Only serious people are going to win

You cannot unlearn what you have learned. This wasn’t my World up until the day I saw their video. I was just an extremely quiet and self contained guy living a peaceful life with my now departed four legged friend.

All of this filth and evil simply wasn’t on my radar or in my life up until this. I went from that to being immersed in it for a year, day in and day out. Its a horrible and nasty subject at the best of times but when you are on the inside and working with it constantly then its many times worse. Keep in mind we are not a rescue and rehome – we don’t even get the satisfaction of taking in a dog and successful rehoming it.

Instead we face a big daily grind and a Government who, as you can see, are absolutely determined not to shift if they can.



This means constantly dealing with an ugly matter all the time and knowing that your main goal isn’t going to transpire easily or next Monday. I’m sick of looking back at the faces of the abusers and I’m sick of seeing the results of their actions. They disgust me in ways that words don’t do justice to but what disgusts me more is knowing that they essentially get off with it. Again and again.


I am and always have been fairly confident that if you hold the Governments feet to the fire long enough that they will likely relent. You’re not going to get 100,000 people sent to prison for 5 yrs per year. You won’t even get 1,000. That’s not even realistic or probably necessary. What is necessary and what is required is to send the very worse of them away for five years (or more if possible). You make a big example out of the most extreme and society will naturally learn that this is a very serious thing. If you had a situation where the max for rape was 26 weeks then you would see a huge spike in rape. Its just common sense.
If you want to see many less tragedies like ‘Baby’ etc then it is obvious and clear that you must start locking the offenders up for a long time. Anything less than that just isn’t going to cut it. It would be like trying to address rape as a crime set against a background of a 26 week maximum. You could ultimately talk for years and years but until that maximum was raised the message would be – rape isn’t that big a deal.
You could even educate that ‘rape is bad’ but for as long as you were giving rapists 26 weeks the message would remain that rape is not a big issue.

It is for that reason that we have that one clear goal. Anything after that or beyond that would be a bonus.
I’ve been reflecting on what Malcolm said the other week about FB being treated too much like a drama on TV and I’ve also been reflecting on the fact that Jane was keen that we essentially go forward but cut out all the dead wood. Lurkers, trolls, people that just read for something to do, her view is that FB attracts way too much of it and in terms of actually sparing these dogs from a fate worse than death its not helping. They are both right.


Its fine to have a large FB following if you are an entertainment page. But there’s nothing entertaining about this subject matter. We hate it and we just want these people sent to prison for a good length of time – which is LONG overdue. I can hardly think of a worse subject to get involved in. The topic is completely depressing and you are up against an unbelievable bureaucracy that are determined not to budge if they can get away with it. Jane is (without going into detail) one of the bravest people I’ve known. Since she’s been with OF the last 5 months she works herself into the ground for the goal. Far too much at times. She truly doesn’t have time to waste. Nor do I. Nor do those next set of victims.
It is for that reason and with the words of Jane and Malcolm in mind that I am going to trial this out in a different way that makes best use of our time while reducing the ‘something to read’ factor.


What we are first going to explore is doing radio work. I believe Jane has something in the pipe and I’d like to pursue that more. There are conventional radio shows and now you also have independent shows online. Both of us are quite comfortable discussing our goal so that’s an area I’d like to pursue for sure.
We will change our page to a group. To this group we will invite everyone who wants to be productive in one way or another. We’ll likely recognise many of those names anyway. At least we would then know that however many people are in it are at least on some level productive. We could have better quality discussions and those people would probably feel more inclined to be open. It would waste less of Jane’s time, it would waste less of my time, and we could just get on with what we want to do.
I think if the productive people were brought together then we’d achieve things just as fast if not faster. Sometimes the comments and suggestions of our best people are just lost under a sea of utter crap. Its not productive for our best people, its not productive for us, and it only wastes our time.
Unlike the head of the RSPCA or 650 MP’s we aren’t paid. We only do this because it is the right thing to do. We don’t enjoy it – none of it. We want a result and to get a result we need the serious people. We’ve good some fantastic people so we can begin with them. We’ll be able to discuss things and work together knowing that everyone there is ready to work/do. The first thing the wider public would know would be when something happens and appears in the media. Keeps a bit of mystery and surprise as well. But its mainly about bringing the good and the serious people together in a way that is more productive than having them swallowed up by generic FB junk.


I want to do something this summer that is so good that it will eclipse anything else done. I have some thoughts in mind and with the serious people I am able to explore and further those ideas with them more effectively. If over time others also want to step into the circle and be someone that’s part of an effective unit then the door will always be open to that.

I’ve taken on board what Jane and Malcolm have said and I have also thought about it myself. It is with that in mind we shall trial it the new way as of next Friday. We will set up the group. If you’re already known to us as a direct help then we will add you straight off.

With that said we don’t want to miss anyone in error. So if you are one of those people send a message to Jane and she will add you to the list. When I’ve had time to set up the group (next week), we will invite all the people of action and those who are of help.

That’s the only way I think we are going to win this and in relative short order (or at least in a reasonable time frame).




Should the Government give this statement of intent?

Anna Turley gave a speech today at least part of which was poignant for me – and that was to hear someone narrate their actions. Its not as bad as seeing it but hearing it that way unsettled me. The speech was fine enough – but there were barely any MP’s there to hear it. That probably tells its own story since I am sure they’d fill the place out on a debate about their salary.

As far as I am aware this was not her presenting her Bill but taking a chance to read the speech she had prepared had her Bill been heard. This opportunity was arranged by Neil Parish MP (Conservative). I don’t really know what happens from there if much at all. The Government themselves are on record as saying they wont support her Bill so unless a majority of Tory MP’s decide to rebel against their own party position then I don’t see how else it could be taken to a swift and successful conclusion.


