Free Passes Available

There are about 65 million people in the country and at least half must be of adult age.

Whenever Jane or I lament a lack of energy from ‘the people’ we don’t mean 30-40million British people. For one thing you would never get that sort of consensus for … anything at all. And for another – 40 million people do not know of our existence or work.

I’d even give a total free pass to those that don’t own dogs and who never will. I can see, at least on a cursory level, why these issues may not even come into their top 20 priorities in life. Perhaps not even their top 50.

We can argue that they should make it more of a priority regardless. But by and large they are not going to listen to long and involved explanations on how this ultimately does effect them. They ‘see’ dogs – if they don’t have dogs then they switch off to it. Some will come around and begin to get it, but not fast enough that you are going to turn the non dog (non pet) people into activists.

Their priorities may simply lie elsewhere. We cant make the mistake of assuming our priorities must be everyone’s – they just aren’t. It would also take WAY too long to educate them all.

It is on that basis I am prepared to give them a free pass. Perhaps not a permanent one, but in the interests of time and being practical they could be afforded one for now.


I’d even be happy to extend a free pass to generic dog owners. I owned dogs long before I got into this and its very possible to own dogs and simply not really be fully aware what is going on.

Up until that ‘Baby’ video slapped me in the face the entire issue of pet abuse was like some vague and alien concept that just didn’t exist in my world. I just lived my life and owned my dogs. You’re still subconsciously aware that there is cruelty out there, its not that you are disinterested, it may just be that it takes one specific thing to turn you from that into someone who is active – like me.

There are probably millions of dog owners like I once was. Good people with nice dogs, but since they do not go seeking these stories the depth of the issue never occurs to them. Not to mention the fact that no one has before presented them with a set of fixes – thus if it does occur to them they try to shut it out as they feel helpless.


The overwhelming majority of dog owners are probably exactly like I was before this incident focused my thinking. It took ‘Baby’ to get me to look right into it. I did not like what I saw and I decided to take direct and immediate action that was focused heavily on ensuring that in the future people who did such things would be properly punished – as they MUST be.

The overwhelming majority of dog owners probably still aren’t aware that we exist. That’s why we can afford them a free pass. If they are not aware they cannot assist. If they are not aware they cannot donate.

There is really only one very specific demographic that under no circumstances can be excused or given a free pass. That group would be as follows;



Dog owners who absolutely are as aware of the frequency and severity of these issues as much as I am and who self identity online as being very angry at the current limited sentencing powers that magistrates are afforded.


Those who understand the message it sends out each and every time such an offender is given such a weak sentence. Those who get motivated enough to go online and express their anger via a string of obscenities (that the abusers aren’t even reading). And those who even managed to track down the FB page or Twitter of an offender and proceed to send them a string of empty threats.


There can be no free pass or excuse for those in that group. They cannot plead ignorance like the other groups I mentioned. They are fully aware. And since they have dogs that have a vested interest. And since they have the time and energy to do all those worthless things they have time and energy to do something worthwhile. It is also this group who tend to get most emotionally effected by this cycle of abuse and lame duck sentences, so its in their own mental health interests to get a end of some sort.

I have no idea how many people in the UK would fit that group as above.
I’d imagine it must surely be six figures though.
I hand on heart and with all sincerity that this group should be the most responsible for stepping up and aiding in direct and visible ways.

There is only one organisation in the entirely country whose entire raison d’être is to ensure that never again can two lumps of acidic vomit like those brothers do what they did and skip out of court as free men.
And that is us.

Hence why that demographic need to step up and aid us in this fight most of all.
Thanks for reading


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