Only serious people are going to win

You cannot unlearn what you have learned. This wasn’t my World up until the day I saw their video. I was just an extremely quiet and self contained guy living a peaceful life with my now departed four legged friend.

All of this filth and evil simply wasn’t on my radar or in my life up until this. I went from that to being immersed in it for a year, day in and day out. Its a horrible and nasty subject at the best of times but when you are on the inside and working with it constantly then its many times worse. Keep in mind we are not a rescue and rehome – we don’t even get the satisfaction of taking in a dog and successful rehoming it.

Instead we face a big daily grind and a Government who, as you can see, are absolutely determined not to shift if they can.



This means constantly dealing with an ugly matter all the time and knowing that your main goal isn’t going to transpire easily or next Monday. I’m sick of looking back at the faces of the abusers and I’m sick of seeing the results of their actions. They disgust me in ways that words don’t do justice to but what disgusts me more is knowing that they essentially get off with it. Again and again.


I am and always have been fairly confident that if you hold the Governments feet to the fire long enough that they will likely relent. You’re not going to get 100,000 people sent to prison for 5 yrs per year. You won’t even get 1,000. That’s not even realistic or probably necessary. What is necessary and what is required is to send the very worse of them away for five years (or more if possible). You make a big example out of the most extreme and society will naturally learn that this is a very serious thing. If you had a situation where the max for rape was 26 weeks then you would see a huge spike in rape. Its just common sense.
If you want to see many less tragedies like ‘Baby’ etc then it is obvious and clear that you must start locking the offenders up for a long time. Anything less than that just isn’t going to cut it. It would be like trying to address rape as a crime set against a background of a 26 week maximum. You could ultimately talk for years and years but until that maximum was raised the message would be – rape isn’t that big a deal.
You could even educate that ‘rape is bad’ but for as long as you were giving rapists 26 weeks the message would remain that rape is not a big issue.

It is for that reason that we have that one clear goal. Anything after that or beyond that would be a bonus.
I’ve been reflecting on what Malcolm said the other week about FB being treated too much like a drama on TV and I’ve also been reflecting on the fact that Jane was keen that we essentially go forward but cut out all the dead wood. Lurkers, trolls, people that just read for something to do, her view is that FB attracts way too much of it and in terms of actually sparing these dogs from a fate worse than death its not helping. They are both right.


Its fine to have a large FB following if you are an entertainment page. But there’s nothing entertaining about this subject matter. We hate it and we just want these people sent to prison for a good length of time – which is LONG overdue. I can hardly think of a worse subject to get involved in. The topic is completely depressing and you are up against an unbelievable bureaucracy that are determined not to budge if they can get away with it. Jane is (without going into detail) one of the bravest people I’ve known. Since she’s been with OF the last 5 months she works herself into the ground for the goal. Far too much at times. She truly doesn’t have time to waste. Nor do I. Nor do those next set of victims.
It is for that reason and with the words of Jane and Malcolm in mind that I am going to trial this out in a different way that makes best use of our time while reducing the ‘something to read’ factor.


What we are first going to explore is doing radio work. I believe Jane has something in the pipe and I’d like to pursue that more. There are conventional radio shows and now you also have independent shows online. Both of us are quite comfortable discussing our goal so that’s an area I’d like to pursue for sure.
We will change our page to a group. To this group we will invite everyone who wants to be productive in one way or another. We’ll likely recognise many of those names anyway. At least we would then know that however many people are in it are at least on some level productive. We could have better quality discussions and those people would probably feel more inclined to be open. It would waste less of Jane’s time, it would waste less of my time, and we could just get on with what we want to do.
I think if the productive people were brought together then we’d achieve things just as fast if not faster. Sometimes the comments and suggestions of our best people are just lost under a sea of utter crap. Its not productive for our best people, its not productive for us, and it only wastes our time.
Unlike the head of the RSPCA or 650 MP’s we aren’t paid. We only do this because it is the right thing to do. We don’t enjoy it – none of it. We want a result and to get a result we need the serious people. We’ve good some fantastic people so we can begin with them. We’ll be able to discuss things and work together knowing that everyone there is ready to work/do. The first thing the wider public would know would be when something happens and appears in the media. Keeps a bit of mystery and surprise as well. But its mainly about bringing the good and the serious people together in a way that is more productive than having them swallowed up by generic FB junk.


I want to do something this summer that is so good that it will eclipse anything else done. I have some thoughts in mind and with the serious people I am able to explore and further those ideas with them more effectively. If over time others also want to step into the circle and be someone that’s part of an effective unit then the door will always be open to that.

I’ve taken on board what Jane and Malcolm have said and I have also thought about it myself. It is with that in mind we shall trial it the new way as of next Friday. We will set up the group. If you’re already known to us as a direct help then we will add you straight off.

With that said we don’t want to miss anyone in error. So if you are one of those people send a message to Jane and she will add you to the list. When I’ve had time to set up the group (next week), we will invite all the people of action and those who are of help.

That’s the only way I think we are going to win this and in relative short order (or at least in a reasonable time frame).




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