I think its fair to say that owing to the terrorist attack in London yesterday that we are going to have to suspend any imminent plans for at least two or three weeks. It would just make no sense at a time when every single newspaper and all of Parliament are going to be fixated on this for the next while.


When the news reached me yesterday I was not remotely surprised. My only surprise was that it took this long. I’ve closely followed events all over Europe and the US. What happened yesterday is a recurring theme. Ask France or Belgium. I am in my 40’s and it is absolutely incredible that last night in my city we had police officers walking around with machine guns as a precaution. Not that I am critical of police for taking visible measures. I am critical of the policies which have led us to this point.


There were Muslims in my city when I was a kid. There were a few at my high school. It is true that there weren’t nearly as many as there are today, but they were there. However, that was an era when Islamic terrorism in this country simply did not exist. It wasn’t a threat.


Go forward a few decades and we are in a living hell. Rarely a week goes by when our people aren’t being mowed down by trucks, blown up, shot dead or even beheaded. It is completely surreal to me.


This has not happened by accident or in a vacuum. I cannot accept that Muslims here went from fairly passive and unintrusive people to this insanity without at least trying to offer some sort of explanation.

I feel it is important that people understand how we got to where we are.

I can reduce it down to two key policies, neither of which were acts of nature, they were deliberate and wilful policy.

The first policy was that Governments in the US and UK conspired to start carrying out a war against Muslim countries and almost always based on made up reasons.

I’m going to hazard a guess that when your Government conspire to make up a fake weapons of mass destruction story and use that lie to utterly destroy Iraq and kill around one million people (mostly civilians) that Muslims might just take that personally. Its hilarious that our Governments have the temerity to talk about radicalisation. It is they who have radicalised them. Nothing will make a people more radical than blowing their nation up and mass killing their people in the name of ‘democracy’.

Your Governments will of course lie through their teeth and deny its a war against Muslims. I suppose it just so happens that every nation our Governments have attacked in the last 25yrs just so happen to be majority Muslim.

I’d imagine this might radicalise a people


Or this

Or this

So that’s the first policy that Governments have pursued now for about three decades and in your name.

Having decided to carry out this definite war against Muslim lands you’d then expect that your Governments naturally do not bring the people here who they are warring against. To do so would be insane after all.

You would not have expected the UK to take in a couple of million military aged German men at the outbreak of WW2. For obvious reasons. No one in their right mind declares war on a people and then brings the people they are waging war against in behind the castle walls. And yet that is exactly the other policy your Governments have pursued at exactly the same time as they bomb and tear up their nations.

Who suffers? You do. Ordinary people and ordinary police officers such as the one murdered yesterday.

But why would you Governments pursue this crazy dual policy of bombing Muslim lands and bringing the people they are warring against here? Why would they do that knowing (as they must) that this will end in some of those Muslims getting together and carrying out their own acts of terror against our people?


Its simple. They are not really ‘your’ Governments. Yes, you get to vote for them. But its a non choice in practice since its a two party duopoly and now its really a one party monopoly. They do not care about British citizens – period.

They are more than happy to place you at direct risk.


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