Anyone interested in some ‘creative activism’?

People enjoy doing different things, even within a campaign. There are those who prefer to get out of the house and do something visually creative that would have the potential to raise awareness and go viral.

This post is for those people.

We are always seeking new and innovative ways to raise awareness for our cause and movement. We have most of the conventional ways nailed and now I’d like look at some less conventional ways, fun ways that might especially appeal to under 25’s.

This can be done in any town or city in the UK. You can work alone, in pairs or in groups, that’s up to you.

What I’d like is for those who are interested to buy some of this;
As you will see when you read the details in the link this is temporary and also easily washable. In all truth the weather itself is enough to gradually erode it.
Here it is in video demo;

Then all you’d need do is create a cardboard or plastic template of our logo. With our name. Very easy to make a stencil like that.

After that all that’s left to do is take to the streets and be creative about where you leave the mark. The objective isn’t to be a blight to anyone or anything. The objective is to have some fun while raising awareness. When we ran off some posters last year they were used in some amazing locations – including the gates of the White House itself.

It makes for good optics for one thing. And if cleverly located it has the potential to be seen by lots of people.

It does no damage and leaves no harm.

Since we are a UK wide entity then we could even have different towns compete to see who can make best and most clever use of the idea. Take a photo of where you did it and we would not only use them heavily but we could have an informal contest for the best.

When a few started doing it we’d Tweet the images to your local newspaper.

It would not even be important if people didn’t understand the symbol and name right away. When it began cropping up pure curiosity alone would have them Googling it on their phones.

Its a long shot – but who is down for it?



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