Welcome To Phase Two

The time has come for me to plot to raise the bar. That planning begins in earnest on Monday.

I am going to attempt something this summer (likely July/August) that has not been done in quite this way before (I will soon explain why).

It will take a lot of careful shaping and planning but I believe that we can do it.

Here’s the thing. The media wing of what we do works well, it is a well oiled machine. That media wing cannot be underestimated, it is an absolutely invaluable tool. I cant be bothered listing all the benefits all over again, people can figure them out.
However we need a presence. We need a physical presence and in real life. We must never neglect the media wing but I absolutely know we must have a physical presence.
This is my aim. In the summer of 2017 I want to put a minimum of 3,000 people on the ground in London.
The first doubt raised is the figure may seem somewhat ambitious. Everyone will have a story of something local they tried to get going and 20 people showed up. I am not naive, I fully understand and appreciate what it would take to get 3000 people to show up in London. However, I absolutely believe it can be done.

We are good at generating our own press. Obviously very handy when it comes to promoting this.

We are good at doing events. Again very handy if wishing to promote this.
In a past life and for a whole different bunch of motives, I once had direct experience in mobilising and shifting large numbers of people from one place to the next.

We will soon be able to create video to promote it.

I have a model that should pin it all together and Jane will be a great help in organising the logistics.

Here’s the basic model. Lets say there are 20 decent sized towns and cities in Britain. What we will do is find one or two representatives from each city. The best representatives of that town we can find. They will each be given one simple directive – find 150 people in your entire town that have the fight and the will to take one day out and be in London on that day.
That is how we will piece by piece mobilise 3000 people. Town by town. City by city.

We will find representatives of those towns who’d consider it an honour and a duty to be the people charged with finding 150 from their town.

It will be the responsibility of each town rep to arrange some sort of coaches for the travel down there. Each rep in each city will have this expectation placed on them. If they need funds for it then they fundraise their own way in their own town.
How each town and city is doing would be regularly updated on here. That way we could see who was leading.

I did mention that I was going to do this in a way that has not previously been done.

I’ve discussed the reasons with Jane and she sees that it is tactically extremely sound. Some people (and I understand why) may not even get the full beauty and logic of doing this until just before and after it happens. If that proves to be the case then it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we absolutely believe that the twist I am about to explain will provoke the maximum possible response that can physically be achieved by 3000 people in London.

The fact is this. Demo’s are old hat. They have also been utterly degraded.


1) You’ve had virtue signal demos in which silly people dress up as actual vagina’s to protest about (something Trumpish).
2) You’ve had demo’s that automatically provoke a counter one. It then ends in a battle. This does not achieve anything. The police can even shut it down in advance if they suspect a riot between groups.
3) You’ve had demo’s that are really just an excuse for thugs to loot and riot.
All of those things have tainted the once proud demo.

And that is why we are not having a demo but a Summer Rally.

We will not be encouraging people to dress up in silly costumes. We are in a serious fight, lets behave in a serious way.
There will be no counter demo or opposing group. In this case the concept will not exist. We have NO political opponents at all.

We are not thugs and that behaviour would not be tolerated.
I am going to take two issues which I KNOW for a fact are absolute justifiable triggers for the average person. This is why it will be different. The two sparks I am going to take are sadism against pets and child abuse. Even though we are half asleep as a nation both those subjects are still able to turn a placid person into a furious totalitarian who wants the harshest possible punishment for such demons.
I am going to take those two volatile sparks and I am going to sort of weld them together into one huge ball of righteous indignation. I am then going to unleash that ball in London and in such a way that no newspaper or Minister is going to miss it.

It will not be hard for me to take these two wires and fuse them together. I already know I can do it with some time and tools. There will already be a comradeship and affinity between both anyway. This isn’t going to be like trying to fuse two political extremes together and fashioning something new. They already have a lot in common. Take me. I am a dad AND I loved my buddy like a bro. Protecting children and pets is NOT mutually exclusive.

I have discussed all of this with Jane and she gets what could happen if I was successfully able to hybridise this and pull it off in this way. Very excited by it she is.
We have both agreed that we need to get this right and we will. We need to shape it in a way that we believe will work very well. This will not be a rally for the anti meat lobby or anything like that. Not at all.
They already do their own thing and good luck to them with it.
This will specifically bring together those who are at the end of their tether with completely insane freaks either burning dogs alive or molesting our children while the pathetic and disgusting legal and political system takes the utter piss out of the victims and the good people time and again.
These predators are all cut from similar cloth and what is more – these are two offences which are NOT getting custodial sentences nearly enough (nor for long enough).

Yet the Government can sit back, know all of this, and DO nothing.

I am NOT accepting a Britain where disgusting beasts are going around making torture videos out of pets or sharing material of dogs raping babies and them being allowed to go free.

That means we are going to have to put people on the ground this summer.


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