That’s what needs to happen. You do need cross party support but since the Conservatives are the Government what you really need are many Tory MP’s visibly and vocally giving reforms their support. Or Tory party advisors need to get a meeting together with Truss and May and simply give them some new advice shaped broadly around the 5 yr sentence situation.


I think some of them will do it willingly, perhaps like Neil Parish. Others will need prompted and cajoled. Some may need shamed. Its not always as easy as we’d like to keep you in the loop with matters relating to this Bill as people have often found Ms Turley to be slow to communicate information. Some of the time we’re sort of left to guess a bit.
There are instances when any sort of communication would have been a great help – such as when people wanted to know the name of the ‘whip’ who blocked her Bill. People were reduced to trying to piece it together like a jig saw. There are other instances when it would have helped. She was on a radio show a while back and the presenter asked her some good questions that she didn’t have the answers to. We did though. We didn’t keep the answers a secret.


He wanted to know how they were paying their rent. Had there been any sort of communication we’d have been able to fully and precisely inform her of the who and how. No one has created more press for this than we have and no one has put in my hours than we have.

It might have been good manners for Anna to acknowledge the vast and relentless amount of work this past year, given she ended with an almost Oscar like flourish and thanked the RSPCA (whose CEO gets £130k per annum).

Anna is just in the huff with us because we dared to ask some pointed questions to a vet.


I think it would simply have been a common courtesy given that without us there wouldn’t have been anything like the coverage that fanned the flames.

Don’t worry – we will go on updating you the best that we can in this regard and irrespective of anything. We will go on supporting her Bill in spirit and indeed by way of our many actions.

We’d do that no matter who the MP happened to be.
Moving on. While the fight to increase and radically reform sentences must go on I believe there is something that the Government can at least do with immediate effect. I still hand on heart believe that both brothers should be in prison. The magistrates made a big mistake. This mistake should and must still be corrected. It was and remains a miscarriage of justice.

Since the pair of them were turned into the most reported on pet abusers ever I think it would at least be a start if this Government stepped up and ordered a recall.

I think they should both be resentenced. Even if the prison time given is not what we want I still believe that its in everyone’s interests for them to do it. I think the pair of them and this case are now high profile enough and for long enough for Liz Truss to do the right thing and use her powers to at least bring that about.



People have gone to prison for cases that were not as severe this past year. Its good that they have. Its not good that they both seemed to get lucky at the time of their sentence.

The Conservatives need to show leadership here since they want to lead.

This case is most definitely high profile and infamous enough for a Government to consult their lawyers and order that they be brought back.

It would be a very positive gesture by the Government.

It would demonstrate that they are at least prepared to listen and act.

This is ONE symbolic gesture that they should do.



In the press today (and on our FB wall) was this story.
‘A £5,000 “bounty” was reportedly put on the head of a man prosecuted for animal cruelty, a jury has heard.

John McLellan, 37, was the victim of a sword attack at a Middlesbrough home, it is alleged.

He attracted ill feeling from animal lovers and threats after he beat and kicked a Staffordshire bull terrier, jurors were told.

It was rumoured there was a £5,000 bounty for someone to do him harm in the wake of his animal cruelty case, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Raymond Allison, 42, is on trial accused of slashing Mr McLellan with an ornamental samurai sword.

Each man claims the other was the aggressor in the violence at Allison’s home on Ellesmere Walk, Pallister Park’.


I remember McLellan from being in the press last year over his dog abuse. This is obviously going to trial so a fuller and more accurate story will emerge in time and not one with words like ‘rumoured’ and ‘reportedly’.

There are conflicting reports in regard to it all but in time it will all come out. I honestly don’t give a single hoot what happens to such people and the same goes for paedophiles. We cannot obviously endorse it but we have no pity or empathy if that’s how it ends up playing out for them. I don’t feel sorry for them. I’m neutral about it. I don’t care what becomes of such predators but at the same time I always look at the gains.
If it is true that someone or some cabal of people put a £5k ‘bounty’ on this guy then it didn’t work out that well and I don’t think they got their £5k worth. The main problem with such ideas is that you’re usually not selecting the cream of the crop who will with stealth and discretion act. Nope. You usually get left with some blokes ‘down the pub’ who are certainly violent enough to do stuff for money, but who will make so many basic mistakes that it will end up with them and whoever they paid going to prison – for years.


To the courts it will be almost moot what McLellan did or is like. If it is true that a supposed bounty of £5k was raised with the specific and sole purpose of doing this then its a very serious offence. Its more than just assault it would be classed as a conspiracy. It would be seen as entirely premeditated. I’m no lawyer but something like that can probably get you ten years if proven.

Not much of a gain if you were the one that took the money and in 2020 you are sat in a cell. Not much of a gain when the person attacked will be living his life on the outside and probably richer – thanks to the criminal injuries compensation they could claim.

It also costs the Crown a large amount of money for this to now go to trial, money which could be better directed at dealing faster and better with the actual abusers in the first place. It wont deter other abusers and it wont enable circumstances where there are better owners.


Its for all of those reasons I see no point to it. If anything its clearly counter productive. Its not like you can go doing this with all of them even if it did achieve something which it really doesn’t. The return for all of this is very very small.


You also have to keep this in mind. While I don’t care what happens to such predators it does take a certain sort of person to go wielding swords so casually. If you factor out who their target was then such a person may be very violent in other ways, ways that you would not champion. People often have this romantic notion (esp of prisoners) that just because they stab a paedo inside that the attacker must be some sort of good guy. That’s often not true at all. Its just that they are perhaps very bad in some other way.
If we had a society in which that sort of allegation were habitual then it would NOT be the utopia some believe it would be. It may sound fine if you don’t think about it but when you do think about it you’d soon see that we’d be reduced to some sort of Mad Max quasi third world country. If you want to live in a healthy and civilised country you cannot accept sadists walking free from courts. True. But you also cannot have a nation in which we are reduced to violent mob rule. That never ends well.


