An Open Message to British Pet Food Companies

‘PFMA has over 70 member companies which collectively represent around 90% of the UK pet food market. Below you can see a list of all our members (manufacturers and suppliers) listed alphabetically, with a link to their websites’.

70 member companies that represent 90% of the UK pet food market. Collectively that must be a multi million £ industry. There’s nothing wrong in business profits. That’s why they exist. With that being said there are certain kinds of business which, at least in my view, should be about more than balance sheets alone.
Their entire existence relies purely on people owning and caring for pets. I therefore believe that there’s a fair argument for saying at least one of those 70 listed companies should give something back. Something that will make a real and perhaps historical difference to the culture of pet ownership in this country and in a wholly positive way.

Apart from anything else it would very obviously be good PR for any of the 70 to do so. Imagine being THE pet food company whose assistance helped us to secure historical and radical shake ups to the sentencing system?
They could then truly and publicly claim to be a company that really did care about more than profits alone. Ironically that type of company often end up with more profits as a result.
It is with all of the above in mind that I invite any one of the 70 listed to step up and help us make it possible for us to win this long overdue victory against those whose sole aim is to destroy pets.
Many of them will be able to show good profits.
All that we ask is that one of them takes a tiny fraction of that profit and donates it to our cause so that we can fight more and fight better for what must be done.
Here is how YOU (the reader) can help.


Open the link to the list
Select at least five from the list
Tweet them the link to this article
Google who the CEO of your chosen five are
E mail them together with this link




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