You can pick almost any sort of crime or offence and what you will find is that there are big regional differences in how common that particular crime is. All cities probably experience the same sorts of crimes but not on identical levels.

In Glasgow knife crime is/was a big problem. Travel East 40 miles to Edinburgh and the problem is small by comparison. Yet both are obviously Scots with very little in terms of distance between the two cities.

There are other cities (mainly in England) in which gun related offences will be higher than any other. There will be cities who score highly for the most sexual offenders. All of that data is out there for anyone that cares to look into it.

The same can be seen in the US. There are whole states where a particular type of crime is prevalent while in other states it wont be anything like as big a problem.

Ask any American and they will set your straight.

I cannot deny what my eyes have seen this past year. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of animal cruelty in areas that keep on cropping up time and again. More so than they should if all areas were exactly the same. Broadly speaking the two areas I notice it most in are the Cleveland area and I suppose what might be classed as Tyneside.


This obviously does not mean I never see stories from anywhere else. I do. I just see far too many that come out of there for it to be ignored. When Scotland tried to address its knife crime problem they focused most of their resources on the city and areas where knife crime was most pernicious. That’s just logical. I scan the press every single day and when you do that you start to see patterns emerge. One of those patterns is a far higher than average number of pet abuse cases coming from those areas.


I have no idea why, but whenever I am presented with a story I’d put money on it being in one of those two regions that I would in Norfolk, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Bath.


I don’t know if that is then mirrored in other ways, example, are there are disproportionate number of child abusers or cases of domestic violence? Worth looking into.


If it proves that there is some truth to it it doesn’t make the entire area and all the people bad. It doesn’t mean the issue doesn’t exist anywhere else. It would simply mean that for whatever set of reasons its more commonplace in said regions.


It could be any number of reasons rather than one. The temptation is to glibly blame it all on ‘poverty’. But I have always personally found the poverty argument an insult to the not well off, most of whom are not insane like that and who do not do those things.
It also infers that these predators are somehow victims and if only we’d given them more free stuff they wouldn’t have done what they did.


Its not financial poverty that is the root of this – its moral and social poverty. Money does not buy you that. Not to mention that we’re not speaking about areas that are detached from the rest of the country and part of the third world. It might be down to greater drug use. It might be down to greater levels of alcohol misuse. It might be several more reasons on top. I can only tell you that in our experience far too many cases seem to be coming from the two stated regions.
Not looking too good for Cleveland in this chart either.

Prevalence of domestic abuse by PFA, combined years from April 2013 to March 2016, CSEW

Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales, ONS.

There are pet and child abuse stats out there as well but they don’t seem very thorough city by city in this country as they are in the US. It becomes murkier and harder to measure them with any true degree of accuracy.

This was and remains a national issue. But I cannot deny what my own eyes see and if I see an excess of cases coming from the same areas then it is better for all to perhaps admit there is a particular issue in certain areas.

I am totally at a loss as to why we see so many cases coming out of one or two regions. I’m not from those areas so I cant really speak from the position of having grown up there. I guess there are sociologists who would give the issue a go but I’d actually prefer to hear from ordinary folk in those areas.

No one is better placed than they are to perhaps give us the low down on why this seems disproportionate in their region.

Especially if they have a few generations of family there because they can then give an excellent account.


With that being said in terms of drug use it seems that Nottingham hold the title for that. Newport was next.
In terms of general violent assaults? Blackpool, Portsmouth and Southampton scored highest.
Across the whole of England and Wales police forces recorded a total of 758,212 assaults.
Durham had the most number of animal abuse reports according to this. The region of Yorskshire doesnt come out well here either.
Hampshire is cited as among the worse according to this source
Teeside is cited here as a problem area


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