Mistakes get made, accidents happen and things can spin out of control. Not to mention the fact that the police will treat and monied conspiracy to commit violence extremely seriously.
What I will say is this and its a message that I wish could be read by the present Government. Despite everything I have just written I can understand why the reaction to such people is becoming more extreme. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out – the reaction gets more extreme as the original actions become more extreme. Then when people see such offenders being given paltry sentences over and over they get more and more angry, and they (maybe fairly) come to the conclusion that ministers just aren’t working for them.
The Government are just thick if they honestly think they can just pop such offenders back into a given community and that all will be fine. They seem pretty ignorant to basic human nature if they think any community is going to tolerate that over and over.


Its all easily avoided. If McLellan et all were still on the inside then the public outside wouldn’t be forced to have them live among them, at least not for a long time. But to let such people out so soon (or not send them down at all) and expect that a community is just going to tolerate this forever? That is insane. That is outright incitement. Easily solved by simply taking them out of circulation for a few years. At least with that the public don’t feel spat on by the Justice system and at least by the time he came out public anger may have tempered a little.
The present circumstances just aren’t fair on everyone else. I’d simply not be able to tolerate those brothers living in my street. There is no way. They would HAVE to go one way or the other but there is absolutely no chance I could tolerate to see them, day in and day out. No one should be forced to do so, but they often are. Someone is being forced to tonight – because the brothers will live near them. They are likely well aware who they are but are at a loss what to do and are reduced to suffering it. No one should need to, and no one should be put in a position where an individual of this type is just foisted onto them – and they are expected to tolerate it.

It is that pressure cooker situation which ends in the sort of story we led with here.


Outcomes such as that one are still rare (if its as reported). Its very easy to avoid such outcomes and avoid them becoming more prolific. All the Government and Mrs May need do is take some direct and long over due action and start putting these offenders away – and for much longer.

That is all they need do to avoid both the extremes of abuse and the extremes in the reaction to it growing.

It would be a very responsible and commendable thing for them to action without any more fuss or fight. People want to see some results from the people well paid to Govern. Over talking it for decades leads to them becoming more frustrated and less trusting of the justice system.

All May and her Government need do is see that a swift and way over due reform of the sentences and we wont need to descend into this.

Open Your Heart – Chicken Therapy For Frankish

My first association with Middlesbrough goes back to around the 90’s. It was during the 90’s that my Scottish club played ‘Boro down there in a friendly. It was their old Ayrsome Park ground and not the stadium they are now at. I quite liked it so when my own club weren’t playing I’d travel down to ‘Boro games and did it fairly often. I visited other clubs in England as well. I went to Darlington games, Hartelpool games and some in Carlisle. But it was mainly ‘Boro games that I went to and over time I met many good lads and I have kept contact with them all these years.


I was speaking with one of them last night and they are doing (or wanting to do) some sort of football charity event in the summer. They were asking for my advice since I’d done quite big events up here before. I said I would be more than happy to offer it. Because I’ve been so absorbed by OF I’ve not really had much of a chance to catch up with old associates this past year but they had heard of the case and told me they had read about it in the press several times.


Several of us then got talking on the same chat and to assist them in setting up their event I am going down there for a few days in the early summer. We all agreed that we are concerned for the mental well being of the brothers following all this pressure so born out of this concern, love and altruism we are going to attempt to interview them. We have one or two absolutely fair questions that we would just dearly love to ask. I say one or two. There are 20. But that’s almost like one or two – just nineteen more.


Sometimes a person can get stage fright if they know they are going to be interviewed on X date. The last thing we’d want to do is anything which would cause the boys to dwell too much on the date. So we’ll do it as surprise. I think that’s more considerate and it will put them in a more natural setting.


They are both adults so we are only interested in speaking with them. Although if we have time we may swing past and interview convicted sex offender, David Westwood. We’d like to ask him why he lied and told us they had left the country last year. Not just once but several times. Or maybe he was simply ‘misinformed’. The interview should hopefully clear that up as well.


Who knows? Depending on technical challenges we may even be able to livestream the interviews. Perhaps by the end of it we will all see how we’ve all made a huge mistake and that in reality they are two almost saint like brothers and that in actual fact they were just ‘playing’ with the dog? Maybe they are just …. misunderstood?  This is like … Outreach.


We simply want to offer out an olive branch to these two poor boys who have been so persecuted (for no reasons). Even if each interview takes eight hours we are ready to open our hearts to these two lovable young men (who did no wrong). Maybe someone even photo shopped the abuse as part of some huge anti Frankish conspiracy aimed at discrediting these two angels?
That’s what we need to find out. We’ll be like social workers without the cords and sandals.

We’d also like to suggest to them a revolutionary new therapy I’ve been looking into. Research is in its infancy but its meant to be really good for the well being of the offender if (as an example) they did an interview while done up like two chickens. Not costumes – old feathers that are stuck on.


Its a bit like cognitive behavioural therapy – except with feathers and lots of clucking. As far as I am aware this ground breaking therapy has never before been offered out to any offender in this country. Shameful. Its high time we were more open minded to ‘alternative therapies’.
Obviously we can only work with them with their consent. But consent is something that can be obtained through gentle persuasion. We only have their best interests at heart, after all.

Their feelings are my feels. We just want to make sure they are okay, ask some stuff then see if they maybe need anything.

Is there any harm in that?

And we only want to suggest the chicken therapy thing because we care about them so much and don’t feel they should need wait until the UK catches up with the US. It works best if the setting is right. You cant do chicken therapy in an office. Needs to be the right setting for the person to get the full benefit.

