Act Today!

In just this past week alone the press have given coverage to three cases which are gruesome in nature.
We first of all had the case of the dog thrown out of a moving vehicle on a busy motorway.

As far as I am aware there have been no arrests.
Then we had the case of the dog subjected to what is alleged to be a castration.
As far as I am aware there have been no arrests.
And finally, we have the case of a dog called ‘Charlie’ who may even have been alive when ignited. This would be somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Chunky’ case and also somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Scamp’ case.
As far as I am aware there have been no arrests.


Although the full facts of that third case are yet to emerge it would appear to bring together two of the traits of psychopathy which are pyromania and cruelty to animals.

In a best case scenario whoever was involved in those three cases will be tracked down and arrested. As things stand all of them are free this evening and they can look like ‘anyone’. They may even have perfected a false front in the same way that AF would present the socially expected front to people.

However, even if all three cases lead to arrests I’m afraid that’s where the good news would end. You see, under our present system none of them would have a great deal to worry about.

That doesn’t mean its not worth finding them and charging them. But it does mean that the chances of them walking out of court with a fine or a ban are high. It does mean that the odds on them getting sent to prison are perhaps now better than a year ago, but at best it would be four months if they submitted a guilty plea.

The system as it stands is a giant waste of resources and money since after all the work of the RSPCA and the police, after the costs of courts and lawyers fees – the punishment is not fitting the crime.
And that is what we aim to change. As explained yesterday what we aim for is entirely viable, plausible and a winning strategy.
It comes down to this.

Do we want to make it worthwhile for the police and RSPCA officers to use so much man power and resources in tracking them down? If we do then we indeed must have longer sentences. Only then could it be said to be truly worth all their effort and sweat.

Do we want to keep sending out a message that to behave this way isn’t a big deal? Because that’s the message that’s sent out any and every time these offenders are caught and get some weak sentence. If we want to send out the opposite message then its obvious that this must be reflected in law. That comes back to those sentences again.

Do you want clearly deranged people like this to be on a register and more often than not sent to prison so that your community is free from them? You can have this, it really all comes down to how great your desire is.


It is not that we need to really do anything extremely different to what we’ve done this past year. The principle works very well, probably far better than it should given what we have to work with.

The principles work and are sound enough. They only require to be about ten times what they are right now. That’s really all it would take because (as I said to Jane last night) if we had ten times more of everything then we would without doubt and beyond question be able to push this into the press on an almost weekly basis.

We would be able to be ten times as productive and cause ten times as much of a media stir. I do not believe that this Government would be able to hold out for very long after that. It would become far too big of a deal for them to mess around with any longer and (as they have done with other things) they would fold.

You will be aware that Anna Turley’s Bill is scheduled to be heard again next week, but she has already gone on record as saying she does not expect it to be heard. Even if it were heard the Government have gone on record and in writing as saying they will not support it.

It is directly and specifically this Governments policy that you need to shift.

There is only ONE viable way to do this and that is by weight of public pressure and that is measured by media exposure. We have enjoyed exceptional press exposure for the resources we have but the exposure is only about 10% of what it needs to be.

There are ways for you to get involved that don’t involve donating. I’ve suggested a couple on our FB wall today.

Or if you prefer to donate then clearly this assists us in a direct way and enables us to go at this more.

Take some sort of action today.


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