The Weak Link Must Be Eliminated

I know a guy from Ghana, nice fella. Not sure how long he has been here but his English is good and he works full time in security.

We often speak about what Ghana is like and he said that when he came here he and his g/f had two cats (her cats). He said that on the day she had to take one to the vet he was really impressed and surprised that people here actually do this – take pets to vets He says that while people do own cats etc in Ghana that its just not commonplace for people to take a cat or dog to a vet. He was genuinely pleasantly surprised that people here go to such great trouble to provide first class medical care.
I was quite proud of the fact that he was so impressed. I saw it as a badge of honour for our country and people. Its positive if someone visits here from a totally different land and they are really taken with an aspect of our civilisation. It shows that something we all take for granted is in fact not the norm in many other parts of the World. Notwithstanding the % of freaks that we all know about I think we can afford to have at least a little pride that outsiders come here and see us this way. He didn’t think it was dumb or silly or anything. He was just sincerely impressed on a cultural level.
I’ve also spoken to people from other parts of Europe who themselves are quite impressed with how ‘under control’ people here have their dogs. Whether we see it or not – outsiders do. They compare it to their home country where strays are commonplace and feral dogs just roam free. They are quite taken by the fact that you don’t see an abundance of stray or feral dogs here and that the majority of people walk them on leads and are generally responsible outdoors.
Its good to hear such things and get that sort of feedback because it demonstrates that in a societal sense we are starting from an already strong position – potentially.
That type of highly advanced and altruistic toward animals psyche didn’t just happen magically and overnight in this country. The reason we have all inherited a culture such as that has been entirely down to the efforts of all our ancestors down the years who strived and fought and sometimes died to gift you the advanced society that you enjoy today. That’s why we have a society whose actions and inclinations often impress outsiders.
We owe it to our ancestors not to spit in the face of their endeavours and the freedoms they worked hard to secure for future generations. We owe it to our descendants to work to ensure that they inherit a society that is high in morality and good values as well.
Any society and the things that it cherishes is only as strong as its weakest link. We have a societal weak link right now – that being that we do not punish twisted offenders and we send out the message that casual cruelty is not that big of a deal.
That’s our weak link and its a major one. For all the things those outsiders are rightly impressed by in our cultural norms this is tainted by the fact that we do not punish those who are an abomination to those values that so impress others.

We must focus on that weak link and fortify it. We cannot afford a weak link of that type for its corrosive to all else that is goodly.

The weak link must be eliminated. And with your will and with your belief and desire it will be.

One day people will visit and not only be impressed by our kindness.
They will be in awe at our toughness.
We Shall Prevail




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