Our Threesome

First time ever I’ve had a 3 way conference call in the context of OF. Tonight we had one and it was really good, I find it far far more productive and ‘real’ than tediously typing things out to people back and forth. You also don’t really get the true feel of what the person is asking unless you speak. The three way deal made it extremely efficient and all three of us left knowing what each is meant to be doing.

With anything we try do we attempt to get the best value that we can for what we are getting. I don’t mean merely in cost. Something could be £1.99 but its no use if it doesn’t make people sit up and take note. Its no use if it doesn’t get you press. When I talk about value I mean what are the chances of getting some press for our spend, can I build a story around it, the financial cost is a factor, but its not the entire value of a thing.
I am never short on creative ideas, but I promise you, there are few countries with as much fussy legislation and bureaucracy as the UK. I’ve experienced it first hand. They have so many little rules that they effectively choke the life out of creative and legitimate means of protest and advocacy.

They want to tie you up in knots so that you’re only outlet is impotently writing to your MP or some other useless action. Take your protest to the ground and what will they do? Probably ‘kettle’ you. Ever get the sense that the state just don’t want you to have much of a real say in your own future..?

I would guess that about half of the things that I would like to do that would be mind hyper inventive I am disallowed from doing due to precisely this – they suffocate you on so many regulations.

That’s fine though. They can play their little games of too many regulations/not enough real justice. We will work around the edges and keep going anyway. If I cannot do half of my ideas, so what, I will do the other half. Every set back should make us stronger.

Since they choked the life out of our perfectly reasonable plans to drop 10,000 petals into the day sky (while letting ISIS fighters back in), I have been consulting with the others to come up with something that is …

A) Affordable. We don have lots of money. I try my best to use it well.
B) Visual and high impact. For obvious reasons
C) Easy for people to understand
D) Potential of large public reach
E) Something a little different
F) Something that has a good chance of getting us press
G) Something that gets people talking
H) Can be done very soon
Not as easy a remit as you might think when you factor in all those challenges.
But we are quite convinced we have something that ticks most if not all of those boxes.

Its a slight take on something we did last spring, but its a great deal more advanced and with far far more potential to do things with.

For instance, you can have video footage. Video is poweful when presented to the public. Everyone looks. Then there is an audio facility. And then you can of course supplement it with multiple strong mission statements and slogans. You can have all of that in a sort of sequential loop.

To be objectively honest its better than the petal drop for various good reasons.

Its eight hours and not 15 mins

It will probably get the same press but a lot more on the ground views

There’s the option for us to have someone in the passenger seat and live stream the thing back to our FB. Captures the public reaction, draws people into the stream.

As I said at the start we had a great three way telephone conversation tonight and got lots done in an hour. We know what images we are going to run with. We know what visually would make for good video. I am personally going to be working on mission statements. We are presently looking at different options for audio.

We will run off a couple of thousand flyers and give them out at times when we’re stationery.

Between now and June 18th we can likely add bits and polish bits. But the main thing is we have a solid plan that will tick most of those boxes and everyone knows what they are doing.

The music in this video makes me want to weep with pain. But it does sort of give an idea, although our thing will be far better and edgier than this wee demo.





To The Croydon Fan Boy

Every so often I keep reading about this alleged person(s) from the Croydon area who has apparently been on some sort of weird cat killing spree … since 2014.

I’ll work on the assumption that this is indeed the same person in most of the cases although I have no way of confirming that to be the case. But we shall assume it for the sake of ease.

Whoever this is isn’t some master genius criminal or anything. He may love you to think so, but in all truth there are two main reasons why he has evaded arrest. One – this is not going to be high priority for the police. Two – his target is probably the softest of all – cats.

There is no master genius at work here. The tabloids and others have predictably built this loser (for he IS a LOSER) up into being something they aren’t.

If I were going to give a moniker to a loser then I wouldn’t pander to their sad little shell of a life by calling them the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’ or some other such title that implies a certain intelligent skulduggery.

