Open Message To British Men

There is an anti paedophile group in the UK called ‘Dark Justice’. They use a ‘bait and snare’ tactic with decoys pretending to be girls who are under 16.

Suffice to say that politicians wring their hands over groups like that and will shamefully brand them as vigilantes (when they do their best to remain entirely within the law).

Perhaps these political figures are worried that one day they might get trapped? With their methods they have secured over 40 convictions. I absolutely tilt my hat to that even if for practical reasons they can really only go after those who try to groom targets of around 13/15.

There is no viable way that I can think of for them to do this to draw in those who would target the very young. I wish there was but I cannot think of one. Actually, there probably are ways but they could go horribly wrong.

About two months ago I was reading the FB page of Dark Justice when someone delivered them a direct and sinister threat in the comments section. Obviously some paedophile they had either exposed or perhaps one that hasn’t yet been exposed but hates their presence. The threat wasn’t a fake account with a fake name as far as I can recall. The threat involved an acid attack.
Dark Justice take those threats and report them to the police AFAIK. That is probably the correct course of action. At least it would be the correct course of action if we had confidence that such reports were treated seriously and those making such threats were properly punished.

Here is what would be more likely to happen in the real world;

You would ring 101. After waiting an age you’d first speak to a call screener. They may then pass you through to the actual police.

You’d relate the story and get a crime incident number. This number has no real value. Its just like getting a token to record your complaint.

If the threat came from someone way outside your own city then your local police would most likely fail to communicate with the police in the other city. It would be forgotten.

The result? Yet another degenerate feels emboldened by the extremely weak system. While they may never carry out their threat, what they probably will do is take out their sickness on something or someone that very night.

By the way, I almost never bother reporting anything on FB but I reported that direct threat against Dark Justice and FB decided it didn’t violate their “community standards”.

I swear that FB are engaged in some sort of experiment here. They seem to permit very violent and extreme material on their site yet will ban someone for something truly innocuous – such as having a political view they do not like. Just last month FB contrived to permit a real rape be screened via Facebook Live and in a group. It went on for half an hour. I thought it had to be a hoax at first but arrests were since made.

Here’s my thinking. When someone is bold enough to make a threat to a group that way I think we men need to maybe start calling them out. Literally.

If they are in our city and say they are going to do this or that – then lets call them out and see what they have.

Its their threat in their words. Lets see if they will make good on it in real life.
We should have men ready and willing to do this in all our cities. Lets say those two Frankish clowns happened to live in my city and had made such a threat. I could obviously just make a formal report and hope beyond hope that the justice system would get something right at long last. I doubt that they would though. Look what happened when we had two dozen people prove to the police that Andrew Frankish has a fetish for speaking about raping children. We gave screenshots and everything. They did absolutely NOTHING.
On a separate occasion we gave them chat logs in which he outright stated his criminal intent to repeat the actions he was originally arrested for. The police did NOTHING.
There were charges they could have tried to lay if they had tried. Both are on a suspended sentence so any further conviction would see them recalled to court and jailed. We handed reasons on a plate to the police in Cleveland. They could have charged them with offences under the communications act. That would have been enough to bring them back to court.

AF could have been rearrested for conspiracy to commit a crime (outright stating an intent to leave Redcar and ‘find more dogs to torture, and soon’). Believe me, the police soon find charges to lay on people when it suits them. We laid potential charges on a plate for them and they snubbed the public.

What did we do next? On behalf of the people in Cleveland we urged those in public office down there to find out HOW the police could possibly ignore two dozen individual complaints against Andrew Frankish. Here’s how many went after the police chiefs and asked direct questions about that – none.

There is no where to go after that. You try to do the right thing and in the right ways and the system itself and those paid by the public purse either stonewall the people or just file and forget.
What good or use is that to anyone? I have to stress (in the interests of truth) that we have never once ever had any sort of threat from either brother. Nothing at all. No point my inventing stuff, in 8 months we have had zero. It was the same when we did a write up about those four guys that captured that little dog called ‘Chunky’. There was never any kind of threat issued from them and toward us as a movement.

But if AF and DF were in my city and did make a pretty bold threat (of the kind issued to Dark Justice) then I think my own instinct would be to directly call them out on it.

It wouldn’t even need to be that type of threat. I think if two guys with their form openly state criminal intentions to repeat the same actions then we should call them out. Not on the Internet. For real.

It would be they who had provoked the reaction after all. It would be they who were saying they were going to do this or that. I do not see how you don’t have a moral right to go call them out in real life. Not suggesting a single person takes the risk of walking down a blind alley and not thinking it through. I am suggesting that in an examples like those I would consider it totally reasonable to ring up then best half dozen lads I knew.
I’d obviously show them the kind of people they were. Then I think it would be totally reasonable to either arrange to meet them or just turn up at the house to have a conversation.


If they comfortable enough to talk about future crimes of sadism, raping kids, or if they issue a direct threat (as per Dark Justice) then I think we men need to get into the habit of taking them seriously and visiting them to discuss their feelings on those matters.
Get them to elaborate to us in person sort of thing.

We can consider it ‘outreach’ or ‘care in the community’. See if they are all they think they are in real life.

I could and would easily be able to do this in my own city if I needed to.

But we would like to hear from guys in

By covering all major cities we can take this community spirited outreach programme to any convicted pet abuser or paedophile whose own words online can be considered a threat or an intention to commit crime.

There is nothing in law to stop you going to speak to anyone. So lets get men together who’d be ready and composed enough to show up and have those conversations if they are ever needed. Maybe we can find out the inner feelings of those culpable and we can persuade them to think in a whole new way.

Maybe all they need is a hug?

If you are a man with some mates to call upon and you are in one of those cities then just tell us that you’d like to be part of this new ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’.

I think its the least we can do.


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