Top Ten Reasons To Be Optimistic

1) Despite on going funding issues you still have Operation Frankish as a reality. We aren’t an idea that is from the past. We aren’t one for the future. We are a reality in the here and now.

For all our funding struggles (which in effect cause all our other struggles) we remain the only recognised movement in all of the UK who are exclusively going after the goal of much tougher prison sentences for the sort of abusers that turn your stomach. Other charities etc will endorse it as an overall part of what they are and do. But we are designed and shaped to purely go after that goal. There’s nothing else exactly like that in this country and that alone should give real optimism. There are many European countries that do not have an Operation Frankish and whose animal lovers and generally kind hearted public wish they had.


2) While we still exist there is always a chance that someone with the means will discover us and decide to seriously back our work. This is not at all unrealistic given that there are 770,000 millionaires in the UK and at least one of them would very likely back us if they knew of us. The longer we can exist the greater the chance that one such person would eventually find us and back us. That would be a game changer.

3) Despite underfunding we have still managed to get the funds for just about every event we have wanted to do. Its been a scrape at times but we have almost always got there. That is still the case, we are still at least getting enough to still do events. Its never really gone up or down in a year but at least we are still able to do events.


4) The next event is already funded.


5) In very recent months I have started to notice a greater number of those convicted actually being sent to prison, albeit for too short a time. However, this shift is good as it creates a habit and a culture of sending them to prison more often. We need only give them the powers to send them away for longer.


6) In April magistrates in England will be working under new guidelines. One of those is that any abuse involving recording devices is to get the maximum. That means those like the brothers. That’s who they had in mind when they came up with that one and they had it in mind because they’ve never been out of the media. As before, you need only then aim to give courts greater powers to send them away for longer.

7) While its true that far too many people talk the talk but don’t actually do a thing on the flip side the people we have who are for real are all very dedicated, serious and intelligent people. You can achieve a great deal with a small number of such people. Far more than you could with a disorganised baying mass.

8) We are only one year old. I bet we are in a better position than the RSPCA were after year one!

9) The arguments not to implement these changes are weak. This is good as it makes it very much easier to go after.

10) We really one require to win big once to change the entire course of pet abuse laws forever. And many things would follow from those changes. The abusers on the other hand must rely on being lucky forever.

Those are the ten primary reasons that certainly give me some cause for true optimism and they should give you cause as well.

When you have something that is clearly and obviously fighting your corner and for your issues then it should always give you hope. Hope is only lost if there is nothing and no one standing up and at least trying to fight for you.

Our movement is actually very simple for anyone to understand and relate to. It is true that we have other related goals and ambitions that go beyond just the prison sentences. But it is fair to say that the prison sentences drive makes up about 98% of what we are about.

That’s why it is very easy for anyone at all to understand what we are. We do not complicate it beyond that. We don’t get into the whole meat industry standard thing. We make zero demands on people in terms of their lifestyle, we’re not vegetarians or anything so we are representative of the majority. I know of people that cant relate to PETA because they find them far too ideological about that side of things. We don’t get into it. There are others who do it and they would probably do it better than I would do it. Its a whole different sort of area.
What we want is very simple and yet despite being so simple it would have a monumental impact on the present inexcusable levels of pet abuse – we want and we insist that the Government penalise the most extreme cases with sentences of at least five years.

Anyone can relate to that.

Also very simple to understand is who the enemy are. There is no grey area with this. Many subjects if not most have some level of grey. That’s why we don’t get into those other issues I mentioned as well – its full of grey areas.

There is no ambiguity with this. There is no grey area. What you see is what it is. And what you see is flat out zoosadism.
This makes it very distinct from these other areas in this sense. I guess you can feel sorry for the fish and the chickens that are caught or bred for the industry but in all of time and in all cultures mankind has always consumed certain creatures for sustenance. Not all cultures and peoples eat the same meat and fish mind you. Some will not eat pork. Others will not eat beef. Others will not eat shell fish. Their reasons are always religious and only involved a few exemptions.

This is very different to expected social norms between family members and pets. It is not and never ever has been a social norm for members of a family to do what the ilk of Frankish did.

That would never and in no era have been seen as a generally socially acceptable way to be. There has never been a time when that sort of interaction was considered the done thing in our society. Their actions would always have been seen as evil and demented. They would have looked that way ten years ago or fifty. They would look that way in Germany or Sweden or the USA.
And that’s because they are. It is completely and totally abnormal and the absolute inversion of the person/dog bond. It is a window right into the heart of that persons true nature and what you are seeing is not good. Not good at all.
I’m not really sure why but I get the impression that many men sort of see our types of issues as ‘mainly done by women’. Maybe they think that way and hold that perception because when they think of animal welfare they do see a lot of females? I’m not sure but I definitely get a strong impression of that.


Men sometimes seem to have a perception that anything with an animal label is going to be a bit fringe and a bit too in their face with a bunch of other issues.

Men generally don’t like that. Men prefer a straightforward and simple thing to get behind and without all those other nuanced demands.

My message to men is that we aren’t like that. And you shouldn’t see this as some sort of female issue since the sort of people we want to cage are the sort of people that would very happily rape or abuse your children or wives.



This is part of the reason we need to get them locked up. At least while inside they cannot be a threat and during that time we can figure out how best to move on from there. But we CANNOT have these types of people just roaming around. Stopping that isn’t a female issue. Its not some fairly limp issue – like Save The Clam.
Getting a grip on this and these offenders is none of that. If anything its masculine since you are (as much as the law allows) moving forward and looking to come down on them with a rod of iron and not listen to any more of their invented lies and sob stories (aka mitigating circumstances ™).