Since we don’t have a name and if you want to use a moniker a far more accurate one would probably be The Croydon Virgin Who Lives In His Mums Basement. More of a mouthful I grant you. Yet it better paints a picture of this feeble little yeti. When not killing cats he is probably spending time watching cuckold porn, wetting the bed and, sometimes still sleeping beside mum.
If he happens to read this it is important he or she knows a number of truths. The first truth is that I am not particularly interested in you being caught with a view to prosecution. I know its just a slap on the hand and off you go. We have not yet broke any sweat bothering with you or attempting to identify you. As far as we were concerned there were already sufficient numbers looking for you. Not to mention the fact that I needed to figure out what to do with you in light of your identity being confirmed. No use you being caught and just copping a fine or something.
I’ve figured it out now. I’ll keep it as a little surprise for when that day comes. It will be a gift that just keeps on giving though, I can promise you that.

You appear to want notoriety. Thanks to cheap tabloids you appear to have your desired notoriety. Desire for notoriety comes with a price.

You my little friend had best get lucky for the rest of your life doing this. You had best be all that you think that you are. One mistake – and you will find out that we are the price you will have to pay.

You are totally out of your depth.


(An artists impression of him)



The Weak Link Must Be Eliminated

I know a guy from Ghana, nice fella. Not sure how long he has been here but his English is good and he works full time in security.

We often speak about what Ghana is like and he said that when he came here he and his g/f had two cats (her cats). He said that on the day she had to take one to the vet he was really impressed and surprised that people here actually do this – take pets to vets He says that while people do own cats etc in Ghana that its just not commonplace for people to take a cat or dog to a vet. He was genuinely pleasantly surprised that people here go to such great trouble to provide first class medical care.
I was quite proud of the fact that he was so impressed. I saw it as a badge of honour for our country and people. Its positive if someone visits here from a totally different land and they are really taken with an aspect of our civilisation. It shows that something we all take for granted is in fact not the norm in many other parts of the World. Notwithstanding the % of freaks that we all know about I think we can afford to have at least a little pride that outsiders come here and see us this way. He didn’t think it was dumb or silly or anything. He was just sincerely impressed on a cultural level.
I’ve also spoken to people from other parts of Europe who themselves are quite impressed with how ‘under control’ people here have their dogs. Whether we see it or not – outsiders do. They compare it to their home country where strays are commonplace and feral dogs just roam free. They are quite taken by the fact that you don’t see an abundance of stray or feral dogs here and that the majority of people walk them on leads and are generally responsible outdoors.
Its good to hear such things and get that sort of feedback because it demonstrates that in a societal sense we are starting from an already strong position – potentially.
That type of highly advanced and altruistic toward animals psyche didn’t just happen magically and overnight in this country. The reason we have all inherited a culture such as that has been entirely down to the efforts of all our ancestors down the years who strived and fought and sometimes died to gift you the advanced society that you enjoy today. That’s why we have a society whose actions and inclinations often impress outsiders.
We owe it to our ancestors not to spit in the face of their endeavours and the freedoms they worked hard to secure for future generations. We owe it to our descendants to work to ensure that they inherit a society that is high in morality and good values as well.
Any society and the things that it cherishes is only as strong as its weakest link. We have a societal weak link right now – that being that we do not punish twisted offenders and we send out the message that casual cruelty is not that big of a deal.
That’s our weak link and its a major one. For all the things those outsiders are rightly impressed by in our cultural norms this is tainted by the fact that we do not punish those who are an abomination to those values that so impress others.

We must focus on that weak link and fortify it. We cannot afford a weak link of that type for its corrosive to all else that is goodly.

The weak link must be eliminated. And with your will and with your belief and desire it will be.

One day people will visit and not only be impressed by our kindness.
They will be in awe at our toughness.
We Shall Prevail



Britain To Be Number One Nation In World…

In terms of a national solution what do we want here – we want punishments that fit the crime.

