Open Message to British Philanthropists

Britain may lack many things. The one thing it does not lack are millionaires.

There are at least 715,000 millionaires in Britain. A quite phenomenal number when you consider it. Furthermore, the number of British millionaires has shot up by 40 per cent in the past five years, with one in every 65 adults now classed as having a seven-figure fortune.

Despite the politics of envy always painting millionaires as being heartless and greedy, that’s not the reality at all. Many are just successful at what they do. Their personal fortunes is no measure of their morality one way or the other, just as someone’s poverty is no measure.

I would suspect that a great many of that 715,000 are parents and very possibly dog owners and animal lovers.

Contrary to this Lex Luthor image that’s often unfairly pinned on all wealthy people the truth is that many are philanthropists who happily and gladly give money away to causes that they consider to be doing good works. Smart and successful people get that to do good works you cannot function on thin air. It takes what they understand – money.

Our message here is for them and its very simple – make yourself know to us and consider helping us financially so that we can win this very important fight.


They can be as low or high profile about it as they wish. Many wealthy philanthropists prefer to give in a quiet and understated way. It makes no difference to us which way they prefer. What would make all the difference would be for them to make themselves known.


When you consider that there are over 700,000 millionaires in this country it does not seem statistically impossible that one or two may read this appeal, look into our dedication and body of work and accept this open invite to aid us.

If we were able to generate about ten times more of everything we have done this past year then within relative short order it would create enough of a political tsunami that we’d very soon be on our way to the punishments for these sick offenders finally fitting the crime.

The only way we can possibly do that is with the finances to give us the chance. We have a working model, a body of work, we have a direction and we are the only recognised organisation in the entire country whose whole raison d’être is to secure long overdue proper punishments for these offences.
The only thing we lack is sufficient capital to take it beyond that. We need to be in a position where for the next six months we can push this into the big press and general media almost every week. We can do that. We lack only the revenue to give us a fighting chance.

With a tiny budget and just a small number of people working flat out we have been able to punch well above our weight and have come much further than we really should have been able to with such limited resources. We have proven ourselves. We are not an idea – we are a reality.

With a real budget we’d be able to win this fight – of that I am confident. With a real budget we could force this into the press almost weekly, we could ramp up our campaigns, we do do bigger and better campaigns, we could generate such a body of pressure that it would force the Governments hand.


I could list a dozen additional and important things we could do with a proper budget and I’d be more than happy to expand on those if in fact a potential philanthropist did step forward.


We are ready and we are willing to make the step up and win this battle. We do not want to waste five or ten years talking shop while nothing actually changes. We desire a tangible victory in a relatively short time.

This is not as complex as some may believe. In any given year there may be two dozen cases that come to light that could be considered in the same category of extreme as the infamous Frankish case.

This is not a number that would collapse the prisons to absorb, especially since there are new prisons being built.
This is not a number that would collapse our economy to deal with.
This is an absolutely manageable number that could be dealt with and held up as a new standard and a new example.
The first dozen offenders who were sent to prison for five years would generate its own mass media coverage. Nothing would serve as a better warning. Nothing would act as a better way of sending out a message that such sadistic behaviours are simply not tolerated by our civilisation.

I absolutely believe we can achieve our very simple but effective goal by simply doing far more of what we have been able to do – and more often.

I absolutely believe that an intense and relentless push over the next half a year would very likely take this nation where it needs to be – a nation where the sadist is not tolerated and is punished.

As quick a victory as possible is essential. We have had years and years of talking and what we now need is immediate action. Every year that goes by under the status quo means untold numbers of new victims that did not need to be victims. Pet victims and human victims.

If one philanthropist in all of Britain gave us a working budget of £20k I would be quite confident that with that money I could generate enough of a political storm to win this properly and in a time span that wouldn’t be measured in years.

We are serious and open to contact in confidence from serious people.

We can be reached by e mail –
We are also more than happy to talk over the phone.




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