Should the Government give this statement of intent?

Anna Turley gave a speech today at least part of which was poignant for me – and that was to hear someone narrate their actions. Its not as bad as seeing it but hearing it that way unsettled me. The speech was fine enough – but there were barely any MP’s there to hear it. That probably tells its own story since I am sure they’d fill the place out on a debate about their salary.

As far as I am aware this was not her presenting her Bill but taking a chance to read the speech she had prepared had her Bill been heard. This opportunity was arranged by Neil Parish MP (Conservative). I don’t really know what happens from there if much at all. The Government themselves are on record as saying they wont support her Bill so unless a majority of Tory MP’s decide to rebel against their own party position then I don’t see how else it could be taken to a swift and successful conclusion.


That’s what needs to happen. You do need cross party support but since the Conservatives are the Government what you really need are many Tory MP’s visibly and vocally giving reforms their support. Or Tory party advisors need to get a meeting together with Truss and May and simply give them some new advice shaped broadly around the 5 yr sentence situation.


I think some of them will do it willingly, perhaps like Neil Parish. Others will need prompted and cajoled. Some may need shamed. Its not always as easy as we’d like to keep you in the loop with matters relating to this Bill as people have often found Ms Turley to be slow to communicate information. Some of the time we’re sort of left to guess a bit.
There are instances when any sort of communication would have been a great help – such as when people wanted to know the name of the ‘whip’ who blocked her Bill. People were reduced to trying to piece it together like a jig saw. There are other instances when it would have helped. She was on a radio show a while back and the presenter asked her some good questions that she didn’t have the answers to. We did though. We didn’t keep the answers a secret.


He wanted to know how they were paying their rent. Had there been any sort of communication we’d have been able to fully and precisely inform her of the who and how. No one has created more press for this than we have and no one has put in my hours than we have.

It might have been good manners for Anna to acknowledge the vast and relentless amount of work this past year, given she ended with an almost Oscar like flourish and thanked the RSPCA (whose CEO gets £130k per annum).

Anna is just in the huff with us because we dared to ask some pointed questions to a vet.


I think it would simply have been a common courtesy given that without us there wouldn’t have been anything like the coverage that fanned the flames.

Don’t worry – we will go on updating you the best that we can in this regard and irrespective of anything. We will go on supporting her Bill in spirit and indeed by way of our many actions.

We’d do that no matter who the MP happened to be.
Moving on. While the fight to increase and radically reform sentences must go on I believe there is something that the Government can at least do with immediate effect. I still hand on heart believe that both brothers should be in prison. The magistrates made a big mistake. This mistake should and must still be corrected. It was and remains a miscarriage of justice.

Since the pair of them were turned into the most reported on pet abusers ever I think it would at least be a start if this Government stepped up and ordered a recall.

I think they should both be resentenced. Even if the prison time given is not what we want I still believe that its in everyone’s interests for them to do it. I think the pair of them and this case are now high profile enough and for long enough for Liz Truss to do the right thing and use her powers to at least bring that about.



People have gone to prison for cases that were not as severe this past year. Its good that they have. Its not good that they both seemed to get lucky at the time of their sentence.

The Conservatives need to show leadership here since they want to lead.

This case is most definitely high profile and infamous enough for a Government to consult their lawyers and order that they be brought back.

It would be a very positive gesture by the Government.

It would demonstrate that they are at least prepared to listen and act.

This is ONE symbolic gesture that they should do.



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