Britain To Be Number One Nation In World…

In terms of a national solution what do we want here – we want punishments that fit the crime.

This is vital because without the core foundation of a punishment that properly reflects the gravity of the action then you have nothing solid to build upon. That is why its absolutely crucial that the primary goal should be a historical and radical set of sentencing reforms for extreme acts. Without that you are forever sending out the message that extreme acts of cruelty against sentient creatures is not that big of a deal. After all, how can it be seen any other way when your very justice system hands out pitiful little fines and stupid alternatives to prison?
True, it does seem a fantastic leap to set out to take the punishments from what they are to where we have stated they need to be. After all its 2017 and despite the combined might of all the big established charities the actual sentences handed our for this type of cruelty have not changed much in over a century. And its not as if the dogs and the cats can vote or pay tax, so in the eyes of career politicians they are no benefit.

It is going to be tough to get what must be achieved. If it were easy then at some point in the last century someone would have done it before now. Morally and ethically it should be plain sailing. But since when did Government act wit morality and ethics in mind? They do not and that’s why it is going to be one hell of a fight to get what is long overdue.

However, there is much to be hopeful over.

There are many many people’s and representatives of people that eventually had Government eating out of their hand when it came to issues that mattered to them. Issues that objectively aren’t even as righteous as this one.

This proves that it can clearly be done, the only thing you ever need is the will, a sufficient number that share the will, lots of ideas and lots of tenacity and some financial backing.

If you are organised and tick those boxes then you are well on your way to achieving whatever it is you want. This only differs in one regard. In most other instances the groups and representatives are advocating on behalf of or for a particular group of people. This makes their task a wee bit easier. You are then only relying on those directly effected by your chosen issues to be the wind behind the sail.

Example. If Operation Frankish were a group representing the old or disabled it would be very much easier to harness direct support from those who are indeed old or disabled. But we are a group that really represent the pets – and they naturally cannot do anything. That’s the only difference really.

I guess if the dogs and cats of the UK could understand what we were doing then it would be a different story. But they don’t so we rely on those who probably aren’t directly effected but who do still harbour a strong sense of injustice and want that corrected.

In practice we must become the dogs and cats as it were.

Since they cannot speak nor advocate for themselves we must redouble our efforts and do that for them. In doing it for them you are also doing it for the future soul of your nation. Any nation which allows its sadists a free reign is a nation blighted. Any nation which clamps right down on such deviant acts is a strong nation that can hold its head up high.

I am personally sick of Britain being on the leader board for all the wrong reasons. We have the most coke heads and we have the most heroin users in Europe. There’s a bunch of other things we top the table for and not much of it good.

Just for once I want Britain to be on the leader board for something to be proud of. I do not want us to be a soft touch any more since all it does is send out a signal to every single degenerate that its open season.

Britain must and can become the Number One nation on the planet when it comes to putting such scumbags under the boot. There is no good moral or legal reason not to and there is every reason to do so. I want us to quit with the national top down weakness and start Governing like we mean business. I want Kim Jong to be reading his North Korean Echo and one day say to himself; “Wow, those Brits are hard core on sadists”.

(Kim Jong.  A liberal compared to us)

As tough a challenge as this might seem the simple fact of the matter is this – you could take a much less serious and less deserving issue. So long as you applied those principles of many ideas, tenacity and organisation, then you would find that whatever the issue was the Government would probably relent in the end.

If you just keep on and on about it and keep doing creative things to underscore the point then yes, eventually you will find they’d relent – if only to shut you the hell up.
There is zero loss to them in folding in this instance. If we were asking them to jail all the corrupt bankers – different tale. They are best buddies with them. If we were advocating that Trident be scrapped – different story. There’s a LOT of money in replacing it.

The majority of those in the present cabinet are millionaires. Its no big deal to them if a bunch of underclass abusers are sent to prison every year and for a few years. In this particular example all we need do is keep showing we are serious and keep on being like a wasp buzzing around them that just wont quit.

Its for all of those reasons there is hope based on good facts.

Its not necessarily that cabinet ministers ‘don’t care’ about pets. But they are professional career politicians out for themselves. Advocacy for cats and dogs doesn’t tend to bring many riches.

They CAN be made to shift though, of that I assure you.

When they realise for sure that enough people are genuinely serious and have crossed the line of being content with being fobbed off – then they will throw all abusers in front of the bus in no time. Apply sufficient pressure and its the type of thing that could happen “overnight” in relative terms. Its the sort of grandiose thing a Government could do knowing the public would give them zero heat for it and lots of kudos.

I predict a slog for an amount of time unknown. I predict set backs and frustration. But at the end of it all I predict that when things do change they will appear to change much faster than any of us might have predicted.

This will be the beginning of the end for the free reign that such societal rejects have in our country.


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