to ensure the evil people do not achieve total domination of our society.

Here’s what’s at stake – the future. You can either have one that’s dangerous, unsafe, demented and perverted or you can have one that is healthy and strong and where the vulnerable are protected and where their predators are neutralised.

Here’s something else that’s at stake – hundreds of thousands of victims. Some will be dogs, some will be kids, some will be old people.

I honestly fail to see how it can go any other way unless there is something external to the Government that is literally creating the type of momentum that would eventually lead to the changes to make it stop.

There’s no use ‘talking’ to MP’s and others for years on end and getting nowhere. And while research is important how much research do you really need to present to MP’s to convince them that putting someone in prison that makes torture videos could be a good idea?

Its not research and evidence that is absent. It has been the lack of something external that knows how to gradually put the balls of politicians in a vice and turn the handle. You could give politicians and Government a whole body of written work that made sense and was logical. In a true democracy they would look at the work and if the arguments and evidence were sound they would act upon them. That’s what you’d get if you had sincere Governance with a cabinet of people with the interests of the nation at heart.

But you do not have a proper democracy and you most definitely do not have cabinet ministers that care about you. They do not really care about the elderly victims, the pet victims or the child victims. They are millionaires who enjoy exclusive post codes and state funded security and private schools for their children. They do not suffer the pain their arrogance and negligence inflicts upon towns across the country.

They are so drunk on their own arrogance and power that you will not change them by merely presenting them with cold facts and good arguments. They will pontificate and procrastinate, they will talk and talk and drag things out.

You need so much more than common sense findings and research. You need to understand politics and media. This cabinet would be far more likely be bend further and faster as a result of relentless negative press being generated over their failure to act than they would any report presented to them.

A report can present some facts and finds beautifully but unless you want them to do the usual and just mess around with it for years then you must first soften then up with a good relentless media battering.

You must turn them from a solid to a fluid.

That is what I understand best – political activity and media. I think its through those two areas that we can win. You can always present findings at a later date when asked but you must first soften them up to make them receptive to what you present.
You must make them self conscious.

You have to corner them and corner them until such a time that when you go to them they dare not just be dismissive or kick any sort of report down the line. You want to get them into a state of mind where they know that any time they do that the response will be that you give them even more negative publicity.


There are not going to listen to your reasoned arguments nor care about any report unless you first get their attention and make them focus. Have you even won someone over without first getting their full attention?

They love positive press. Its good for votes, its good for their own position and its good for their ego. They dread negative press for the opposite reasons.

The less well they perform and the slower they are the more bad press and bad publicity you generate for those most responsible.
If they want to make it stop then they are left with one answer – relent.

The basic model we have here is a sound one. Our reasoning is sound.

The only thing we need to do is grow it. That’s not down to the Government. That’s down to the general public.


You can support us with work.
You can support us with money.


If you cannot or will not do either of those then why not stand for local election as an independent? You may then be able to effect change from the inside.

If you already work with victims or the vulnerable in some way – that is commendable. But then you will know that it will be unsustainable in the future to function if the numbers of victims and offenders keeps on rising and getting more extreme.

Organisations who are there to provide a welfare side of things (to the vulnerable) struggle badly for public funding and resources as it is. They already have too many victims to patch up and try to make good. They will not be able to cope with more and more in the future. I think they are already all straining under the pressure and only by turning this status quo around is there any hope that they can manage the numbers in the future.
There must be many less victims.


Less victims can be achieved by less offenders which is achieved by having a clear set of laws which serve as a deterrent to the casual sadistic opportunist and a punishment to those who dare then cross the line.


This is really not asking too much.

It does not take a million meetings over five years to see that evil MUST be caged. How in God’s name can anyone but someone who is mentally defective argue that there should be any alternative to being caged for doing this?

These current circumstances are totally and completely unacceptable to me. They should be totally unacceptable to anyone that is still capable of thought and feeling. I just cannot and will not accept anything except this kind of sadism being met with loss of liberty. It is not just a case of punishment. You MUST protect society by taking this off the streets.

The discussion is long over as far as I am concerned.

I’m not prepared to accept another ten years of this filth not being punished every time it happens.

How about you? Do you think its time we stopped accepting MP’s who accept this on their watch?

They may not personally be able to stop it happening as such. But at least punish it and at least put the public first and not subject these types of total monsters to them.

This is something we need to get a grip on and not let go. I defy any MP to make a case for a non custodial sentence for this level of violence.

If not one of May’s cabinet can make a case then they had best take control of this situation and show us they mean business then.

We do.


2 thoughts on “Operation Planespotting – Theresa May – Tackle The Sc(r)um

  1. I agree with everything you write. Been to my MP, Bob Neill. He wrote on my behalf to Sam Gyimah MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice. The reply I received was a deliberate misunderstanding of my concerns. Taking from October to January for this reply to materialise only to be just a lot of inconsequential bollocks. Sent email last week have telephoned his office this week at the House of Commons and demanded a response immediately. What next ,something to cause a stir . Very frustrating.


  2. Hi Phil,

    Can you be more specific about what you want to be done with the Planespotting idea and what the event is. I may be able to help you someone I know . Christine


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