Wanted – People with a camera and a voice

I want to get something going here that has representation across a range of towns and cities in the UK. Doesn’t need to be all. A fair sampling of four or five would suffice.

I need pairs of people from a given town or city who would have the confidence to go out into their locale and ask the public four simple questions (that we’d provide you).

It would literally take a person about one minute to answer. I say pairs so that one person can focus on asking the questions and the other person can focus on filming. You are entitled to film in any public place. A person cannot stop you filming them but since the idea isn’t to bug the public I’d ask that people not be filmed if they genuinely object to it.

I’d like to think we can get at least a pair of people in the Cleveland area. They could do ‘Boro – or even Redcar. However, what I’d most like would be to get a good geographical mix.

All you’d need to is take the questions, get a friend and then go ask the questions – and film them. Just film the people who are prepared to answer, there’s obviously not much use in filming lots of people that don’t stop.

There are benefits to this.

1) It gets people out there in their town talking to real people about real things.
2) It will provide a more real life and visual representation of what ordinary people are thinking or saying (in relation to the questions posed).
3) We can use the footage from each area and we can apply it in several ways.
4) Other people are far more likely to click and play something than they would be to sift through graphs, charts and complex polls.
5) You can hand them some material.


It is not important for volunteers to do it all on the same day. I want to make it as flexible as possible for those who would do it.

Rather than suggest interested parties do it on a set date at the same time, I would suggest that interested parties do it by a cut off date. This affords them all that time in between.

We will work with a cut off date of – April 15th.

All you need to do if you want to do it is tell us. You can let yourself be known in our FB comments or message us via FB. You can e-mail us. Just tell us what town or city you want to work.

You don’t need to be out there for ten hours. You’re really just seeking a good sample number of people that will give answers. You can then edit it down to about 15 mins and send us it.



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