Here’s an artists impression.


It is the duty of all. Now is the time

Gone are the days when abusers and predators could act almost without fear of even being caught. The Internet shall be their downfall imo as well as other technology.

There is really no way we could have existed 25 yrs ago. We’d have had to rely on printing and posting a newsletter, something which would date very fast. I’d never have discovered the story that was my spark to form OF. I wouldn’t have been able to reach and get to know the people that I have. We wouldn’t be able to source half the things that we can find and hire today.


Less than 25 yrs ago it would have been almost impossible for us to court the press that we have. It would have been extremely difficult to wage a psychological war on two brothers so far away and so effectively that they just kept on running and running. It would also have been impossible to build the same networks and it would generally have been far harder to keep on top of everything.


We should be grateful to be born into this era and make absolute full use of those tools and that technology. We don’t even need to rely on the press covering an issue anymore. These days anyone can research a subject and have an article up inside an hour.


We should not waste this fine opportunity that we have.


We are indeed the only organisation in the UK that exclusively leads with a direct campaign for far more jail time for abusers. When you have limited resources and manpower you need a clear and simple goal that is achievable – and that would make a historical impact. We wouldn’t have the means to spread into other areas without it detracting from our primary goal.


However.. it should be public knowledge that while that is true we are certainly not adverse to making an example of someone the way we did last year.
I think that to do so is entirely legitimate when there is an example that stands above the rest. They shouldn’t feel confident that they can be caught and just slink off anymore. Those days are gone. There’s no hiding place in this day and age and should there be another one we feel a need to make an example of – then we will not hesitate to do so.
They will never get peace. They’ll never know what’s happening next or when. They’d move. They’d get found. They’d move again. We’d find them again, one way or the other. We’d keep moving them on and moving them on until they were reduced to wearing hoodies in the summer or living in a rat infested B&B again. We’d have them cringing any time they picked up the local paper. Over and over and over. We would expose their actions and activities again and again so that they could never come back from what they did.






These are not people you need tell lies about. The truth is often far more damning. These are not people that you even need risk your own liberty by laying a glove on. That only puts the police in an impossible position where they have no choice but to charge you, even though in private they’d prefer not to.
Don’t think the ordinary cop likes these dregs. They don’t. They probably despise them as much as we do, esp their dog division. They want to cut you slack but they cannot do so if you are clearly and blatantly assaulting people or arranging their assault.


It is however entirely legitimate to calmly let the tax paying public know the truth as many times and as relentlessly as your imagination allows. If it so happens that the truth burns their lives – well that’s on them. We are not here to protect their interests.


If we see a case in which someone who is obviously a clear danger being free to move into a neighbourhood with vulnerable targets – we would not hesitate to inform the people. Wewould simply give them the facts of their actions and  alert them to where the predator was. It would be wrong to do anything less since by not doing so an unwitting person could be a target (or their pets). I don’t really care at all about the interests of the abusers. I only care that if they are free to walk among good people that good people at least have half a chance.

You would never be able to stand in front of any authority and make a case for mashing someone into the ground with a baseball bat. We can definitely make an absolute case to say that neighbours deserve to be forewarned if some sadistic weirdo has been foisted upon them. We can make a rock solid case that if we stick to the known truth then we are free to hang them on that truth and those actions that are a matter of public record.
These types of guys are not strong guys. Even if they were mentally very strong they’d still find utterly relentless exposure and pressure completely suffocating. Their oxygen is secrecy. Remove the secrecy and they struggle to thrive. The average person cannot begin to imagine being at the other end of something that just never goes away. Every single thing we do which makes the press must be pre faced with a back story. The press have no choice – our name invites it.
The only reasons we slowed down with the brothers exposure was largely due to the fact that people were getting a bit stuck on it too much. At the end of the day we need to get a much bigger win and that would be to secure long prison sentences for all freaks of this type in the future.


No amount of exposing them in interesting ways was going to address that part. We kept it up for the entire summer and beyond – but you cannot just stay fixed on that one tactic over and over and nothing else. It would start to lose legitimacy as time went by if that’s all it were.
Then there are simple logistics issues. When you only have so many pairs of hands you almost need to choose one proper goal and go with that. Its not possible to be so multi sided with a small team and limited resources. In an ideal world we would be able to compartmentalise what we do and do each with excellence. But we have neither the manpower nor the funds to sustain that. Faced with that you must then prioritise.


We could not bring the dog back to life, there is no obligation in law for their type of crime to be reheard and we had ragged them for the entire summer. Their faces and actions had marked them out for life. There’s not a whole lot you can do with them after that.


We could only ever put the facts and truth out there – it would then by down to people in that community to determine what to do about it. In one case they didn’t need to do anything – we found out who their landlady was. We got in contact and we sent her their pics. They and their mother had rented a property under new names (which we had). The landlady was totally unaware. We made her aware and insisted she boot them out. She booted them out and was thankful to us.

I think on the last occasion we exposed them we just decided it was really up to the neighbours and community to go do the legitimate things to get them out. I orchestrated a business boycott in Darlington at one point and we had about twelve people calling up schools and companies in Darlo. But when all is said and done we cannot be everywhere and doing everything at one time. Its always the choice of the people what they wish to accept in their own back yard.
With all of that being said we can get on with the bigger picture, let them get all cosy and comfortable again and, just when they think its all cool again – we can unravel them again.


What they did is imprinted on my mind. I will never forget it and for that reason I will never forget them. The fact that their actions haunt me means that I must haunt them with truth. They should never ever think I have forgotten them. They should simply be grateful that they remained passive and kept their mouths firmly shut. Maybe it is possible to teach these mutants new tricks? They’ve learned to run. They’ve learned to hide. They’ve learned the benefits of them being passive. I guess if we had a stick we could make them chase it as well.

