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There’s no doubt that doing something like OF is a lot of effort and pressure at times. There’s also little doubt that the subject material is by definition grim. Its not easy to just create something from thin air and turn it into a physical and enduring reality as we have done.

Its obviously a lot easier just to follow something already established than to create your own thing, designed around what you believe will win out in the end.

When you create something from nothing and something without a precedent then for sure you are going to have challenges along the way. No one said it was going to be easy, right?


I wont bore you by listing all the challenges and set backs we have faced in a year, except to say its been a fairly long and taxing one. Yet, for all of those challenges and set backs here we are – still as robust as ever and as determined as ever. This story will end when we at least have the foundations of justice – the day that historic new sentences are announced. That’s going to take a mass effort in of itself, so when we secure that only then would I consider our mission to be done.

For all the hassles and issues, I can say with hand on heart that rarely in my life have i felt as sure I am doing the right thing as this past year. I truly believe in our aims.

I would be pushed to think of when I last believed in something with this level of passion and determination to win. Maybe not ever. This isn’t a hobby for me. This obviously isn’t work in the normal sense of the word. This isn’t business.

I personally see this whole thing and this whole challenge as being far greater than that. It may be binary thinking, but I perceive this as a struggle between that which is evil (and ultimately cowardly) and that which is not. Right here in our own land.


I see this as a battle for the hearts of the next generation. What are they to be born into? A society where the sadists run amok and the good people are conceding more freedoms? Or a society in which they can walk in greater peace and security, knowing that in this country we deal twisted sadists a crushing blow should they get caught? Its a no brainer for me. I am going to do everything in my might to force the latter to be the reality.
I’m not in it for fame or fortune. Maybe there’s fortune to be found if you are head of the SSPCA and can afford to by shares in Shell Oil, but if you are just a sincere volunteer unit then there is no fortune to be found in this fight. Fame? The only fame I seek is ‘fame’ for the issues, through the conduit of the movement. That’s not so much fame, its more necessary press and media.
There’s only one reason we exist and its the best one – to secure long overdue punishments that far better fit the gravity of acts of blatant sadism and cruelty.

As things stand there is a MASSIVE disparity between the action and the punishment, the latter being lenient to the point of worthless. We will exist for as long as that obvious disparity exists.

Its about time this issue was given the platform it merits. This goes deeper than it being about the punishment better fitting the crime. This is about a fundamental message we send out to this and the next generation when it comes to expected standards of behaviour and what to expect if you wilfully defy them.

This is about one day soon reading an abuse story but being left with some sense of high morale as the press photograph them being led away in a van to begin a sentence of years.
And along the way there is no doubt that we are a constant spectre to any budding Frankish types that become people of interest to us. As I have said and warned before – what we did before we can do again and more. Abuers that get caught now have something else to worry about other than having to answer to the RSPCA et all. Something definitely worth worrying about.

Everything we do we do in good faith though. I didn’t have anything I could just flat out copy, so throughout the whole thing I’ve really just had to burn the midnight oil trying to figure out the best ways forward. I’ve got far more big calls right than I have gotten wrong and any time I wasn’t convinced we were going to get value for spend I would always err on the side of caution.


Because our donations come from the efforts or wallets of a relative few people, I am always conscious to get us the best ‘theatre’ that we can for the small budgets we have. I am always negotiating deals for now or in the future. Just tonight I was offered something with a discount of hundreds, based on my objection to one thing. We will now do that thing in the near future. Maybe July or August.


In the meantime we have come up with a very high visibility operation for June, as explained in previous posts. Sometimes things happen that slow us down or distract us somewhat, but we have always come through those things and we have never lost sight of what we are going to achieve here.
And we are going to achieve it.


I believe that the will of the public to see justice done is greater than the will of these abusers. They aren’t strong of will by nature. I believe the fact that we have organised advocacy in OF gives us a distinct advantage over a disorganised enemy such as they.
Numbers mean nothing. People always fix on numbers as if numbers is the be all and end all. Lets get this into some context. I’ve honestly no idea how many people there are like Frankish in this country, as wapred and extreme as that. There are no figures. But, for the sake of the example, lets suppose that in the UK there are 10,000 like that.


You might wonder what possible chance does one man assisted by one or two people and financially supported by a few have against those numbers? The answer is – every chance.
In fact I’d say we are the favourites.