We’re not here to wring our hands and fuss over these offenders and spend the next 100 years analysing every aspect of why they are evil little cowards. They have free will. They have personal choice. And while it is true that environment can to some extent contribute, this still does not remove free will and choice.

Its all too easy to hide behind a tough lucky story and lets be honest – we could all offer one. If someone is fit to stand trial then they are fit enough to know right from wrong and they are fit enough to have free will. The courts and shabby defence lawyers have spent far too long listening to and pandering to these never ending tales of woe that just about every single paedophile or animal abuser will claim as soon as they are caught. They only want to play the victim and get gullible saps to feel sorry for them. Some can be quite convincing. I would suggest trusting none.

We exist to not exist. In order words we are here to secure one big result that will create its own dynamic shift and after that we wont have a reason to exist anymore. This is not like most organisations that are desperate to exist regardless. We are here to win. We are here to secure a straightforward result on a matter which should have been dealth with LONG before now. The fact that it hasn’t has created an imbalance. The imbalance is a generation of young (mainly) males who have no boundaries and who do not know of consequences.
We exist to make that imperfection right. Nothing can be constructed on that sort of imbalance and it always sends out a message that such pukes win. This serves to embolden them further. Our goal is to make the imbalance that has existed for so long correct.


If just one person from last year who was convicted or cautioned for pet abuse but who went free goes on to attack a kid or some girl in the street then you will see and understand why we are not some niche issue thing.


You must understand. We want to see the offenders properly punished. But we also want to prevent anyone or anything else falling victim to them and the only way to do that (at least until further notice) is to remove them from normal society. Within the boundaries of reality in this country that means prison. Liz Truss has just announced that some new one’s are being built. It will stop the most extreme while they are locked up. And who knows? Maybe after meeting a few real hard men for five years they’d think twice about acting on their own cowardly instincts again. Even if they do not they still must be punished and they still must be removed from normal society.


It is for all of the above that we can have a level of cautious optimism.

Things change very fast some weeks and I truly believe that if you have a sound and simple position and if you keep on doing good works then sooner or later you will catch a break. That’s not random hope speaking. Its numerical probability. It doesn’t mean that people can just sort of sit back and it will all happen by itself. It wont. You get out what you put in, as you do with anything.
Believe me, if in some parallel universe we could get every pet abuser and paedophile in a large field and just sort of do battle with them in a do or die scenario – I would be thrilled to be right at the front and ready to go. But that set of circumstances is clearly never ever going to happen. I’d turn up. I could get others to turn up. Its the opposition that would be a no show. Its just never ever going to be that way.


The only sustainable way to do this is to do so using the means already at our disposal. There are lots of things that the Government already have that could be used right away without much fuss or hassle.

They could change the law so that the most extreme got what they deserved in terms of jail time

They could cease paying benefits to anyone convicted of such behaviours. Why should they get help?

They could cease paying housing benefit to them. Ditto.

They could start speaking about the issue more often on political shows.

Party members and MP’s could be pushing their own Conservative Government using all and any legal pressure they can think of.
They could agree to set up a data base. Only someone that would put the rights of the abuser above the unsuspecting neighbours would disagree. They rightly have one for child abuse. If they considered it relevant for that then (with cross over in abuse) it is relevant for this.

Those are just a few examples of very simple things that they could and should do. Only improvements would follow and things would only get better. It would prevent many four legged and two legged victims. Perhaps your dog. Perhaps your toddler. But even if you are ‘lucky’ and not personally effected it should effect you and cause you to stir on some sort of basic and instinctive level.
Although I do get bored by a never ending cycle of people getting all angry I understand the basic anger. I am angry too. Its just that I elected to do something constructive with my anger or otherwise it would just eat you up and spit you out.

I do connect with the raw anger though. Albeit I absolutely believe this can only be won with rational actions I must admit that if my dog were a victim of what that little ‘Chunky’ went through then yes – that would be a different matter. That would be personal. I don’t go around casually talking and writing about violence because violence itself doenst impress me. Seen it all before. Been there. But there is obviously a line and something like that on some personal level would be WAY past my line. I quietly know what would then unfold and happen. But like I say – that would be personal. I clearly cannot treat the entire issue as if it were personal, that’s not how you change laws.


Doing the things that we do are what pressure Governments into changing laws. It can even be used to get private companies to change position, but we are using it here to change actual laws.

The creatures who are doing these acts are horrible and disgusting predators.

We should be hanging our heads in shame when so much as ONE of them gets an easy time and a free pass.

Too many ministers have made fools of the people for too long. They have had the power to prevent more victims and they delay.

Too many feral little brats have been getting away with far too much extreme behaviour for far too long – then rewarded with free stuff to “help them”.

We NEED to get a grip on these beings.

It is that simple and there is no middle ground. Either we get a grip on them and spare untold numbers of victims or we allow these inbred little morons to keep giving the middle finger.

I know I am NOT accepting anything other than getting a vice like grip on these people.

You should accept nothing less either.

We are all about achieving that. Anything after that would be a bonus.
Whatever your sex or status I would ask you to not concede your country to this horrible predatory phenomenon. You will do so at your peril. Take that as being the sort of warning a good friend that cares would offer.
Get behind us today.



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