Message to parents

Every bit as important to me as ensuring the guilty are properly punished is doing something at the other end of the scale.
I want to reach out to teachers and primary school aged pupils in a way that is both educational and engaging for them. I think its key that we do all that we can to teach kids good habits early. I also think its key that teachers of primary aged children have easy access to learning materials.

I have thought about this very carefully and come to the conclusion that the way I’d want to do this would be to first put together great material and then use that material in one primary school. That school would serve as a ‘pilot’.

It would be too big of a task to try to do it in multiple schools at one time. It would be an erroneous mission to do that and one that would take many more pairs of hands and much more capital than we have.

It is far better to select just one school to act as the pilot – and then ensure you do a job of absolute excellence in that one example. It would be far more viable to formulate age relevant material for one school that’s on going than trying to spread yourself far too thinly at one time.

When you can demonstrate that the material is enjoyed by teachers and pupils alike you’d have an example to show other schools or local authorities. At that stage there may even be ways to get public or private funding to roll it out further.

I’d envisage material that would perhaps take one hour each week and as a regular thing in the pilot school.

I have no specific preference for which school it would be or where. I could do one in my own city which might prove an advantage in some ways, but I am not really bothered. I would not be unreceptive to doing one in Cleveland or anywhere else. At this point in time which school it could be isn’t that important. However, please feel free to suggest one to us if you feel there is a very good reason why one stands out.

Careful thought would need to be given to content. For the specific purpose of this project it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we had someone that had worked or who does work with primary aged kids. We could consult with them for their thoughts on certain ideas.

If you are that person – raise a hand.

We’d definitely need written material.

We’d definitely need to create an age appropriate DVD that could supplement the work.

Since they are very young kids we could create a bespoke soft toy mascot (that would appeal to both girls and boys). We could issue the school with a large one to display an use. We could have smaller one’s made that could be given to kids who had done well in the work.

We could find someone to write and illustrate an original storybook.
These are just a few examples of the kind of things we could do.

And yes, once we decided on a pilot school we could probably very easily bring an interactive element to it with a local community farm or animal shelter. Take the interactive part as a given.

In summary here is what I am seeking….

Someone that has worked or who does work with primary aged kids.

Someone that has the ability and interest in writing and illustrating a book.

Someone that has the ability to make the large soft toy mascot and several smaller one’s.

And I am open to suggestions re which school – if there is one that shines like a star in the night for some reason.
Would you support this pilot scheme even if the school wasn’t your kids school?

You can message us on FB or in comments.



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