The other arse cheek

When a young male has the brain the size of a pea nut and the socialisation of a Yeti then not much good comes of them owning dogs, and esp not powerful dogs.

Either they end up beating the life out of them in some sort of demented fit or they turn the dogs into literal weapons of mass destruction.

For the last year we have clearly lobbied on the former, those who torture and abuse dogs and pets in truly stomach turning ways.

Tonight I will look at the other arse cheek – the pea brained people whose dogs are so dangerously out of control and that are so poorly socialised that they leave behind a sorry trail of human victims every year. Many are small children.

Lets look at some figures.


‘Dog attacks in England increased by 76% in 10 years and appear to be still rising rapidly in frequency and severity, according to British Health & Social Care Information Centre data, released to media on May 28, 2015’.

That is frankly appalling. A 76% increase inside of a decade is just insane. This clearly backs up what I have always said – the standard of owner is fast becoming worse than ever before and there are more of them.

(If your dog has this expression then you are probably doing it all wrong)


Going on….

‘Children under age nine accounted for 1,159 of the victims in 2014-2015, or just 16%, but 13 of the 21 dog attack fatalities were children’.

Two thirds of the fatalities were children. Completely and totally avoidable. In every single case there will have been many opportunities to have avoided that tragic outcome.
Going on

‘3% of dogs per week show aggression’

That may not seem a high figure, but in numbers terms…

“’A study by the animal welfare charity Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals recently calculated that 3% of dogs are showing aggression to people on a weekly basis, equating to nearly 250,000 incidents every year’

A quarter of a million every single year.
That’s just nuts. Obviously it will cover a broad range of incidents. Notwithstanding, in many many cases that dog aggression is out of control and directly linked to the nature of the owner.

(Just like handing car keys to an untested driver this is what happens when just anyone can get a dog and with no demands upon them)


I would simply not have or tolerate a dog that exhibited unprovoked aggression to people. I want my dogs to be playful and friendly and not ever aggressive. I wont even tolerate dog to dog aggression in dogs, albeit I do understand that sometimes a bit of dog to dog aggression can be in their nature and worked around.

Dog to people aggression is just a recipe for disaster all around.

(Shocking images?  Sure.   But its the reality of what happens when totally unsuitable people are given control of dogs)

Not to worry though, the Government came up with a grand plan. Which failed.

Breed specific amendments

‘Spokespersons for Dogs Trust and the Royal SPCA denied that pit bull proliferation, including proliferation of Staffordshires, was a cause of the surge in dog bite hospitalisations to the Dangerous Dogs Act amendments that took effect in May 2014 appear to have accomplished little toward reducing dog attack injuries and deaths’.

Breed specific legislation is so stupid its not true. Its totally unworkable and only penalises good owners and dogs that aren’t even an issue. As I’ve said before – its the quality of owner that must be raised.

There’s more;

‘The most significant amendment permits prosecuting people whose dogs attack other people on private property, providing sentences of from two to five years in prison for people who keep dogs in a manner that exposes others to risk’.

Okay, that is potentially not too bad. Not sure how its figuring out in practice.

Thankfully, attacks on unauthorised intruders are still exempted from prosecution.



So there we have it. In many cases these dog attacks will come directly as a result of pea brained young males finding it all too easy to obtain powerful breeds, often without any checks about the lineage or anything.

Two such types walked past me today with what looked like a powerful American Bulldog. I could tell by their whole demeanour that both were heroin addicts and while the dog showed no outright aggression it did have ‘that’ look as I walked by. The pair of them weighed about six stone combined so if that dog was out of control then they aren’t bringing back under control.
The sort of half wits that are cruel are often the same sort of half wits whose dogs end up as mental as they are and end up badly biting people.

The result? An innocent person is scarred – perhaps killed. The dog gets destroyed. The breed gets demonised. The tabloids have a field day and people with a given breed are judged. All to give some moron the ‘right’ to own a strong dog.

There are solutions and fixes, but as with anything the public themselves need the hunger for them. Especially dog owners.


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