An Open Message To The ‘Rich Kids of London’
Before today we had never heard of you. Now that we have heard of you I don’t like what I hear and I don’t like what I see.

Your past stunts such as setting fire to an expensive car are irrelevant to us. I have zero interest in why you do it, although you likely consider it some sort of ‘performance art’.

We do however have a keen interest in your latest stunt. This is non negotiable – pets aren’t props for your amusement and shock value.

We are not experts in setting fire to expensive cars for shock value. We have better and more productive things to do such as putting abusers right on our radar. You should look us up. Take to Google and do some big time reading.

At this stage and being in a mood of charity and goodwill, we are prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. What you did was unacceptable, but it may well be that a lack of common sense and your heads being just too full of shock value was your motive and not cruelty.

Our problem with your effort is that it only serves to encourage a climate of abuse. I have seen a video that was created for shock value as well. It also involved a pet dog. You should look it up.

Here is what you could do.

You clearly have the funds to waste it on nonsensical stunts.

You clearly wish (I am sure), want to convince people that you aren’t just yet more animal abusers only with cash to burn.



You should take some of this money that you waste on such stuff and make a significant donation to Battersea Dogs Home.

This would convince people that your ‘stunt’ was merely an ill advised action. It would also convince us and I do want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

As a movement we would invite you to consider doing this and let it be known that you will and what figure. Amends would be made. You can go back to burning cars. We can go back to weeding out filth. Everyone is happy.

With Love,
Operation Frankish
Full story here


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