Your answers help us

Please take some time to answer this survey. If we can get a good enough sample of responses the answers can be a help to us.

Please mark your answers for Jane’s attention. Submit them to us by e-mail to save our FB in box getting cluttered.

Closing date – March 20th
1) Are you
A) Male
B) Female
2) Age group

A) 18-25
B) 25-40
C) 40-55
D) Over 55
3) Do you own any pets?
A) Yes
B) Have done but not at moment
C) No
4) Are you a parent and/or grand parent?
A) Yes
B) No
5) Have you ever been personally and directed effected by any of the issues we campaign on?
A) Yes
B) No
6) Do you have a relative or close friend that’s ever been effected by any of the issues we campaign on?

A) Yes
B) No
7) Were you satisfied that the RSPCA retained their powers of prosecution (as opposed to any alternative)?
A) Yes
B) No
8) How safe do you feel in your own community?

A) Extremely
B) Quite safe
C) Not very
D) Not at all
9) How much faith do you have in your local police?

A) A great deal
B) Quite a lot
C) Not much
D) Almost nil


10) Have you ever communicated with your MP in relation to these issues?

A) Yes and it was unsatisfactory
B) No
C) Yes and it was satisfactory


11) Which of these (taken in isolation) do you think would lead to the biggest drop in the numbers of victims and abusers if applied and reviewed in five years time?

A) Five year prison terms for abusers
B) Raise the quality of owner with people specific legislation and licences.


12) Would you like to see our next campaign be …

A) Something that again reinforces the push for 5 yr sentences
B) An event that pushes the idea of people specific legislation
C) An event which is specifically anti dog fighting


13) Have you ever donated?
A) Yes
B) No
14) Which of these cities would you like us to have presence in? (excludes any that we have)

A) Birmingham
B) Liverpool
C) Newcastle
D) Leeds
15) What do you see as our (as in all of us) greatest obstacle to victory?

A) The PM and/or Liz Truss
B) Insufficient action and drive from the people


16) Where do you read about our work most of all?

A) Facebook
B) Our site/blog
C) On Twitter
D) By following press stories


17) Do you think a proven pet abuser can ever be reformed?

A) Yes, depending on the severity
B) Yes, I think most people can be reformed
C) In most cases, no.
D) Not ever no matter the degree or severity
18) How receptive (be honest) would you be to the idea of an actual physical presence in London in late summer?

A) I’d attend
B) I’d attend and help organise
C) I’d support it but probably would attend


19) What most catches your attention on our FB page?

A) A news story about OF and our cause
B) A news story about the latest abuse case
C) Visual images


20) Would you be in a position to organise your own fund raising event for OF?
A) Yes
B) No






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