And if a case of that type catches our attention again then we will spin our wheel of misfortune and they will be the ‘special’ one.




Its not a good place to be our radar. AF was crying and everything.

And our only weapons? Truth and exposure.


In terms of that grander goal? I am confident we can get there with that since it is so wonderfully simple yet effective. If I didn’t think it was possible then I wouldn’t waste my time as there are few other gains to be found.


I’d rate the chances as fairly good. Fairly good would turn into a near stick on if we had a great deal more resources and means to drive it on.


Its not the eventual outcome I have doubts about. Its the time span.


I don’t want some victory that happens in the dim and distant future. Too little too late. I want a clear and easy to measure victory within a fairly short time frame. That time frame is PURELY shaped by the level of direct aid we get.

So, you know, do that. Give us aid. Giving us aid speeds the victory process up.


You can pick almost any sort of crime or offence and what you will find is that there are big regional differences in how common that particular crime is. All cities probably experience the same sorts of crimes but not on identical levels.

In Glasgow knife crime is/was a big problem. Travel East 40 miles to Edinburgh and the problem is small by comparison. Yet both are obviously Scots with very little in terms of distance between the two cities.

There are other cities (mainly in England) in which gun related offences will be higher than any other. There will be cities who score highly for the most sexual offenders. All of that data is out there for anyone that cares to look into it.

The same can be seen in the US. There are whole states where a particular type of crime is prevalent while in other states it wont be anything like as big a problem.

Ask any American and they will set your straight.

I cannot deny what my eyes have seen this past year. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of animal cruelty in areas that keep on cropping up time and again. More so than they should if all areas were exactly the same. Broadly speaking the two areas I notice it most in are the Cleveland area and I suppose what might be classed as Tyneside.


This obviously does not mean I never see stories from anywhere else. I do. I just see far too many that come out of there for it to be ignored. When Scotland tried to address its knife crime problem they focused most of their resources on the city and areas where knife crime was most pernicious. That’s just logical. I scan the press every single day and when you do that you start to see patterns emerge. One of those patterns is a far higher than average number of pet abuse cases coming from those areas.


I have no idea why, but whenever I am presented with a story I’d put money on it being in one of those two regions that I would in Norfolk, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Bath.


I don’t know if that is then mirrored in other ways, example, are there are disproportionate number of child abusers or cases of domestic violence? Worth looking into.


If it proves that there is some truth to it it doesn’t make the entire area and all the people bad. It doesn’t mean the issue doesn’t exist anywhere else. It would simply mean that for whatever set of reasons its more commonplace in said regions.


It could be any number of reasons rather than one. The temptation is to glibly blame it all on ‘poverty’. But I have always personally found the poverty argument an insult to the not well off, most of whom are not insane like that and who do not do those things.
It also infers that these predators are somehow victims and if only we’d given them more free stuff they wouldn’t have done what they did.


Its not financial poverty that is the root of this – its moral and social poverty. Money does not buy you that. Not to mention that we’re not speaking about areas that are detached from the rest of the country and part of the third world. It might be down to greater drug use. It might be down to greater levels of alcohol misuse. It might be several more reasons on top. I can only tell you that in our experience far too many cases seem to be coming from the two stated regions.
Not looking too good for Cleveland in this chart either.

Prevalence of domestic abuse by PFA, combined years from April 2013 to March 2016, CSEW

Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales, ONS.

There are pet and child abuse stats out there as well but they don’t seem very thorough city by city in this country as they are in the US. It becomes murkier and harder to measure them with any true degree of accuracy.

This was and remains a national issue. But I cannot deny what my own eyes see and if I see an excess of cases coming from the same areas then it is better for all to perhaps admit there is a particular issue in certain areas.

I am totally at a loss as to why we see so many cases coming out of one or two regions. I’m not from those areas so I cant really speak from the position of having grown up there. I guess there are sociologists who would give the issue a go but I’d actually prefer to hear from ordinary folk in those areas.

No one is better placed than they are to perhaps give us the low down on why this seems disproportionate in their region.

Especially if they have a few generations of family there because they can then give an excellent account.


With that being said in terms of drug use it seems that Nottingham hold the title for that. Newport was next.
In terms of general violent assaults? Blackpool, Portsmouth and Southampton scored highest.
Across the whole of England and Wales police forces recorded a total of 758,212 assaults.
Durham had the most number of animal abuse reports according to this. The region of Yorskshire doesnt come out well here either.
Hampshire is cited as among the worse according to this source
Teeside is cited here as a problem area

Teeside women admits anti freeze poison plot

A women from Thornaby in Teeside has taken to social media to admit a series of attempts at pet poisoning by use of anti freeze.

In a sinister series of posts Evans openly confesses and freely admits to her actions.

Here are a sampling and in her own words;

Anyone that would do this clearly has something wrong with them and should be investigated. This is not something she has casually considered doing – as you can see she confesses to having done it.



Not only would any cat that consumed Ethylene glycol likely die. So would any mammal(or bird)  that also happened to consume it. That means wild animals as well. In fact only a complete clown would purposefully leave Ethylene glycol in open exposure. And a clown with a clearly sinister little mind.


I don’t care what her super precious issues are with neighbours. You do not and cannot go laying Ethylene glycol down that way. It is a clear criminal offence and on that basis alone she should be investigated.



Here she is casually planning a poisoning campaign while whining about a trampolene on the back end. This demonstrates the mental disconnect and near psychopathic disregard for consequences.

Consequences which include…

Nausea and vomiting
Mild to severe depression
Wobbly, uncoordinated or drunken-appearing gait (ataxia) or movement and knuckling
Twitching muscles
Short, rapid movements of the eyeball
Head tremors
Decreased withdrawal reflexes and righting ability
Increased urination and increased thirst (polyuria and polydipsia)

What an example for a mother to set a child.


