Sexy figures

1) £100million. This is the amount that is spent wasted every year on electronic tagging and home curfews.

2) £90billion. This is the annual budget of the Department headed up by Liz Truss.

3) £74,962. The basic annual salary of every MP.

4) £103million. The annual figure for MP’s expenses.
5) £850. The amount that one MP spent to have a sofa repaired and charged it to the public.
6) 140,000. The number of pet abuse reports every single year.
7) 8.5 million. The number of dogs in the UK today.
8) £160,000. The annual salary of the RSPCA’s CEO.
9) £234,000. The annual salary for the CEO of the CEO of Save the Children UK.
10) 50,000. The number of unwanted dogs dumped in shelters each year.

11) 6,128 . The number of known websites in the investigated by the Internet Watch foundation for hosting child abuse material.
12) 78. The % it increased by from the years 2004-2006.
13) 1,171. The number of people convicted of possessing and spreading child abuse material online. This includes category A material which involves the rape and sometimes murder of very small children and animals.
14) 66. The % that walked free with a suspended sentence or community order.
15) 85,000. The number of women who were victims of sexual violence in a typical year.

16) 12,000. The number of men who were victims of sexual violence in a typical year.
17) £12.23 billion. The sum that Government decide to take and give away to ‘foreign aid’. (Don’t think they are being charitable).
18) 11. The number of times someone convicted of a wilful act of torture against a defenceless animal is likely to replicate the action with a defenceless person.
19) 100,000. The sum we’d have to have spent to buy all the space that we generated organically in the past year.
20) 65 million. The population of the entire country
21) 1. The number of organisations or movements that are taking their demands not only to Liz Truss next week but to all parties.



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