Why I’m amazed there are any abusers alive..

I was thinking things over last night and something struck me. It occurred to me that there really shouldn’t be any abusers alive today.

How so?

Well, during this past year I can definitely tell you there are FAR more people who go online to angrily say how if they had ‘ten minutes’ with these abusers they would give them a ‘sorting out’ than there are abusers themselves. Easily far more and to the factor of maybe 10,000 to one.
Quite a phenomenal ratio.

That’s why I am truly amazed any abuser is alive and in one piece today. If we were to take all of those people at face value and assume they were sincere then at a ratio of 10,000 to 1 these abusers should really be washing up on the Thames like used condoms.

Yet they aren’t.

How can that be? Its quite the paradox.

During this past year we have read an incalculable number of people cry out for what they term as “street justice”. This is really just code for mob rule without due process or without consideration for consequences.

Why is it that any time we have challenged them to quit speaking about it on the Internet and go off and DO it – they never do? Not once and not ever has anyone gone off and created a public “street justice” group. There is simply zero evidence of it. Not that I think its at all a winning strategy, but the point still stands.

If they say they want it – why don’t they then create it? If they think its the answer – why are they talking about it online and not off out doing it?

Is it that deep down inside they have zero intention of placing themselves in the firing line or risking themselves ending up in prison? Is it that (like everything else) they really want ‘someone else’ to carry out their fantasy for them? It certainly seems that way to me or else all abusers would have been snuffed out ages ago and there would be none left to jail.
Its not like the abusers are exactly hard to find. PAUK used to routinely throw up their details and almost never did the ‘Street Justice’ brigade swing into any sort of action.

Is it possible that they might just be all talk since if you were sincere about tacking it that way then you probably wouldn’t telegram it for the World to see your intentions, would you?

I’ve no time for all that sort of fantasy chat to be honest. Not only do I consider it a disastrous way to react but its just hot air anyway. This isn’t Gotham City. This is the UK in 2017.

I wish society would grow up, quit with these silly fantasies and get real about solutions.





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