Liz Truss Has No Balls @opfrankish – 11/3/17

Liz Truss Has No Balls @opfrankish will be our campaign message that will fly over Norwich City FC’s ground on Saturday afternoon.

It says it all. She is meant to be the Justice Minister, the head of that department. This is her neck of the woods. Its her job to listen to what the people are saying and its her job to respond to public demand.

I do not see any public demand that wants pet sadists to get the amount of time they presently get. I do see a public demand for sentences of around the five year mark. I do not see a public demand in England and Wales to allow child grooming to be technically legal. I do see a public demand to bring it in line with Scotland and N Ireland.

Liz Truss and the rest of May’s cabinet should prove us wrong if they believe the public do not want radical change in these matters. They all have constituencies. They should go straight to their constituents and ask them. Having then gathered the answers they will find that the overwhelming majority of the public insist that extreme pet abusers are given serious prison time – and as a matter of urgency.

If she is not prepared to take a lead role and be a true Justice Minister then she has no place drawing a large salary and all her other perks. As Justice Minister she should be having an emergency meeting with her fellow cabinet members and she should be the one proposing tough new sentences. This is what she should be doing and if she is not prepared to do it then Liz Truss has no place being Justice Minister.

She should lead or she should leave.

Liz Truss and the Government could effectively make big changes with the stroke of a pen.

Our challenge to the Justice Minister and this Government? Go find out what their own constituents want in a fairly worded public questionnaire.

When they find out that what they really want is proper prison time for these offenders then they are obligated to do it. Otherwise they are defying the will of the public that they were voted in to represent.

Being seen as the party that blocked anti pet torture Bills and who wont signs off anti grooming laws isn’t going to warm the public to them.

That’s why at Carrow Road we will be stating the truth






One thought on “Liz Truss Has No Balls @opfrankish – 11/3/17

  1. Does anyone know if I can donate to OF other than through PayPal? ? I’m not on Facebook or Twitter so I can only find out through these emails.


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