Open Your Heart – Chicken Therapy For Frankish

My first association with Middlesbrough goes back to around the 90’s. It was during the 90’s that my Scottish club played ‘Boro down there in a friendly. It was their old Ayrsome Park ground and not the stadium they are now at. I quite liked it so when my own club weren’t playing I’d travel down to ‘Boro games and did it fairly often. I visited other clubs in England as well. I went to Darlington games, Hartelpool games and some in Carlisle. But it was mainly ‘Boro games that I went to and over time I met many good lads and I have kept contact with them all these years.


I was speaking with one of them last night and they are doing (or wanting to do) some sort of football charity event in the summer. They were asking for my advice since I’d done quite big events up here before. I said I would be more than happy to offer it. Because I’ve been so absorbed by OF I’ve not really had much of a chance to catch up with old associates this past year but they had heard of the case and told me they had read about it in the press several times.


Several of us then got talking on the same chat and to assist them in setting up their event I am going down there for a few days in the early summer. We all agreed that we are concerned for the mental well being of the brothers following all this pressure so born out of this concern, love and altruism we are going to attempt to interview them. We have one or two absolutely fair questions that we would just dearly love to ask. I say one or two. There are 20. But that’s almost like one or two – just nineteen more.


Sometimes a person can get stage fright if they know they are going to be interviewed on X date. The last thing we’d want to do is anything which would cause the boys to dwell too much on the date. So we’ll do it as surprise. I think that’s more considerate and it will put them in a more natural setting.


They are both adults so we are only interested in speaking with them. Although if we have time we may swing past and interview convicted sex offender, David Westwood. We’d like to ask him why he lied and told us they had left the country last year. Not just once but several times. Or maybe he was simply ‘misinformed’. The interview should hopefully clear that up as well.


Who knows? Depending on technical challenges we may even be able to livestream the interviews. Perhaps by the end of it we will all see how we’ve all made a huge mistake and that in reality they are two almost saint like brothers and that in actual fact they were just ‘playing’ with the dog? Maybe they are just …. misunderstood?  This is like … Outreach.


We simply want to offer out an olive branch to these two poor boys who have been so persecuted (for no reasons). Even if each interview takes eight hours we are ready to open our hearts to these two lovable young men (who did no wrong). Maybe someone even photo shopped the abuse as part of some huge anti Frankish conspiracy aimed at discrediting these two angels?
That’s what we need to find out. We’ll be like social workers without the cords and sandals.

We’d also like to suggest to them a revolutionary new therapy I’ve been looking into. Research is in its infancy but its meant to be really good for the well being of the offender if (as an example) they did an interview while done up like two chickens. Not costumes – old feathers that are stuck on.


Its a bit like cognitive behavioural therapy – except with feathers and lots of clucking. As far as I am aware this ground breaking therapy has never before been offered out to any offender in this country. Shameful. Its high time we were more open minded to ‘alternative therapies’.
Obviously we can only work with them with their consent. But consent is something that can be obtained through gentle persuasion. We only have their best interests at heart, after all.

Their feelings are my feels. We just want to make sure they are okay, ask some stuff then see if they maybe need anything.

Is there any harm in that?

And we only want to suggest the chicken therapy thing because we care about them so much and don’t feel they should need wait until the UK catches up with the US. It works best if the setting is right. You cant do chicken therapy in an office. Needs to be the right setting for the person to get the full benefit.

Here’s an artists impression.



2 thoughts on “Open Your Heart – Chicken Therapy For Frankish

  1. How kind and thoughtful of you! It really is time we shook hands and made up after all the brothers are just misguided little souls who deserve better from us. I wish you well in your endeavour (unfortunately I cannot make the trip as much as I would love to) and I hope the chicken therapy goes well for the sweethearts. Give them my love please and tell them one day I would love to meet them. Thanks in advance. Ciss x


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