˙˙˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pǝuɹnʇ plɹoʍ ∀

Here was my Friday. Got up at 6am. Threw up on and off all day. Became worse as day went on and couldn’t go out at all. I only did two things today. The first was to rearrange for Kiera to visit me Tuesday and not Saturday. I don’t want her first night with me to be one when I am being sick every hour or so.


The second thing I did was respond to an SOS. Someone who has been on here from the start and who has always given sound information witnessed an alleged attack on a dog along with others. Since the women was alone in a field they couldn’t v well physically restrain her. The best they could do was get a photo of her and give us the location and time.


Without doing that her identity would still be a mystery and they’d not be able to file a report and get things looked into. I’m pleased to say that the women has now been positively identified and the witnesses now plan to file their report. I for one am glad that this gentleman had the gumption to at least take a photo since without it this would have vanished into the night. I am happy to be able to help them out even if all I wanted to do today was go back to sleep.


The witness was very grateful for our assistance in getting a confirmed ID so that he can at least now go to the police or RSPCA with details. We were grateful that someone stepped forward and offered the information.


You’d think that when a very trusted person witnesses a dog beating and has the wits to take a photograph that dog lovers might be happy that via our platform we could at least get a positive ID for him. But no. Instead we had to spend all day dealing with trolls in the comments section who seemed more bothered about the accused than about the dog.


I hope the witness is now able to take his case forward and perhaps prevent another tragedy. I’d call that a pretty decent result for him in less than one day. If only someone had been that alert in the weeks and months before Baby met her fate.


This is a witness who has been around since day one and never let us down with anything. As sound a witness as Jane would be or Katie. Only they know exactly what they saw but at least now they have a legitimate chance to report it. We could easily have just left this until Monday. Jane is off spending time with her partner. I am sick. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything today but since it was this witness and since I don’t want any dogs to suffer I agreed to help him.

We helped. He thanked us. We thanked our source. And that was that.

We try to help out and we try to prevent abuses.

But no. Jane cant have a day to herself and I’m not allowed to be sick. Some people in these circles are so damn pushy and flat out rude that its amazing that anyone ever wants to make anything better for them.

That’s why we cant wait to bin stupid FB and just bring together the people who we know are sincere and genuine. At least then we can get on with the business of prevention and a cure without all the tedious and time consuming trolls.

Have a good weekend, I am off back to sleep.



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