British people – what would YOU say to Truss?


Having watched a few Truss clips on You Tube I’ve come to the conclusion that Theresa May must have been trolling the country by appointing her.

I’m sure she’s very ‘nice’ and everything but she sounds like a play school teacher. There are times when it sounds like she is on the cooking sherry. Its totally embarrassing having her as justice minister, the head of her well funded Dept. Plenty of her party colleagues didn’t want her to get the job on the grounds that she is not from a legal background.

Liz Truss is going to have to grow some metaphorical balls or hand the wheel over to someone that would be prepared to show some steel.

You cannot have a country where the actual act of ‘child grooming’ via social media etc isn’t illegal (England & Wales). What the hell is that all about?

You cannot have a country where four people steal someone else’s dog, feed it drugs and set it on fire – and get a 5 year pet ban.

You cannot have a country where two brothers can get up that day and make a wilful decision to make a torture video and then get a home curfew when convicted.

You cannot have a country in which police chiefs make statements that maybe courts should lock up only the “really serious” cases of those convicted of possessing child abuse material just because he claims there are ‘too many reports’.

You cannot have feral gangs of defective teens roaming around and battering a taxi driver half to death as happened in my city this week.

You cannot possibly have a country in which highly paid judges whine on about how “demoralised” they are when the morale of the people is paid no attention to by the likes of Truss and her cronies.

You cannot have a country in which stories about men raping (yes, raping) dogs are not uncommon.

That’s not strictly true. You can have all of that. You have it right now and it will get worse – rapidly.

It can take generations to build a society built on ethics and morality and it takes only a fraction of that time for it all to be destroyed beyond any hope of repair.

I cannot be more clear. These predators are utterly destroying your country and you don’t have another one. You can keep moving to ‘nicer’ areas if you like and that may work for a time. But with the proliferation of such predators there will come a day when even moving to a perceived nicer area wont save you.

I also cannot be clearer that it does not NEED to be this way. Its not all happening due to black magic. Its happening because your well paid public officials (like Truss) allow it to happen.

They could take measures right now that would be a very long way to completely changing the landscape.

They could enable measures right now that would secure a much much better future for everyone.

These measures are not even complex.

We’re not looking for the Conservatives to colonise Uranus here.

There are very simple things that they could do which would have an impact on day one.

They could stop insulting the intelligence of British people and stop putting them at risk – get those convicted of extreme animal abuse OFF OUR streets and into prisons and for years.
Truss could maybe get around to making the act of child ‘grooming’ an offence in line with Scotland and N Ireland (its incredible that this isn’t already the case).
They could stop sending people to prison who are clearly no threat to anyone or anything. That would make space for those who are.
They could give the police a fighting chance instead of cutting their numbers and budgets.
They could raise the status of animal sadism across all forces – this would occur naturally as a result of sentences measured in years.
They could speak to people like Malcolm Plant so that we don’t just have bold new sentences but there is a domino effect. Example. Someone convicted of such an extreme thing would be further investigated to determine just what other abuses may be going on in that home.

They could open their eyes and look at the massive body of evidence that supports the links being sadistic violence toward animals and people.
These are just examples of things this Government could initiate. They would have a short and long term impact.
In under one decade the tables would totally turn. Extreme behaviours would be well on their way to being under control again. Law and order would be restored where it needs to be restored. Normal people would be happier and safer and less demoralised.
There is no price the Government could put on this which would be ‘too costly’. This is not an acceptable excuse. If cost is their issue then they only need cut back on something else. We need to get our own country back in order or risk losing it to all this vermin. If cost is their main whine then shave off some of our foreign aid money and use that. We give £ to India whose Government can afford a space programme.
Let me put it this way. If ONE MP in all of Parliament felt at risk or under threat do you honestly think they’d be denied extra protections and security based on the cost? Of course not.
Truss needs to be bold and make her mark. At the very least she and May should instruct all Tory MP’s to go direct to their own constituents all ask them if they’d support 5 year sentences for this filth. They should ask them publicly and they should use an example that is a true reflection – like the Frankish one. Then they should publish their findings in the press.

What do you think the British people would tell Liz Truss?
Let me know in comments



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