As much as those murders in London last week are obviously tragic there’s not a whole lot I could add to the broad range of views already out there. The fact of the matter is that we need to try to pick up and get on with things regardless of doing so against a constant backdrop of this other type of threat.

I’m sorry to say that the terrorist threat in our land is not going away any time soon. That doesn’t mean we should just sort of give up on everything else though.

With that in mind we will soon be giving a confirmed date for delivery of our seven point plan (or ‘manifesto’) which will be couried to the HQ of all main parties on the same day – while its all being recorded.

We’ll merged the individual deliveries and push the video of it everywhere.

We’ll publish the contents with the seven fixes and we’ll push it on social and mainstream media.

This should trigger a bunch of different reactions all of which will be gains or wins. And that is precisely and exactly what we want.


The costs have already been met. On going donations are always appreciated and absolutely vital to our very existence though.


When you get a terrible event like last week you naturally have to adapt timing wise. It would look somewhat callous to roll a thing out on or just after that happened. Not to mention that any chance of it being picked up by any media would be nil.


Everything is pretty much set to go ahead with it very soon now.


As mentioned, we will publish a copy of what we sent to their HQ’s in due course. But what I will say is that there are seven very powerful and entirely rational plans there. And they will beg a reaction of some sort.

The idea of the video speaks for itself – brings it to life, people watch it and press may ask to use it. Even if they don’t it still has mass social media value.

(A new dawn)



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