This is vital because without the core foundation of a punishment that properly reflects the gravity of the action then you have nothing solid to build upon. That is why its absolutely crucial that the primary goal should be a historical and radical set of sentencing reforms for extreme acts. Without that you are forever sending out the message that extreme acts of cruelty against sentient creatures is not that big of a deal. After all, how can it be seen any other way when your very justice system hands out pitiful little fines and stupid alternatives to prison?
True, it does seem a fantastic leap to set out to take the punishments from what they are to where we have stated they need to be. After all its 2017 and despite the combined might of all the big established charities the actual sentences handed our for this type of cruelty have not changed much in over a century. And its not as if the dogs and the cats can vote or pay tax, so in the eyes of career politicians they are no benefit.

It is going to be tough to get what must be achieved. If it were easy then at some point in the last century someone would have done it before now. Morally and ethically it should be plain sailing. But since when did Government act wit morality and ethics in mind? They do not and that’s why it is going to be one hell of a fight to get what is long overdue.

However, there is much to be hopeful over.

There are many many people’s and representatives of people that eventually had Government eating out of their hand when it came to issues that mattered to them. Issues that objectively aren’t even as righteous as this one.

This proves that it can clearly be done, the only thing you ever need is the will, a sufficient number that share the will, lots of ideas and lots of tenacity and some financial backing.

If you are organised and tick those boxes then you are well on your way to achieving whatever it is you want. This only differs in one regard. In most other instances the groups and representatives are advocating on behalf of or for a particular group of people. This makes their task a wee bit easier. You are then only relying on those directly effected by your chosen issues to be the wind behind the sail.

Example. If Operation Frankish were a group representing the old or disabled it would be very much easier to harness direct support from those who are indeed old or disabled. But we are a group that really represent the pets – and they naturally cannot do anything. That’s the only difference really.

I guess if the dogs and cats of the UK could understand what we were doing then it would be a different story. But they don’t so we rely on those who probably aren’t directly effected but who do still harbour a strong sense of injustice and want that corrected.

In practice we must become the dogs and cats as it were.

Since they cannot speak nor advocate for themselves we must redouble our efforts and do that for them. In doing it for them you are also doing it for the future soul of your nation. Any nation which allows its sadists a free reign is a nation blighted. Any nation which clamps right down on such deviant acts is a strong nation that can hold its head up high.

I am personally sick of Britain being on the leader board for all the wrong reasons. We have the most coke heads and we have the most heroin users in Europe. There’s a bunch of other things we top the table for and not much of it good.

Just for once I want Britain to be on the leader board for something to be proud of. I do not want us to be a soft touch any more since all it does is send out a signal to every single degenerate that its open season.

Britain must and can become the Number One nation on the planet when it comes to putting such scumbags under the boot. There is no good moral or legal reason not to and there is every reason to do so. I want us to quit with the national top down weakness and start Governing like we mean business. I want Kim Jong to be reading his North Korean Echo and one day say to himself; “Wow, those Brits are hard core on sadists”.

(Kim Jong.  A liberal compared to us)

As tough a challenge as this might seem the simple fact of the matter is this – you could take a much less serious and less deserving issue. So long as you applied those principles of many ideas, tenacity and organisation, then you would find that whatever the issue was the Government would probably relent in the end.

If you just keep on and on about it and keep doing creative things to underscore the point then yes, eventually you will find they’d relent – if only to shut you the hell up.
There is zero loss to them in folding in this instance. If we were asking them to jail all the corrupt bankers – different tale. They are best buddies with them. If we were advocating that Trident be scrapped – different story. There’s a LOT of money in replacing it.

The majority of those in the present cabinet are millionaires. Its no big deal to them if a bunch of underclass abusers are sent to prison every year and for a few years. In this particular example all we need do is keep showing we are serious and keep on being like a wasp buzzing around them that just wont quit.

