Questions for the ‘silent majority’

My first question would be – what good is it being a majority if in fact you are silent?

A silent majority is only of any worth in an election, when the people might spring a surprise at the ballot box. A silent majority is absolutely no use at all if you have any wish at all to shift a Government on this particular matter. That’s not to say that vocal should mean ranting and swearing on the Internet. Using your voice and your power means doing it in pro active and meaningful ways – such as those we have done this past year.

My second question is this, and all pet owners and dog owners everywhere should consider this one. If YOU are truly sick of seeing the results of abuse and if YOU are fed up of offenders not being properly punished in law then what are YOU going to do in order to change that? Personally.



I’d truly love to know since there are 8 million dog owners and 20 million pet owners in general. Assuming the majority of them find these actions abhorrent and assuming they’d concur that offenders aren’t being anything like properly punished – what are they going to do to change it then? I’d really like to know what the plan is.

I’ve looked high and low. I see many many dog owners. I read many comments online from people worked up by the abuse and by the sentences. What I do not see a great deal of evidence for is their plan. There is nothing very visible that makes me believe they even have a plan, let alone a series of them or a direction. However, on the off chance that all these millions have formulated a master plan that I’m unaware of and which hasn’t been reported anywhere I’d love to hear what it actually is. At least that way I could breathe easy knowing they had it covered and it was just a matter of time before the PM rolled over to them.
What is the plan, silent majority?
What is the direction, silent majority?
How are you going to get a Government to budge, silent majority?
If you don’t have a plan and you have no direction, how do you expect anything to get better, silent majority?

The truth is this. There is no plan, no direction and there is no sincere idea from the silent majority. It simply does not exist.

What you will get is the RSPCA stating that they support changes. Of course they are going to say it. But will they robustly and relentlessly go after it? No.

You will get the Kennel Dog giving awareness to the principle of better dog ownership standards. Its not a bad principle at all, but will they go after these abuse issues in a focused and tenacious way? No.

You will get a plethora of people who do stuff in other ways. Important work, but not work which is going to get proper punishments for offenders. People can rescue and rehome. Its vital work and I salute them for it. My preference was to create a culture where they needed to rescue and rehome a great deal less.

People can organise local projects to help children bond with pets and so on. But I assure you of this – without those strong sentences for the most extreme offenders to underpin it, every good intention or project would be utterly destroyed in the end. It would be akin to building your home on quicksand. Wouldn’t matter how good the materials or builders were – it will sink.

You cannot build good upon filth and injustice. Period. You must get a grip of the filth and injustice first. Then on the back end of that everything else is possible and will work far better.

It must almost be the anniversary of when the ‘Baby’ story first broke.

One year ago a reported one million people put their names to a petition (not ours but the point stands).

One year later where are they all? On Friday Anna Turley’s Private Members Bill will likely and yet again get messed around with and played around with before getting thrown aside again like a used cup.


And when that happens everyone will get all angry again.

Its so glaringly obvious why MP’s feel they don’t need to treat it that seriously and its fairly obvious why after centuries of having a Parliament that we are where we are. Insufficient public pressure, insufficient public demand. I can 100% assure you that there are other issues that no Government would dare do that to. I can think of at least four examples from the top of my head.

Why would they not dare? Its not that those other issues would be ‘more important’. In many cases they are less important, at least to society as a whole. Its purely down to the fact that those other issues have an extremely good body of pressure groups. They are well funded and they are well supported. And it is they and the fuss and media that they can create which ensures the Government don’t step on their issues.

That’s precisely and exactly what this cause needed.
So we built a working and live model based on those very principles.

The difference is that those other groups who have their own agenda in society really support their representative pressure groups. They support them robustly and they guard them jealously. It is in their interests to do so, after all. Take any topic you like. There are well funded and well staffed pressure groups to hold the Governments feet to the fire to protect the interests of any number of minorities in the UK. That’s why they achieve things and that’s why the Government would pause before messing about with issues relevant to them.

That is how we need to be but aren’t.

We could easily be that but we are simply hampered and constrained by the fact that what should be our demographic not actually doing or giving enough – if anything.

When speaking with Malcolm Plant this week he asked me how you get around the fact that we have what he calls a low empathy and low attention span society and sort of corral pet owners, dog people, and just parents and then make them wake up.

I’m not sure that anyone can make them do anything. The will needs to exist in them. If the will existed in them to a large enough number then we’d know it and if it doesn’t exist then I don’t think any man alive can give millions (or even thousands) of total strangers the will. Has to come from them.

Nothing else matters if they themselves do not have the will. Not even their low attention span matters if the basic will does not exist in them. Low attention spans can be worked around. A determined lack of will cannot.

So my answer to Malcolm was that its up to people to find their own will and change themselves. Not me. Not anyone else. Not the Government. They have to find that desire for themselves otherwise all else is moot.
You can certainly do things to provoke their desire but at least a flicker of desire must still be buried in their soul. A doctor can make a sick man well. He cannot bring a dead man back to life.


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