You can set your watch by this. Rather than self reflect and see that she is the one to blame here she will unquestionably now go through the tedious process of somehow trying to come over as the victim. She may even start ranting and raving.

We don’t care.

She can rant and rave all she wants. She’s the one who is admitting criminal behaviours and not us. She can save her ranting for when the authorities arrive to question her. She chose to do this. She chose to put it out there for all to see. She even defended her actions.

That’s fine.


Now she must answer for them.
Normal people do not do this.

Complacency Kills

One additional reason why I remain quietly optimistic. You can add it to the ten from yesterday.

As bad as things might seem we are actually starting from a reasonably manageable position. By and large most dog owners in this country are decent people who do their best by their dogs. I can walk around my city and I will almost never see strays, I do not witness open abuse on a daily basis and most people are still very much angered by these issues.


That’s a much better starting point than many other countries I could name. Many countries in Eastern Europe are in a far worse position than this. Strays are common place, abuse is rife and I don’t think the people or even the Governments of those countries share the same perceptions as we generally do about these issues.

We are starting out from a much stronger and healthier national position than that. I’ve been assured from various sources that the conditions in Romania and Hungary are eye popping compared to here.



Then you look outside of Europe to say Asia. Imagine trying to do what we do in China. I’m not convinced their leaders would be as cool about me mocking and deriding them as our leaders. I’d probably be served up with noodles for my troubles. Not to mention the fact that the Chinese themselves have a completely different perception of dogs and cats. They eat them for one thing. Imagine trying to over turn an entire culture like that and deal with such a Government as well?

I’m not sure if Chinese people always did that by the way. When I was reading up on about the Shar Pei last week I read that the breed nearly died out in the 70’s’. Why? Because when China became a hard core Communist country Mao slapped a ban on breeding dogs and he placed a huge tax on anyone with dogs. In already meagre Communist conditions the people had no choice but to get rid of their dogs – and many were eaten. It was only the fact that a man from Hong Kong contacted an American magazine in the 70’s that stopped the Shar Pei becoming extinct altogether.


We are obviously in a far better position than that.


I cannot help but note that the countries where dogs tend to come off worse in are either communist or former communist regimes. All of E Europe was once under their grip. Its not amazing coincidence. The reality is that in the insane ideology of Communism they attempt to equalise everyone … by forcing them into a situation where they are all equally poverty stricken – save for those at the top.

Then you have the fact that under Communism the people themselves were grossly under educated. What do you end up with after a few generations of that? You end up with a downtrodden people who are terrified of their Government and whose very existence is just survival. It will clearly alter their entire perception of everything – including toward animals.


We in Britain have a very good chance here and should thank our lucky stars. We are not working with a Government who are going to vanish us into the night. Britain is a wealthy nation – we have not inherited a people who were spawned from decades of harsh Communist rule. We do not have any of those historical or cultural issues that we need to spend many years cutting through. We already live in a country where most pets are treated fairly well and where most people would see abuse as abhorrent.

We should all feel fortunate that we are starting from a position which should be winnable. My only critical observation is perhaps we’ve had it too good and for too long and now our people have grown complacent? I think we’ve become a little too decadent and a little too ‘fattened’ as a people. We’ve sort of kidded ourselves that a good and healthy civilisation is assured to us by dint of us being Britain.



It does not work that way. You are lucky to have been born into a nation whose people were not from these harsh communist regimes. You are fortunate that you’re not required to tackle something woven into the very habits of the society, such as the Chinese dog meat trade. You are lucky that organisations like ours can exist freely without genuine fear of us being murdered by Government agents. You are fortunate that you are so freely able to condemn Governments in the harshest of terms without consequences. You are also fortunate that most people in this country still have high enough levels of empathy to automatically see pet abuse as disgusting.

The reason that you have inherited all of the above is purely down to the fact that our ancestors made sacrifices. A nation is like a garden. If you do not keep tending to it it will go bad and run wild.


And that’s where we are today. We have a great ‘garden’ in many ways. We have freedoms that were secured by the blood and sweat of our ancestors. But we have grown bloated and we have grown complacent. We have ceased tending to the garden and now the poison ivy is running rampant.


We need to do some serious ‘weeding’ here.
That’s why you should step up and give us your support.

The Ten City Table Contest – Now Open!

Here are the ten biggest cities in the country by population.

City of Wakefield
City X (see notes)


That’s the boring bit and the goal isn’t to split hairs over any changes to population since I looked at that list! As you can see it pretty much covers the whole country one way or another.

I would ask that those who live in some small town or district to simply identify with the closest city listed.

These big cities are all very different in many ways. Yet they are all similar in one way at least – they are all blighted by this cycle in which dangerous predators are routinely walking free and right back into the neighbourhoods.

The other thing all ten will have in common is that they will all have many good people who would not be happy to fully realise the implications of such a dangerous person being at large in their city. One would be too many – but there are untold numbers of very dangerous people who are free who should not be free and in all ten cities.
We as a movement exist for one main reason – to bring an end to that culture on at least some level. Lets indeed start with extreme pet abusers since they are so obviously under sentenced and since they are so intrinsically linked to other abuses further down the line.
Let us get a grip on them and lets force so called political leaders to show some actual steel for once. If they can do it over tax matters or perceived hate speech(sic) then they can do it here.

That is why we want to take those ten cities and (in what’s meant to be a light hearted yet productive way) pit them against each other – but only in a race to achieve the same aims. So there would be no conflict only friendly rivalry – that’s the aim.
How do you take part?
Identify first with one of the ten.


If needs be pick the one nearest to you


City X is for those who are absolutely no where near any of the ten but want to take part


When you donate tell us where you are from. We’ll give a point per pound donated. So, if someone from Bristol donates a tenner they earn ten points for Bristol.