Its for all of those reasons there is hope based on good facts.

Its not necessarily that cabinet ministers ‘don’t care’ about pets. But they are professional career politicians out for themselves. Advocacy for cats and dogs doesn’t tend to bring many riches.

They CAN be made to shift though, of that I assure you.

When they realise for sure that enough people are genuinely serious and have crossed the line of being content with being fobbed off – then they will throw all abusers in front of the bus in no time. Apply sufficient pressure and its the type of thing that could happen “overnight” in relative terms. Its the sort of grandiose thing a Government could do knowing the public would give them zero heat for it and lots of kudos.

I predict a slog for an amount of time unknown. I predict set backs and frustration. But at the end of it all I predict that when things do change they will appear to change much faster than any of us might have predicted.

This will be the beginning of the end for the free reign that such societal rejects have in our country.

Open Message To The Brothers

Hi lads,
Remember last years spring/summer collection? Remember how the pair of you kept pissing your panties and running away all the time?
Remember last summer when you were forced to walk around with your hood up?

Remember that time all those posters appeared in your street? Remember how you were eventually driven to some flea bitten hovel that rats didn’t even want to live in? Remember when I called you both out publicly and asked you to face me in person? All we ever heard was the sound of breaking glass as your bottle crashed, yet again.
You’re going to really like this years summer collection. Or not.

You both owe me. You still have an unpaid account and a debt you will likely never be able to pay off. Moreover, you are both in debt to society as well.

Your whole life is just series of bad moves. It was a very bad move to do what you did. One day you will look back and realise that the worse thing that ever happened was that this should fall onto my radar.

You are what you are, two low life cowards and freaks. You have never in your life raised a hand to anything or anyone capable of hurting you back. You are nothing. You never were anything and you never will be anything.
Many people could not bring themselves to watch what you did. I watched. I know what you both are. I know far more about you than even you realise.
You are both so twisted and weak that you present an on going threat to anything or anyone that has no means to fight back. That is why we will never forget you. More important – you will never forget us. You both have nothing going for you. You are both clearly mentally stunted. You are both physical cowards. You have no resources and little or no backing. Anyone that did back you would be damning themselves.
We are similar in only one regard. You have an absence of conscience when it comes to doing what you do to defenceless creatures. I have an absence of conscience when it comes to dealing with fan boys like you. How about that – we share an ‘interest’.

Watch this space, boys. The forecast is for a long hot summer. With occasional storms.


An Open Message To The ‘Rich Kids of London’

Before today we had never heard of you. Now that we have heard of you I don’t like what I hear and I don’t like what I see.

Your past stunts such as setting fire to an expensive car are irrelevant to us. I have zero interest in why you do it, although you likely consider it some sort of ‘performance art’.

We do however have a keen interest in your latest stunt. This is non negotiable – pets aren’t props for your amusement and shock value.

We are not experts in setting fire to expensive cars for shock value. We have better and more productive things to do such as putting abusers right on our radar. You should look us up. Take to Google and do some big time reading.

At this stage and being in a mood of charity and goodwill, we are prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. What you did was unacceptable, but it may well be that a lack of common sense and your heads being just too full of shock value was your motive and not cruelty.

Our problem with your effort is that it only serves to encourage a climate of abuse. I have seen a video that was created for shock value as well. It also involved a pet dog. You should look it up.

Here is what you could do.

You clearly have the funds to waste it on nonsensical stunts.

You clearly wish (I am sure), want to convince people that you aren’t just yet more animal abusers only with cash to burn.



You should take some of this money that you waste on such stuff and make a significant donation to Battersea Dogs Home.

This would convince people that your ‘stunt’ was merely an ill advised action. It would also convince us and I do want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

As a movement we would invite you to consider doing this and let it be known that you will and what figure. Amends would be made. You can go back to burning cars. We can go back to weeding out filth. Everyone is happy.

