Operation Blood & Innocence – Saturday May 20th

Although we don’t contribute to the main page or this site anything like as much as we used to, their is a very good reason for this and the reason is that we established a private steering group some weeks ago. It was a better use of our time to get together the core people of action and bring them together that way. People in it have gotten to know each other better and developed a camaraderie. That’s why we had fantastic people like Shelley Hutchinson who is running the Bristol 10k for Operation Frankish.
Please give her your support here



We have two positive announcements to make. On Saturday May 20th we plan to put on a spectacular optic event set against a stunning and public background.

We are going to commission our plane and have it fly over Edinburgh Castle on that date and at the busiest time of the day. Then what we are going to do is have the crew released thousands and thousands of rose petals into the sky so that they gently cascade to the terrain below.


We are going to use two colours. We will use white to symbolise the innocent of thevictims, we will use crimson to symbolise the blood spilled. We will pre alert the press by way of a statement nearer the time. We will encourage people in the city to look out for it over the Castle on that date. It will be a spectacular and poignant thing to do with great visual and press potential. Each petal represents a victim that the system has let down.


We are deploying Scotland now as a sort of lever to crack open the rest of the UK. We decided that this was a winning tactic some time back and now this is it starting to manifest itself.
May 20th also coincides with the Scottish Kennel Club event on the same, on the outskirts of the city. Its a big event. Depending on logistics and finances we may be able to do a flower shower from the air at this event as well.


Something of this type will almost certainly get press and it will definitely push these issues back into the public narrative and in a poignant way this time over. For obvious reasons you are severely limited what you are allowed to drop from the sky. This is one of the only things you are permitted to drop so we’ve decided to work with that and fashion a really good visual event from it.
Shelley is training every day to run the 10k for us, so that we can pull off something like this and commandeer the public and press attention that this subject constantly needs.
As always our small team are prepared to do all the work from conception to finish, but this is everyone’s fight so we’d ask you to support us to fund this event in May. It would be appreciated by us, but it would mostly be appreciated by those with no voice.

You can do your bit today by clicking here and donating today


That’s not all we’ve been working on though. On Sunday the 25th of June we will be putting on a high end public presentation which will take place in the stunning indoor venue at the The Royal Botanic Gardens. The public gallery has enough space for 150 people, which will be a mix of truly interested members of the public as well as figures from organisations like Scotland For Animals.

We have invited them to do a guest talk during the event and they were honoured to be asked.


We intend to have other speakers as well and are presently speaking to organisations with a view to brining a criminal psychologist in, as well as a spokesperson from the dog division of Police Scotland. What we have organised is an event that will be powerful and engaging. It will bring people together who we can network with and carry the fight forward. The venue itself is breathtaking and credit is due to Jane who negotiated a really good deal.
The cost of the venue has already been met by our private steering group. Jane will be flying up to do part of the presentation, I will obviously speak about both our work and these issues and goals.

We are not fundraising for this presentation in June, the cost has been met.

We are inviting you to donate to help us shower the sky on May 20th.
Have a good week


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