It is the duty of all. Now is the time

Gone are the days when abusers and predators could act almost without fear of even being caught. The Internet shall be their downfall imo as well as other technology.

There is really no way we could have existed 25 yrs ago. We’d have had to rely on printing and posting a newsletter, something which would date very fast. I’d never have discovered the story that was my spark to form OF. I wouldn’t have been able to reach and get to know the people that I have. We wouldn’t be able to source half the things that we can find and hire today.


Less than 25 yrs ago it would have been almost impossible for us to court the press that we have. It would have been extremely difficult to wage a psychological war on two brothers so far away and so effectively that they just kept on running and running. It would also have been impossible to build the same networks and it would generally have been far harder to keep on top of everything.


We should be grateful to be born into this era and make absolute full use of those tools and that technology. We don’t even need to rely on the press covering an issue anymore. These days anyone can research a subject and have an article up inside an hour.


We should not waste this fine opportunity that we have.


We are indeed the only organisation in the UK that exclusively leads with a direct campaign for far more jail time for abusers. When you have limited resources and manpower you need a clear and simple goal that is achievable – and that would make a historical impact. We wouldn’t have the means to spread into other areas without it detracting from our primary goal.


However.. it should be public knowledge that while that is true we are certainly not adverse to making an example of someone the way we did last year.
I think that to do so is entirely legitimate when there is an example that stands above the rest. They shouldn’t feel confident that they can be caught and just slink off anymore. Those days are gone. There’s no hiding place in this day and age and should there be another one we feel a need to make an example of – then we will not hesitate to do so.
They will never get peace. They’ll never know what’s happening next or when. They’d move. They’d get found. They’d move again. We’d find them again, one way or the other. We’d keep moving them on and moving them on until they were reduced to wearing hoodies in the summer or living in a rat infested B&B again. We’d have them cringing any time they picked up the local paper. Over and over and over. We would expose their actions and activities again and again so that they could never come back from what they did.






These are not people you need tell lies about. The truth is often far more damning. These are not people that you even need risk your own liberty by laying a glove on. That only puts the police in an impossible position where they have no choice but to charge you, even though in private they’d prefer not to.
Don’t think the ordinary cop likes these dregs. They don’t. They probably despise them as much as we do, esp their dog division. They want to cut you slack but they cannot do so if you are clearly and blatantly assaulting people or arranging their assault.


It is however entirely legitimate to calmly let the tax paying public know the truth as many times and as relentlessly as your imagination allows. If it so happens that the truth burns their lives – well that’s on them. We are not here to protect their interests.


If we see a case in which someone who is obviously a clear danger being free to move into a neighbourhood with vulnerable targets – we would not hesitate to inform the people. Wewould simply give them the facts of their actions and  alert them to where the predator was. It would be wrong to do anything less since by not doing so an unwitting person could be a target (or their pets). I don’t really care at all about the interests of the abusers. I only care that if they are free to walk among good people that good people at least have half a chance.

You would never be able to stand in front of any authority and make a case for mashing someone into the ground with a baseball bat. We can definitely make an absolute case to say that neighbours deserve to be forewarned if some sadistic weirdo has been foisted upon them. We can make a rock solid case that if we stick to the known truth then we are free to hang them on that truth and those actions that are a matter of public record.
These types of guys are not strong guys. Even if they were mentally very strong they’d still find utterly relentless exposure and pressure completely suffocating. Their oxygen is secrecy. Remove the secrecy and they struggle to thrive. The average person cannot begin to imagine being at the other end of something that just never goes away. Every single thing we do which makes the press must be pre faced with a back story. The press have no choice – our name invites it.
The only reasons we slowed down with the brothers exposure was largely due to the fact that people were getting a bit stuck on it too much. At the end of the day we need to get a much bigger win and that would be to secure long prison sentences for all freaks of this type in the future.


No amount of exposing them in interesting ways was going to address that part. We kept it up for the entire summer and beyond – but you cannot just stay fixed on that one tactic over and over and nothing else. It would start to lose legitimacy as time went by if that’s all it were.
Then there are simple logistics issues. When you only have so many pairs of hands you almost need to choose one proper goal and go with that. Its not possible to be so multi sided with a small team and limited resources. In an ideal world we would be able to compartmentalise what we do and do each with excellence. But we have neither the manpower nor the funds to sustain that. Faced with that you must then prioritise.


We could not bring the dog back to life, there is no obligation in law for their type of crime to be reheard and we had ragged them for the entire summer. Their faces and actions had marked them out for life. There’s not a whole lot you can do with them after that.


We could only ever put the facts and truth out there – it would then by down to people in that community to determine what to do about it. In one case they didn’t need to do anything – we found out who their landlady was. We got in contact and we sent her their pics. They and their mother had rented a property under new names (which we had). The landlady was totally unaware. We made her aware and insisted she boot them out. She booted them out and was thankful to us.

I think on the last occasion we exposed them we just decided it was really up to the neighbours and community to go do the legitimate things to get them out. I orchestrated a business boycott in Darlington at one point and we had about twelve people calling up schools and companies in Darlo. But when all is said and done we cannot be everywhere and doing everything at one time. Its always the choice of the people what they wish to accept in their own back yard.
With all of that being said we can get on with the bigger picture, let them get all cosy and comfortable again and, just when they think its all cool again – we can unravel them again.


What they did is imprinted on my mind. I will never forget it and for that reason I will never forget them. The fact that their actions haunt me means that I must haunt them with truth. They should never ever think I have forgotten them. They should simply be grateful that they remained passive and kept their mouths firmly shut. Maybe it is possible to teach these mutants new tricks? They’ve learned to run. They’ve learned to hide. They’ve learned the benefits of them being passive. I guess if we had a stick we could make them chase it as well.

And if a case of that type catches our attention again then we will spin our wheel of misfortune and they will be the ‘special’ one.




Its not a good place to be our radar. AF was crying and everything.

And our only weapons? Truth and exposure.


In terms of that grander goal? I am confident we can get there with that since it is so wonderfully simple yet effective. If I didn’t think it was possible then I wouldn’t waste my time as there are few other gains to be found.


I’d rate the chances as fairly good. Fairly good would turn into a near stick on if we had a great deal more resources and means to drive it on.


Its not the eventual outcome I have doubts about. Its the time span.


I don’t want some victory that happens in the dim and distant future. Too little too late. I want a clear and easy to measure victory within a fairly short time frame. That time frame is PURELY shaped by the level of direct aid we get.

So, you know, do that. Give us aid. Giving us aid speeds the victory process up.


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