With Love,
Operation Frankish
Full story here

Shelley Hutchinson – First Class Lady

Shelley Hutchinson is a valued follower and active participant in the work that we do. Her efforts on Sunday speak for themselves and were an inspiration to me, as they should be to you. I can only thank her for her hard work and effort and as she knows, every penny will be used to take the fight on to new and different levels.
Thanks again, Shelley. I hope others will follow your lead in some way.


Shelley Hutchinson’s Story

I’m still buzzing! I’m sat here with a glass of vino in my hand, reflecting on the past few weeks whilst gazing at my medal for the Bristol 10k that I successfully completed yesterday.

The reason I’m buzzing is because that medal is worth so much more than just a personal goal of completing a running challenge – it helped me raise £1020 for Operation Frankish and such an important issue of increasing animal abuse sentences to 5 years.

Not gonna lie I really struggle with running as you may have seen from my video logs! But its a proven method of relief for mental health (if you can get out to start with) and then when combined with a challenge of raising money for a cause you are extremely passionate about (Operation Frankish) then it becomes slightly more achievable! And with a bit of support from a cameraman, a lad on a swegway and a funding page, I’ve felt happier in these last few weeks than I have in months.
I hope you’re still reading because if you follow Operation Frankish then there’s a damn good chance you care about animals and can’t stand seeing the constant abuse that floods our Facebook/social pages! I’m not made of money and I have responded to pleas of financial support by rounding up family members and asking them to give a few quid rarely managing to make £60. I took inspiration from Luci who ran a fundraising stall in support of OF and raised over £300. I thought ‘that girl is incredible and if she can do it so can I’, so I signed up for the Bristol 10k and set up a JustGiving page.

https://we.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Shelley10KOpFrankish (still open for donations)


I’ve not been hugely successful in the past with fundraising but I needed to do something – I am sickened by the fact that the animal abuse punishment in this country is criminal in itself so I knew I needed to just try. It makes me depressed, angry, and feeling entirely useless and helpless when I see yet another act of barbaric abuse on a defenceless animal. This helped me to believe in my ability to help when I have so little to contribute financially myself.
So I started to train, and vlog my progress so that my sponsors could feel that little bit more involved with my journey. I believe it made it all the more personal. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy, technology failed me many times as did my own anxiety, but I got through it knowing that people were behind me and supporting me all the way.

I posted the videos along with a link to my JustGiving page and just tried to add a personal touch and made sure I thanked people and kept them updated on my progress. I then decided to add links to comments on fb pages where another rotten case of animal abuse had occurred and gone viral (Craig McKinley) and implore those commenting that they didn’t need to feel helpless as they actually COULD help by donating or at least sharing my own fundraising mission or following Operation Frankish.
I then decided to do a little local fundraising by printing 200 leaflets and posting them to my neighbourhood. It offered them the chance to sponsor me to be in with a chance of winning £10. Each £2 was an entry into the draw. This raised an extra £30 (when I took out the prize money). Again I did a live video on Facebook when I drew the winning ticket.
I started to look forward to checking my emails to see ‘you have received a donation’ and then finding out the amount I had raised to that point. From what I thought would initially make perhaps £200 if I was lucky, turned into a grand!




When it came to event day I was nervous as hell, but as heavy as my legs felt I imagined the pain Baby felt and it spurred me on knowing I could help such a great cause. She still needs justice as do all the other innocent victims! I had informed all my sponsors and followers of OF of a live tracking app so they could be involved throughout my race and track my progress, again wishing to involve everyone in my journey as much as possible.

When I crossed the finish line I felt such a wave of emotion and relief and pride in myself that words can’t really explain. And then moments after I had put on my medal, i checked my email again and nearly fell over!!! I had received an anonymous donation of £225.