If sheer scale meant success then Africans would rule the World since there are nearly two billion of them. If numbers = success then every special unit, be it military or police, would have tens of thousands of people in it. They do not. They often incline toward working in relatively small groups. If they are small in number but good at what they are doing then their efforts can neutralise an enemy many times larger in number.

Thus the fact that there could be 10,000 freaks like Frankish in the UK is almost moot. What is very pertinent is how we, as a people, react to the fact.
Do we just roll over and let this disorganised rabble of human trash laugh in the face of law and order and destroy the soul of our nation? Of course not. They’ve had a free run for far too long. Time catches up with everyone in the end, and time is going to catch up with them as well.

Only something unexpected and extreme would stop me like death or ending up in a cardboard box. There is no ‘other side’ to this. This isn’t like a normal situation where you could have a number of legit sounding arguments against doing a given thing.


This isn’t like some debate between leaving the EU or staying. This is definitely one of those rare black and white things. This is a flaw in our justice system and all previous attempts to ‘reform’ it have fallen well short and aren’t reflective of what I believe the people would consider just.

No one can make any sort of lucid argument for and on behalf of such offenders. Its even far more black and white than the old debates over fox hunting and abbatoir conditions.

There is just absolutely no one who would even dare try to make an argument for what a Frankish did, you would never get someone in Government arguing for them as it would be political suicide. They can get away with openly advocating for fox hunting though and that’s not political suicide. That’s because A) The fox hunting set have a lot of £ and influence and B) Others are able to at least offer out some counter arguments in favour of it.

This is patently not the case with what we specialise in. Our targets have no £ to speak of and certainly not in any collective sense. They have zero influence on anything. And no one would be insane enough to try to make an argument for it.


Why then has it been a century since penalties were last properly reformed (some cosmetic tinkering since)?

Simple. Dogs and pets cannot organise and they cannot conceive of plans and direction. We must do it. Not just for their sake, but for the sake of our grandchildren and what sort of society you want them born into.

The reason why we still only give lame sentences to those proven to be culpable of the most horrific sadism? No one has ever created the perfect storm for long enough. No individual and no big charity. And that’s what we all need to do – create the perfect shit storm.
We just need to win big the one time. Dealing with this filth is like trying to break through a big old wall made entirely from fortified crap. You cant climb it. You cant go around it. You have to smash through it, one smelly brick at a time. Once you have weakened the wall enough the barrier in front of you will start to crumble away.
Lets be grateful for the fact that in our country we are at least starting from a pretty civilised starting point – most of us aren’t sick like them and still find them extremely objectionable.

Lets be grateful for the fact that there are good men and women out there tonight, smart men and women, who are giving body and soul just to ensure that the day will come when the smile will be wiped off all their filthy mouths.

Be grateful for the fact that there are others who then support them with their generosity and volunteerism. When you put all of those things together it really should give you genuine cause to believe we can utterly crush this issue and this enemy.

Which brings me nicely to our next weapon of mass destruction worth a mention.

UK’s Private Database

Later this summer we will be launching the biggest and most up to date database in the UK dedicated to those convicted of animal cruelty. It wont be any old database, dusty and forgotten. Once its done we will really go to town on promoting it so that tens of thousands know about it.

We now have the people to do the technical side. What we are open and receptive to are cases. Data. I wouldn’t go back years and years, but I’d most certainly list as many known and proven cases as we can within say the last three or four. Cruelty and sadism cases, not generic abandonment, not some bloke that never took his gerbil to a vet fast enough. The scum of the scum.


If you wait on ministers to get on the case then you would wait forever. Took them long enough to green light a paedo database. We do need to snap out of this stupor of relying on Government for everything though.

This is a necessity. Its justified. We will do it well but we will do it responsibly. But we’re not waiting until a bunch of chinless wonders get around to giving it the OK … one day.

We will create our own because we can create our own. Period. If they don’t like it – tough. They should have sanctioned one then.

Its obvious that if a Government stop protecting people that the people will eventually dream up ways to protect themselves and others. That’s our universal right. This should be ready later this summer with a big promo to raise its profile. However, at this developmental stage we are openly calling for a ‘library’ of good cases that fit the sort of criteria as laid out above.
Honestly. These beasts we are all wanting to take down here are absolutely F*** all, I promise you.

They’ve only gone under the radar so long because no one has ever quite singled them out and gone after them in this way before. Well, times are changing. Now they have a real problem on their hands. And the more we do and the better we get, the bigger the problem they will have on their hands.

Be confident. Have faith. Once we have them all trapped this will be like spraying roaches with Raid.


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