We will gradually create a league table showing which city is ahead on the overall points total.

Not only does this offer a bit of friendly competition but over time we will begin to see where more and more of our support is being drawn from.


All will be fair between competing places. If someone did a tombola and it raised £200 that would score their city 200 points straight off. So small groups of people in a city can get together and work together. It doesn’t all need to be about what individual contributions blow in. Limited to the imagination of people from those places.


Since our goals would obviously benefit all decent minded people in those ten cities it doesn’t seem a stretch that you might get a few from each getting into the spirit of it.

Feel free to share the contest around groups that are appropriate to those regions.

We’ll consider the competition open as of now.
Good luck

Top Ten Reasons To Be Optimistic

1) Despite on going funding issues you still have Operation Frankish as a reality. We aren’t an idea that is from the past. We aren’t one for the future. We are a reality in the here and now.

For all our funding struggles (which in effect cause all our other struggles) we remain the only recognised movement in all of the UK who are exclusively going after the goal of much tougher prison sentences for the sort of abusers that turn your stomach. Other charities etc will endorse it as an overall part of what they are and do. But we are designed and shaped to purely go after that goal. There’s nothing else exactly like that in this country and that alone should give real optimism. There are many European countries that do not have an Operation Frankish and whose animal lovers and generally kind hearted public wish they had.


2) While we still exist there is always a chance that someone with the means will discover us and decide to seriously back our work. This is not at all unrealistic given that there are 770,000 millionaires in the UK and at least one of them would very likely back us if they knew of us. The longer we can exist the greater the chance that one such person would eventually find us and back us. That would be a game changer.

3) Despite underfunding we have still managed to get the funds for just about every event we have wanted to do. Its been a scrape at times but we have almost always got there. That is still the case, we are still at least getting enough to still do events. Its never really gone up or down in a year but at least we are still able to do events.


4) The next event is already funded.


5) In very recent months I have started to notice a greater number of those convicted actually being sent to prison, albeit for too short a time. However, this shift is good as it creates a habit and a culture of sending them to prison more often. We need only give them the powers to send them away for longer.


6) In April magistrates in England will be working under new guidelines. One of those is that any abuse involving recording devices is to get the maximum. That means those like the brothers. That’s who they had in mind when they came up with that one and they had it in mind because they’ve never been out of the media. As before, you need only then aim to give courts greater powers to send them away for longer.

7) While its true that far too many people talk the talk but don’t actually do a thing on the flip side the people we have who are for real are all very dedicated, serious and intelligent people. You can achieve a great deal with a small number of such people. Far more than you could with a disorganised baying mass.

8) We are only one year old. I bet we are in a better position than the RSPCA were after year one!

9) The arguments not to implement these changes are weak. This is good as it makes it very much easier to go after.

10) We really one require to win big once to change the entire course of pet abuse laws forever. And many things would follow from those changes. The abusers on the other hand must rely on being lucky forever.

Those are the ten primary reasons that certainly give me some cause for true optimism and they should give you cause as well.

When you have something that is clearly and obviously fighting your corner and for your issues then it should always give you hope. Hope is only lost if there is nothing and no one standing up and at least trying to fight for you.

Our movement is actually very simple for anyone to understand and relate to. It is true that we have other related goals and ambitions that go beyond just the prison sentences. But it is fair to say that the prison sentences drive makes up about 98% of what we are about.

That’s why it is very easy for anyone at all to understand what we are. We do not complicate it beyond that. We don’t get into the whole meat industry standard thing. We make zero demands on people in terms of their lifestyle, we’re not vegetarians or anything so we are representative of the majority. I know of people that cant relate to PETA because they find them far too ideological about that side of things. We don’t get into it. There are others who do it and they would probably do it better than I would do it. Its a whole different sort of area.
What we want is very simple and yet despite being so simple it would have a monumental impact on the present inexcusable levels of pet abuse – we want and we insist that the Government penalise the most extreme cases with sentences of at least five years.

Anyone can relate to that.

Also very simple to understand is who the enemy are. There is no grey area with this. Many subjects if not most have some level of grey. That’s why we don’t get into those other issues I mentioned as well – its full of grey areas.

There is no ambiguity with this. There is no grey area. What you see is what it is. And what you see is flat out zoosadism.
This makes it very distinct from these other areas in this sense. I guess you can feel sorry for the fish and the chickens that are caught or bred for the industry but in all of time and in all cultures mankind has always consumed certain creatures for sustenance. Not all cultures and peoples eat the same meat and fish mind you. Some will not eat pork. Others will not eat beef. Others will not eat shell fish. Their reasons are always religious and only involved a few exemptions.

This is very different to expected social norms between family members and pets. It is not and never ever has been a social norm for members of a family to do what the ilk of Frankish did.

That would never and in no era have been seen as a generally socially acceptable way to be. There has never been a time when that sort of interaction was considered the done thing in our society. Their actions would always have been seen as evil and demented. They would have looked that way ten years ago or fifty. They would look that way in Germany or Sweden or the USA.
And that’s because they are. It is completely and totally abnormal and the absolute inversion of the person/dog bond. It is a window right into the heart of that persons true nature and what you are seeing is not good. Not good at all.
I’m not really sure why but I get the impression that many men sort of see our types of issues as ‘mainly done by women’. Maybe they think that way and hold that perception because when they think of animal welfare they do see a lot of females? I’m not sure but I definitely get a strong impression of that.


Men sometimes seem to have a perception that anything with an animal label is going to be a bit fringe and a bit too in their face with a bunch of other issues.

Men generally don’t like that. Men prefer a straightforward and simple thing to get behind and without all those other nuanced demands.