People really do care about animals and can’t stand the abuse but often feel helpless as to know how to help or what to do. I really hope this gives others the inspiration to do a sponsored run in support of Operation Frankish or choose another fundraising idea. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to know you have managed to completely fund an event that will be organised by OPERATION FRANKISH and get that one step closer to changing the laws on punishment for those vile and sadistic animal abusers xx



McKinley from Oldham

Craig McKinley,
There are two types of bacteria. There is good bacteria. And there is bad bacteria. You are bad bacteria.

Here’s something to pop in your bucket list – hope for a custodial sentence. If you end up with a custodial sentence then you are a lucky boy. If you somehow worm your way out of it then you should look us up, Craig. We can find out anything about anyone at any given time. Anything in your past that you wanted forgotten? We can find it. Anyone from your past that has something they want to say about you? We’ll find them.
PS. It would be polite to answer your phone next time. Here I am wanting to be all conversational and there you are all voicemail.


Operation Blood & Innocence – Saturday May 20th

Although we don’t contribute to the main page or this site anything like as much as we used to, their is a very good reason for this and the reason is that we established a private steering group some weeks ago. It was a better use of our time to get together the core people of action and bring them together that way. People in it have gotten to know each other better and developed a camaraderie. That’s why we had fantastic people like Shelley Hutchinson who is running the Bristol 10k for Operation Frankish.
Please give her your support here



We have two positive announcements to make. On Saturday May 20th we plan to put on a spectacular optic event set against a stunning and public background.

We are going to commission our plane and have it fly over Edinburgh Castle on that date and at the busiest time of the day. Then what we are going to do is have the crew released thousands and thousands of rose petals into the sky so that they gently cascade to the terrain below.


We are going to use two colours. We will use white to symbolise the innocent of thevictims, we will use crimson to symbolise the blood spilled. We will pre alert the press by way of a statement nearer the time. We will encourage people in the city to look out for it over the Castle on that date. It will be a spectacular and poignant thing to do with great visual and press potential. Each petal represents a victim that the system has let down.


We are deploying Scotland now as a sort of lever to crack open the rest of the UK. We decided that this was a winning tactic some time back and now this is it starting to manifest itself.
May 20th also coincides with the Scottish Kennel Club event on the same, on the outskirts of the city. Its a big event. Depending on logistics and finances we may be able to do a flower shower from the air at this event as well.


Something of this type will almost certainly get press and it will definitely push these issues back into the public narrative and in a poignant way this time over. For obvious reasons you are severely limited what you are allowed to drop from the sky. This is one of the only things you are permitted to drop so we’ve decided to work with that and fashion a really good visual event from it.
Shelley is training every day to run the 10k for us, so that we can pull off something like this and commandeer the public and press attention that this subject constantly needs.
As always our small team are prepared to do all the work from conception to finish, but this is everyone’s fight so we’d ask you to support us to fund this event in May. It would be appreciated by us, but it would mostly be appreciated by those with no voice.

You can do your bit today by clicking here and donating today


That’s not all we’ve been working on though. On Sunday the 25th of June we will be putting on a high end public presentation which will take place in the stunning indoor venue at the The Royal Botanic Gardens. The public gallery has enough space for 150 people, which will be a mix of truly interested members of the public as well as figures from organisations like Scotland For Animals.

We have invited them to do a guest talk during the event and they were honoured to be asked.


We intend to have other speakers as well and are presently speaking to organisations with a view to brining a criminal psychologist in, as well as a spokesperson from the dog division of Police Scotland. What we have organised is an event that will be powerful and engaging. It will bring people together who we can network with and carry the fight forward. The venue itself is breathtaking and credit is due to Jane who negotiated a really good deal.
The cost of the venue has already been met by our private steering group. Jane will be flying up to do part of the presentation, I will obviously speak about both our work and these issues and goals.

We are not fundraising for this presentation in June, the cost has been met.

We are inviting you to donate to help us shower the sky on May 20th.
Have a good week