Honour Her Memory – Act Today

I make a promise to myself every night before I go to sleep. I promise myself that by the time its my turn to leave this earth that Britain will no longer be this pathetic soft touch that it is today. Instead Britain will become the one nation in all of Europe where such abusers fear to be.
That is not where we are right now.
For FAR too long now we’ve been far too passive as a people. This has allowed two things to occur. It has permitted ministers to keep kicking issues down the line and not actually doing anything. It has also been a huge green light to every sort of filthy beast you can imagine. Britain is like one open air party to any freak that wants to set a dog on fire or collect material in which dogs are forced to rape children.

The party is over.

Words cannot express how serious I am. I can only say this – only bullets would stop me.

I am well aware of the need to take this onto the streets. That is what we are going to do – no question or doubt about that. We are going to rally on Parliament in the summer. We are discussing the date and route on a daily basis. Both will be revealed in plenty of time.

I can say this. We are serious, we will do it and we will do it well. It will be one of the best marches and rallies this year and for anything. There is no question or argument that it will draw big publicity and worldwide. The TV media would cover it here, the press media will cover it – after that the rest of Western media pick it up. That’s how it works.

Don’t worry about details and logistics – we’ll worry about that.

What we must do is robustly and professionally begin to promote it to a mass of people. You can have the greatest idea in the World – not much good if the public aren’t fully aware of it.

What we must do in late March/early April is to initiate a flat out advertising campaign. There will not be a fly over or a similar public stunt in late March/April. That side of things is vital but its also crucial that you have faith in where we are taking this and back us in our efforts to launch a serious ad campaign.

An ad campaign is totally different from organic press media. With the latter you have no editorial control. When you buy the space the space then belongs to you.

A fly over would not be suitable for this type of message. We must engage in an advertising campaign in order to incite and stir the people into action.

There are some legal limitations. I know that there would be a legal issue with using the faces of those brothers as part of the ad campaign. That’s okay. For those that always want to remember ‘Baby’ and since I guess she is sort of the icon of OF – we will simply use one powerful and poignant photo of her. Will it be used to illicit sadness and emotion in the reader? Yes. And in the self same advert they will be offered what we all want in life with everything – a solution, a fix.

What type of advertising might we buy?
I am from the industry so I will explain it bit.

If this were a message that was directed at ministers then I’d place it in publications that I know they and their researchers most read.

But it is not really them we would be appealing to in this instance. We are bypassing them for now and going straight to the people.

This means that we would place our message in a publication which simply boasted the biggest readership. This is a populist position. Its not some niche specialist thing that you’d place in a very specialist magazine. This is simply a popuar position which should be presented to the biggest mass of people in an outlet whose readership tend to incline toward populist positions. It makes absolutely no odds if we like nothing else about the specific newspaper. What matters is the size of their readership.

With that in mind one option would be a very powerful full page and full colour advert in the Daily Mail. Love them or hate them the entire press media World are in awe at the Daily Mail when it comes to their readership – it is huge. No other newspaper in Britain can compete and certainly not any of the broadsheets.

I can negotiate us the best possible deal anyone would negotiate. I can have the advert itself design from scratch and for free. I can negotiate us the best possible page position (which is always a right hand facing page and always opposite a page of editorial). I can even potentially get them to place it right opposite any abuse story they are running on that day.

We will be able to directly measure the success of the advert by virtue of the numbers of people who react to it and come on over to sign up to our rally.

The Daily Mail’s net readership is 23,449,000. The Daily Mirror is 6 million less at 17,484,000.

The entire population of Britain is about 60 million.
I’m not just flinging numbers out for no good reason! I am putting these figures out to illustrate my point.

The only obstacle is that even negotiated down the way it could prove far too costly. We do not have the multi million $ budgets of the RSPCA and their like.

I do have a Plan B which would be just as effective in its own way. I’d take whatever budget you guys can give me and I’d negotiate a series of smaller adverts in regional press across the country.

Plan C would be to do some micro TV adverts.

I suspect that Plan A may be beyond our scope but we must then do Plan B or C.

While we will obviously augment the plan with lots of lots of social media campaigning, it is critical that we get some serious advertising presence to stir up the public and get them engaged.

The options are endless. Every national and regional paper has an online version now. You can buy space there. I could very easily do it that way and in the advert I could include a video of ‘Baby’ just lying there with some appropriate sad music to go along with it.

Emotions are what trigger people and this is how you do it. Then you give them an outlet for their now triggered emotions. That’s how you do it, that’s how you stir up the people to do whatever.

I want people to understand and buy into why this is so important to do. I want people to feel empowered again because the sky really is the limit and all these bastards are going down. They are all on the clock, believe me.
I can negotiate the best campaign with the funds that you give me. I cannot do it in reverse. Owing to the nature of the industry and the options, there’s no way I can say “it will cost this”. You need to give me a budget and with that budget I will deliver the best possible campaign for you, drawing upon all my years in the industry.

I will also have created an advert(s) that is purely designed to trigger a certain reaction, again, I will draw on my experience to have that designed and I can get the design done for free and to my brief.
I also intend to approach animal charities and ask them to contribute toward the cost. In return I will place their logo on any campaign so that their followers know that charity are doing the right thing. Whether they agree or not is another matter, but I have done collaboration ad campaigns before.

What do you guys need to do? You need give me a sensible and workable budget to plan with. If you’ve never given then please give now. If you’ve given before then please do so again if you can. I can do this for you but I cannot plan and negotiate a proper campaign with £122 and a button. I need realistic tools to achieve great things.

Today is the 21st of Feb.
Two weeks from today is the 7th of March.
Give us the tools to take these people down.
We will create a first class organisation that every party in Britain will take seriously.

One day we are all going to die and as your eyes shut you surely want to know you’ve left behind a Britain that is not a hell for the harmless little animals and the innocent children?

We can crush these twisted sadists and we can crush the system that presently protects them.
Because we have right and good on our side and I believe that good will reign supreme in the end.
Give us the means and we will deliver you a gold standard movement of the people and a gold standard campaign.
I will review what we get coming in on a daily basis and I will put up the gathering amount as it comes in.

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