My message to men is that we aren’t like that. And you shouldn’t see this as some sort of female issue since the sort of people we want to cage are the sort of people that would very happily rape or abuse your children or wives.



This is part of the reason we need to get them locked up. At least while inside they cannot be a threat and during that time we can figure out how best to move on from there. But we CANNOT have these types of people just roaming around. Stopping that isn’t a female issue. Its not some fairly limp issue – like Save The Clam.
Getting a grip on this and these offenders is none of that. If anything its masculine since you are (as much as the law allows) moving forward and looking to come down on them with a rod of iron and not listen to any more of their invented lies and sob stories (aka mitigating circumstances ™).


We’re not here to wring our hands and fuss over these offenders and spend the next 100 years analysing every aspect of why they are evil little cowards. They have free will. They have personal choice. And while it is true that environment can to some extent contribute, this still does not remove free will and choice.

Its all too easy to hide behind a tough lucky story and lets be honest – we could all offer one. If someone is fit to stand trial then they are fit enough to know right from wrong and they are fit enough to have free will. The courts and shabby defence lawyers have spent far too long listening to and pandering to these never ending tales of woe that just about every single paedophile or animal abuser will claim as soon as they are caught. They only want to play the victim and get gullible saps to feel sorry for them. Some can be quite convincing. I would suggest trusting none.

We exist to not exist. In order words we are here to secure one big result that will create its own dynamic shift and after that we wont have a reason to exist anymore. This is not like most organisations that are desperate to exist regardless. We are here to win. We are here to secure a straightforward result on a matter which should have been dealth with LONG before now. The fact that it hasn’t has created an imbalance. The imbalance is a generation of young (mainly) males who have no boundaries and who do not know of consequences.
We exist to make that imperfection right. Nothing can be constructed on that sort of imbalance and it always sends out a message that such pukes win. This serves to embolden them further. Our goal is to make the imbalance that has existed for so long correct.


If just one person from last year who was convicted or cautioned for pet abuse but who went free goes on to attack a kid or some girl in the street then you will see and understand why we are not some niche issue thing.


You must understand. We want to see the offenders properly punished. But we also want to prevent anyone or anything else falling victim to them and the only way to do that (at least until further notice) is to remove them from normal society. Within the boundaries of reality in this country that means prison. Liz Truss has just announced that some new one’s are being built. It will stop the most extreme while they are locked up. And who knows? Maybe after meeting a few real hard men for five years they’d think twice about acting on their own cowardly instincts again. Even if they do not they still must be punished and they still must be removed from normal society.


It is for all of the above that we can have a level of cautious optimism.

Things change very fast some weeks and I truly believe that if you have a sound and simple position and if you keep on doing good works then sooner or later you will catch a break. That’s not random hope speaking. Its numerical probability. It doesn’t mean that people can just sort of sit back and it will all happen by itself. It wont. You get out what you put in, as you do with anything.
Believe me, if in some parallel universe we could get every pet abuser and paedophile in a large field and just sort of do battle with them in a do or die scenario – I would be thrilled to be right at the front and ready to go. But that set of circumstances is clearly never ever going to happen. I’d turn up. I could get others to turn up. Its the opposition that would be a no show. Its just never ever going to be that way.


The only sustainable way to do this is to do so using the means already at our disposal. There are lots of things that the Government already have that could be used right away without much fuss or hassle.

They could change the law so that the most extreme got what they deserved in terms of jail time

They could cease paying benefits to anyone convicted of such behaviours. Why should they get help?

They could cease paying housing benefit to them. Ditto.

They could start speaking about the issue more often on political shows.

Party members and MP’s could be pushing their own Conservative Government using all and any legal pressure they can think of.
They could agree to set up a data base. Only someone that would put the rights of the abuser above the unsuspecting neighbours would disagree. They rightly have one for child abuse. If they considered it relevant for that then (with cross over in abuse) it is relevant for this.

Those are just a few examples of very simple things that they could and should do. Only improvements would follow and things would only get better. It would prevent many four legged and two legged victims. Perhaps your dog. Perhaps your toddler. But even if you are ‘lucky’ and not personally effected it should effect you and cause you to stir on some sort of basic and instinctive level.
Although I do get bored by a never ending cycle of people getting all angry I understand the basic anger. I am angry too. Its just that I elected to do something constructive with my anger or otherwise it would just eat you up and spit you out.

I do connect with the raw anger though. Albeit I absolutely believe this can only be won with rational actions I must admit that if my dog were a victim of what that little ‘Chunky’ went through then yes – that would be a different matter. That would be personal. I don’t go around casually talking and writing about violence because violence itself doenst impress me. Seen it all before. Been there. But there is obviously a line and something like that on some personal level would be WAY past my line. I quietly know what would then unfold and happen. But like I say – that would be personal. I clearly cannot treat the entire issue as if it were personal, that’s not how you change laws.


Doing the things that we do are what pressure Governments into changing laws. It can even be used to get private companies to change position, but we are using it here to change actual laws.

The creatures who are doing these acts are horrible and disgusting predators.

We should be hanging our heads in shame when so much as ONE of them gets an easy time and a free pass.

Too many ministers have made fools of the people for too long. They have had the power to prevent more victims and they delay.

Too many feral little brats have been getting away with far too much extreme behaviour for far too long – then rewarded with free stuff to “help them”.

We NEED to get a grip on these beings.

It is that simple and there is no middle ground. Either we get a grip on them and spare untold numbers of victims or we allow these inbred little morons to keep giving the middle finger.

I know I am NOT accepting anything other than getting a vice like grip on these people.

You should accept nothing less either.

We are all about achieving that. Anything after that would be a bonus.
Whatever your sex or status I would ask you to not concede your country to this horrible predatory phenomenon. You will do so at your peril. Take that as being the sort of warning a good friend that cares would offer.
Get behind us today.