Operation Planespotting – New Venue and Date

One week ago today a Private Members bill that had taken about 6 months to get to stage two was blocked. Its the one thing that MP’s from both the Tories and Labour are on record as agreeing on – that it was blocked. A week has gone by and still the people do not even know who blocked the Bill. There have been no shortage of MP’s quick to claim that it wasn’t them. They are not so quick to tell the public who it was (if not them).

They behave like a bunch of children who have been caught stealing and you’re trying to reduce it down to the guilty party.
We have no time for them and their games. We also have no time for their fake outrage that anyone might dare think they could do any wrong. I think politicians lost the right to do that when they build up and boast about their own history for talking out Bills etc. They reap the reputation that they sow and then they cry a machine of tears when that reputation comes back to haunt them. Tough.

They need to dry their eyes, put away their precious feelings and perhaps consider real victims in all of this. Its pathetic seeing grown men in politics whine like a little girl just because someone was mean to them on Twitter. All these so called ‘men’ in politics need to take a long hard look at themselves. Phil Davies usually likes to play the alpha male of the Tory party, but he became like a hysterical teenage girl this past week. I felt bad for him in the end.
Leaving all of that aside I do not think a Private Members Bill is going to cut it here. It has too high a failure rate and it is far too vulnerable to being blocked. It can also be blocked indefinitely. It is seen by its very nature as low priority. It may hold some sort of value in terms of yielding press but it is not the sort of Bill that commonly makes it into law.

What you really want and need is a much faster and more direct route.

A Private Members Bill probably does serve a purpose in some instances – to raise public awareness. It is very likely the only avenue that an individual politician (esp one not in Government) has open to them. This may just be the only route open Anna Turley. She clearly and obviously cannot do what we do and be as blatant. She’d probably break too many party rules apart from anything else.

That’s why we need to go right to the top.

There are two people I think are most responsible for what happens under their watch.

Theresa May – The PM
Liz Truss – Justice Minister



When all is said and done there’s no use blaming some fairly minor and unknown Tory MP. You have to speak truth to the boss. You have to go to the organ grinders.

I am no expert on every nuance of what a Government can and cannot do. Nor am I an expert on every aspect of Parliament. Very few people are and those who are are usually salaried to be an expert on it.

The people shouldn’t need to be experts though.

We have a Government. We have a PM. We have a Justice Minister. They wanted to rule and they wanted the power. We (people) want them (on our behalf) to make the punishment for these offences fit the crime (as best they can).

If this Government wanted to action five year sentences then although no expert on every process I can assure you that it would sail by more smoothly and much faster than any Private Members Bill.

There is no reason why Truss and May cannot address the people and at least engage with them about the idea. They should both make public statements.

With this in mind we are going to endeavour to trigger that.
We have spoken the OF pilots and we have instructed them to fly over Carrow Road in Norwich on Sat 11th March. The game starts at 3pm. We will fly once it is under way. There should be a healthy crowd given that they are in a fight for a promotion place. Their opposition on the day are Blackburn Rovers.

Why Norwich? The main reason Norfolk is Liz Truss territory and Norwich is the biggest city in that region. From that perspective alone it makes sense. There is also the secondary matter that so far most of our presence has been Manchester and North of Manchester. This takes it to new territory.

I’ll create a new campaign message. Both Truss and May have short names. I can probably create a great message that involves both their names.

We have had great press in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Middlesbrough etc. There is no reason to think that this wont be repeated in a whole new area.

This Operation has already been paid for. We do not require funds for this.
People will ask us what they can do. Here are some ideas.

Go try to get the support of some Norwich players on Twitter. Its easy to do. Here is their current squad;


All you need do is then find their Twitter and you are good to go.
You can Tweet Liz Truss here (but don’t abuse her).


You can Tweet Norwich City and gain their support


(They have 450k followers)



You can do the same with Blackburn




You won’t believe who the chairman of Norwich City is.

Ed Balls. British Labour Party and Co-operative Party politician who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Normanton from 2005 to 2010 and for Morley and Outwood from 2010 to 2015.


Norwich City are owned by Delia Smith and husband Michael Wynn-Jones.
Absolutely no reason why they would not give the principle a massive thumbs up.
Not sure if Delia Smith has a personal Twitter.

You can try to contact all manner of reputable animal shelters etc in that region and get their support. Tweet them, e mail them, use a carrier pigeon if needs be. There are probably a fair number in Norfolk and in Norwich itself.


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