Open Statement To The Media – Operation Planespotting

Scotland v Wales – 25th February
During the Six Nations fixture at 2.45pm Operation Frankish will once again take to the sky.

On this occasion our message is aimed for the person at the very top – our PM, Theresa May.

This will be the latest in a series of events that form our ‘holy war’ against those who seek out and destroy the innocent.

On behalf of all the good people of Britain we will not surrender our nation to a mass of degenerate pet torturers and child predators. We will not accept nor shall we tolerate a judiciary who routinely permit both to walk free from court.

Although we have been billed as an almost exclusively animal rights movement this is not entirely accurate.

While it is true to say that our primary goal has always been to see extreme pet sadists caged for as many years as we can secure, it does not end there.

It is somewhat ironic that our event on Saturday happens to be in Edinburgh since only yesterday we had a case that is so stomach turning and typical to the type of sentences we aim to utterly destroy and replace with sentences of steel.

We refer to Kieran Holburn who walked out a free ‘man’ this week, despite having been convicted of possessing material in which toddlers were raped, animals were used to rape toddlers and other such filth.

It is an absolute insult to the people of this country that predators and beasts like that are free to walk among us despite being caught and convicted.

We also had a tragic case last week in which two ‘men’ lured a young man with learning difficulties to a desolate place before tying him to a tree and taking it in turns to beat him. They even made him ‘smile for the camera’ before throwing his naked body in the water. They then went for a burger.
No one in their right mind believes those two killers were great men who just woke up that day and started out by killing this defenceless man. If the press were to go deep enough into the backgrounds they would be almost certain to find that both killers have primed themselves for many years .. on pets.

In not so many years there will be two more killers just like that. They will be called Andrew and Daniel Frankish (although thanks to the Government they have changed their names and with their approval).

They liked to pick on defenceless victims.
They liked torture.
They liked to video it.

They also liked to openly make statements about raping children.
Since they were allowed to walk free from court, who is to blame when they decide to ‘upgrade’ next time over?

The answer is simple. Any time any offender is later proven to have had a history of animal torture, then the blood of the victims (be they human or animal) is on the hands of the present Government.

They simply cannot claim ignorance on this matter and they cannot claim ignorance in respect to the links.

They are wilfully ignoring the evidence and the cost is countless more victims, victims that could have been spared.

This is not an act of ignorance on the part of the Government. This is a conscious act of malice. What else can it possibly be when these ‘people’ are so self evidently deviant and dangerous and our Government and courts are so soft and lenient on them?

Even if we cut them the huge benefit of the doubt and said it was not wilfully malicious – the end results are still the same.

Those results must change. We represent every British citizen who has reached the end of the road and who will not accept these habitually lenient sentences being handed out to the most disgusting of individuals. We will not accept it. We will not keep on paying for it. We will not tolerate them in our communities.
If is so safe to release these types of offenders then we call upon just ONE MP or ONE judge to permit just ONE such offender to live with them. Its a challenge they would never accept of course, being that they are safe in their exclusive neighbourhoods and with more security than any citizen has.

The British public do not want any more lies peddled that you can ‘reform’ these types of predator.

We do not seek a protracted discussion over it that takes many years and goes nowhere.

We absolutely demand that the torture of our pets and routine abuse of our children be treated as a matter of national urgency. Any minister who states that it is being treated as such is simply lying. It patently isn’t.

We have no issue with the British press who have always represented us fairly and accurately. We greatly appreciate that.

We very much have an issue with this system that serves as a green light to every abuser and predator out there. The present system enables the freedoms and liberties of those who set fire to dogs to those who groom and abuse children.

Meantime the party leaders are all too weak or self obsessed to do what they are meant to do – protect.

This may be the last time we put a message in the sky in this way for some time.

After Saturday we are taking things on to a whole new level.

We are going to show this arrogant political class that we are more than a pressure group.

That’s why in the summer we will be taking 3000 people to march on Parliament.
If they dare to keep defying the people we will return with 30,000 next time.

One thing must be accepted by the political class – the culture of leniency must be at an end.

Operation Frankish





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