Open Statement To All MP’s And All Political Editors

The typical citizen has no idea how Parliamentary procedures are set up on a Friday. We shouldn’t need to be experts on Parliamentary nuance to understand what is going on in our country and in our democratic House.

What we need here is definitive clarity. I feel its the duty of any public official to step up and objectively explain or address some points.

These would include but are not limited to….

A) To what degree can it objectively be stated that Philip Davies MP’s 90 min rant stopped Anna Turleys Bill from being heard and voted upon on the 24th of February?

B) Davies claims that any Bill that’s 8th is NEVER heard on a Friday. We need to determine how accurate that statement is. Most people would have no idea if that is objective truth or not. Either it is or its not. Which is it?
C) If it can be shown to be an untruth what are the implications for an MP who wilfully spread untruths to their constituents?
D) If its not an untruth and there has never been an example of a Bill that was 8th being heard on a Friday then what was it there for? If it historically has never been heard then what would be the point?
E) Phil Davies claims the Bill could have been nodded through regardless of his filibuster. Is that objective truth?
F) If it is objective truth then why was it not?
G) Phil Davies claims it WAS blocked … just not by him. What means were used to block it then if it wasn’t what he did? And since he concedes it was blocked then WHO was it blocked by. It cannot have just blocked itself.
H) It is a blatant cynical misuse of political privilege to engage in these tactics of filibustering. The British public do not regard the decisions MP’s do or do not make as a game. These might be acceptable tactics for a student debating society. They are not acceptable tactics for well paid MP’s whose salaries are met by the public. I would invite comment on implementing the Australian system in which they are time restricted. This should be implement without delay since the status quo makes an utterly mockery of democracy.
I believe that the people deserve clarity on those matters.

These are straightforward questions. MP’s were once meant to be public servants. These questions merit straightforward answers. The public pay a lot of money for the salaries of the MP’s in Parliament and their expenses. What we do not expect is one of our servants and employees to take all leave of his senses and claim that members of his own constituency are part of some sort of laughable SNP conspiracy which is wrapped in a media and left wing conspiracy (against him, Philip Davies).

His e mail replies to members of his own constituency about this matter were frankly bizarre.

They were not the actions and manner we’d expect from one of our employees (which he is).

This is an open invite for any MP from any party (or indeed, a political editor) to address the points A-H on behalf of the British people.

We will have great respect to the first who step up and who are willing to directly answer those points for the public.
The Operation Frankish Team




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