In the press today (and on our FB wall) was this story.
‘A £5,000 “bounty” was reportedly put on the head of a man prosecuted for animal cruelty, a jury has heard.

John McLellan, 37, was the victim of a sword attack at a Middlesbrough home, it is alleged.

He attracted ill feeling from animal lovers and threats after he beat and kicked a Staffordshire bull terrier, jurors were told.

It was rumoured there was a £5,000 bounty for someone to do him harm in the wake of his animal cruelty case, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Raymond Allison, 42, is on trial accused of slashing Mr McLellan with an ornamental samurai sword.

Each man claims the other was the aggressor in the violence at Allison’s home on Ellesmere Walk, Pallister Park’.



I remember McLellan from being in the press last year over his dog abuse. This is obviously going to trial so a fuller and more accurate story will emerge in time and not one with words like ‘rumoured’ and ‘reportedly’.

There are conflicting reports in regard to it all but in time it will all come out. I honestly don’t give a single hoot what happens to such people and the same goes for paedophiles. We cannot obviously endorse it but we have no pity or empathy if that’s how it ends up playing out for them. I don’t feel sorry for them. I’m neutral about it. I don’t care what becomes of such predators but at the same time I always look at the gains.
If it is true that someone or some cabal of people put a £5k ‘bounty’ on this guy then it didn’t work out that well and I don’t think they got their £5k worth. The main problem with such ideas is that you’re usually not selecting the cream of the crop who will with stealth and discretion act. Nope. You usually get left with some blokes ‘down the pub’ who are certainly violent enough to do stuff for money, but who will make so many basic mistakes that it will end up with them and whoever they paid going to prison – for years.


To the courts it will be almost moot what McLellan did or is like. If it is true that a supposed bounty of £5k was raised with the specific and sole purpose of doing this then its a very serious offence. Its more than just assault it would be classed as a conspiracy. It would be seen as entirely premeditated. I’m no lawyer but something like that can probably get you ten years if proven.

Not much of a gain if you were the one that took the money and in 2020 you are sat in a cell. Not much of a gain when the person attacked will be living his life on the outside and probably richer – thanks to the criminal injuries compensation they could claim.

It also costs the Crown a large amount of money for this to now go to trial, money which could be better directed at dealing faster and better with the actual abusers in the first place. It wont deter other abusers and it wont enable circumstances where there are better owners.


Its for all of those reasons I see no point to it. If anything its clearly counter productive. Its not like you can go doing this with all of them even if it did achieve something which it really doesn’t. The return for all of this is very very small.


You also have to keep this in mind. While I don’t care what happens to such predators it does take a certain sort of person to go wielding swords so casually. If you factor out who their target was then such a person may be very violent in other ways, ways that you would not champion. People often have this romantic notion (esp of prisoners) that just because they stab a paedo inside that the attacker must be some sort of good guy. That’s often not true at all. Its just that they are perhaps very bad in some other way.
If we had a society in which that sort of allegation were habitual then it would NOT be the utopia some believe it would be. It may sound fine if you don’t think about it but when you do think about it you’d soon see that we’d be reduced to some sort of Mad Max quasi third world country. If you want to live in a healthy and civilised country you cannot accept sadists walking free from courts. True. But you also cannot have a nation in which we are reduced to violent mob rule. That never ends well.


Mistakes get made, accidents happen and things can spin out of control. Not to mention the fact that the police will treat and monied conspiracy to commit violence extremely seriously.
What I will say is this and its a message that I wish could be read by the present Government. Despite everything I have just written I can understand why the reaction to such people is becoming more extreme. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out – the reaction gets more extreme as the original actions become more extreme. Then when people see such offenders being given paltry sentences over and over they get more and more angry, and they (maybe fairly) come to the conclusion that ministers just aren’t working for them.
The Government are just thick if they honestly think they can just pop such offenders back into a given community and that all will be fine. They seem pretty ignorant to basic human nature if they think any community is going to tolerate that over and over.


Its all easily avoided. If McLellan et all were still on the inside then the public outside wouldn’t be forced to have them live among them, at least not for a long time. But to let such people out so soon (or not send them down at all) and expect that a community is just going to tolerate this forever? That is insane. That is outright incitement. Easily solved by simply taking them out of circulation for a few years. At least with that the public don’t feel spat on by the Justice system and at least by the time he came out public anger may have tempered a little.
The present circumstances just aren’t fair on everyone else. I’d simply not be able to tolerate those brothers living in my street. There is no way. They would HAVE to go one way or the other but there is absolutely no chance I could tolerate to see them, day in and day out. No one should be forced to do so, but they often are. Someone is being forced to tonight – because the brothers will live near them. They are likely well aware who they are but are at a loss what to do and are reduced to suffering it. No one should need to, and no one should be put in a position where an individual of this type is just foisted onto them – and they are expected to tolerate it.

It is that pressure cooker situation which ends in the sort of story we led with here.


Outcomes such as that one are still rare (if its as reported). Its very easy to avoid such outcomes and avoid them becoming more prolific. All the Government and Mrs May need do is take some direct and long over due action and start putting these offenders away – and for much longer.

That is all they need do to avoid both the extremes of abuse and the extremes in the reaction to it growing.

It would be a very responsible and commendable thing for them to action without any more fuss or fight. People want to see some results from the people well paid to Govern. Over talking it for decades leads to them becoming more frustrated and less trusting of the justice system.

All May and her Government need do is see that a swift and way over due reform of the sentences and we wont need to descend into this.


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