Important structural changes

To the loyal and the committed – please do not forget that as of this coming Friday that our main FB page will be relegated to an afterthought while we invite all the good, serious and loyal people we’ve encountered this past year to join our new, leaner and more stream lined private think tank group.


We will be able to come together, build a true unity and none of us will have our time wasted by anything. We all have a key job to do – we must get on and do it and cut loose from the FB voyeurs, the trolls, the borderline insane and the time wasters.

We intend to do top class and gold standard work in this next year. This is far too serious an issue and the consequences of wasting time are far too terrible.
The reality is this. We can achieve far more and farm more efficiently with a mere 40 truly committed people than we can with 40,000 voyeurs.

We want to bring together the most committed people, the best, the boldest and the brightest. We already have a good core of such people and a great relationship with them. This will grow and develop even better when we finally and at last cut off all the dead wood and bring the best together.


We’ll be able to discuss and organise things without people who’ve never got off their ass and done anything believing laziness qualifies them to have waste serious peoples time with their crap. We have one main goal – to get these demented types of freaks locked up for as long as we possibly can.

We believe that with that goal achieved that many other positives would occur almost naturally and as a consequence.


We are the only recognised movement in the UK whose entire reason for existing is to achieve that goal. We have punched way about our weight for the past year and with the thinnest of ‘staff’ and a small budget. It is our belief that we can win this on behalf of all the victims and we believe it will prevent many future victims.


But the time has now arrived to cut loose from all but those who have shown themselves to be the most committed. We are here to take care of business. We are not here as a generic debating page or to talk shop forevermore or to serve as a platform for never ending abuse stories.




I will personally feel far more motivated to bring people over who I believe can be a massive help. Not so keen to subject them to a main page where they have to read never ending violent fantasies from those who appear then vanish again. Not so keen on them being involved when they have to trawl through a bunch of BS just to read the comments from the serious players. I will feel far more motivated to get out there and get on the phone and persuade companies to give us their support.


We will still do events and we will continue to court the press via these events. That wont change. The voyeurs weren’t doing anything constructive to make them a reality anyway, so we can just as easily do them by getting the best of the best together and working as a true unit. We just wont discuss things freely and openly as we have. We’ve given that approach a fair try – it only hampers us. We will incline more toward stealth and surprise. The first thing the public will know about things is when they happen.

We will explore other avenues. Jane is keen to explore doing radio. I endorse that. I also believe that there is a great benefit in speaking to people directly. Even if you being with a captive audience of only 50 it probably has more value that a post that reaches 5000 on FB.


I am a fairly confident public speaker esp when its a subject I have passion about. It would not be a stretch for me to pilot this in my own city. I’d only need a venue, a mic, a list of content to work through and a bit of promotion to get 50 people to attend. I am going to pursue that.


We also aim to increase our Twitter activity ten fold. With a FB page you can reach thousands but what you cannot do so effectively is send a direct message to a key person. By increasing our Twitter activity we can make far better use of our Internet time.


I also want to organise a pilot a scheme aimed at very young children, something we will be far better placed to progress free of time wasters.


What was our ‘main’ FB page will be little more than a place to link to a news story that involves our cause and work.


We will use it for almost no other reason than that.

We will desist from public exposure of offenders since it brings no practical value and only brings impotent rage that no one can do anything with.


Indeed, we will desist from all work that does not in some way relate to the main goal. We will not take on any new individual cases. Everything we do from now on will be all about that goal by which we define ourselves by.


We do not have the volunteers, the resources or the time to spread ourselves so thinly. If you suspect abuse then contact the RSPCA and police. Their chiefs earn six figures. If you have a known abuser in your street then its down to your own community to accept them or not.


We now exist to purely achieve our goal.
Nothing else.


I think a combination of these structural changes will ultimately prove to enhance us and the cause.

As of Friday the group for the sincere people and known loyal supporters of the cause will be live.

From that date on this page will be little more than a platform to showcase a particular news story.



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