Tory MP Philip Davies – Blood On His Hands

Phillip Davies is the MP for for Shipley in West Yorkshire.
He is currently under investigation for his links with the gambling industry, something for which he has previously apologised to Parliament.
Davies has been dubbed “the master of filibuster” for his attempts to block legislation by talking at length, particularly when private members’ bills under the Ten Minute Rule are debated
When asked by a journalist whether his tactics were underhand, Davies said:
“When I first got elected to Parliament my mentor was Eric Forth [the former Tory MP] and he really was the past master of talking out bills on a Friday. He did it for fun and he was brilliant at it”
Over this past week or so it has dawned on me that what we call our ‘establishment’ are culpable of outright incitement of the people. Both the political and judicial class are guilty of this.
I am by no means alone in seeing these patters as being less about feckless incompetence and more about a malice attempt to incite and bait the public.

In my own city just last week we had the case of Kieran Holburn. In this particular case the judge had it within their power to have locked him up for a substantial number of years. Instead he allowed him to walk free.

When any right minded person learns about the nature of his actions they come to the conclusion that to set such vermin free can only be an act of incitement on behalf of the establishment. It is either that or they must have some sort of empathy with the actions.

We are not speaking of isolated cases whereby the most vile people not only walk free but are pandered to and given protections – all paid for by the public purse.

This is a relentless avalanche of examples in which the most disgusting of beasts are doing the most vile things involving pets and kids (often both) and who then are set free to live among you under assumed names.

Several months ago Anna Turley tried to initiate a change to pet abuse laws within Parliament.
Our moronic and backward system forced her to stand in line for hours just to secure the chance to even raise the matter today.

It is completely insane that the process is designed to be that protracted anyway. This is the 21st century. Why are we making MP’s stand in silly queues just for the chance to get something heard over half a year later?

Only it didn’t get heard after all. All thanks to Philip Davies, MP.

Well done Mr Davies. Any and every abuse case that happens where the abuser now walks free after conviction is on you. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of the title….

Ignoble Defender Of Abusers and Deviants.
Only an apologist for abusers and deviants would use his political privilege to derail the hearing of a Bill purely aimed at finally bringing such abusers to task. No normal person would talk for an hour and a half realising very well that by doing so he was gravely jeopardising the hearing of the Bill.

Guess what?
He achieved it.
And since pet sadism is blatantly linked to other forms of cruelty, we can all agree that the names and the blood of all victims from this day on are on him.
His position is untenable as far as I’m concerned.
He should and must be fired by Theresa May. I’d suggest he resign but he’s likely far too haughty adnd full of self importance for that.
That’s why he should be removed, fired.




A Tory MP has sparked fury having been accused of trying to ‘talk out’ a range of bills on violence against women, animal cruelty and veterans’ medals.

Philip Davies was accused of wasting time and being a shame on our democracy by speaking for so long that new laws tabled by MPs would fail to be debated and voted on in time.

Labour’s Anna Turley was one of the most vocal critics, angered by having queued over-night three months ago to be given the chance to pass a bill that would have toughened up sentencing for animal cruelty crimes.
She tabled a Private Members Bill, but was eighth in the queue of backbench MPs waiting to have their legislation debated.

The cut-off time for her bill to be debated was 2:30pm this afternoon.

As the deadline approached, Turley and other Labour MPs grew increasingly frustrated with Davies – who at one point talked for 90 minutes and repeatedly asked for permission to intervene in other MPs’ speeches.

The animal cruelty bill eventually failed to be debated on and passed before the 2:30pm deadline.



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