Your Enemy

Look at these faces. These faces are not only your enemy but the enemy of all that is good or moral.

These are not the faces of  hard men, a good men,  warriors or strategists.  These are the faces of two Class A Twats.




The faces represents the face of all who are like them. They are all Grade One losers. Twisted and sick? Sure. Tough and able? Absolutely not. Sadistic and opportunistic? Definitely. Intelligent and organised? No. Even before they finally commit the worse of deeds they were still dumber than two bricks laid on top of one another.
Your enemy are, for the want of a better word – scum. All they are is the utter dregs of British society. They aren’t even gangsters or anything. Just dickheads.
The first primal instinct we usually have toward such creatures is to want to exact some sort of physical revenge on them. Its understandable but its ultimately futile and here is why – in almost every case the one thing these abusers wont have lacked is acts of violence against them. If they weren’t booted around as kids then the chances are they’ve taken a few hidings as adults – even without people knowing what they have done. You cant look at this face and tell me he hasn’t taken second prize on many an occasion..
So, aside from the fact that its unfortunately a crime, it doesn’t look like it really achieves v much. Two black eyes and a busted lip will heal in two weeks and you are good to go. Two weeks is nothing. The irony is that they would then be potentially able to get money via the criminal injuries system. Not exactly what I’d call a win. That’s why its pretty pointless even wasting time with such notions. Not to mention the fact that there are just far too many for this to be a practical thing.
We already have the systems in place that everyone pays with their taxes that can deal with this problem. We just need to evoke them and get them working for us and not against us.
We have a Government. They can bring this into law with relative ease. That’s what they must do then. We have a police force. If they were told that this is now seen as a much more serious issue then they would act in accordance. They’d devote more time and resources to this offence. All the police need is the green light from Government to do just that – and they would.
We already have legislation that gives the police the powers to seize devices and scrutinise them. That legislation need only be applied to infamous cases like this and suddenly you are opening up a real Pandora’s box. We already have the courts and judges in place that would sentence these beasts to whatever the guidelines would allow. All that’s needed is for them to have the extra powers.
As enemies go there are worthy enemies that you can only respect and then there are those not even really deserving of the term enemy.
They are more of a blight that needs removing.

The best way to deal with a mass of these creatures is to have systems in place that serve as both a viable deterrent and unquestionable punishment.

They love their liberty. It is their liberty you must first seek to remove.
Even the most twisted coward has something that he holds dear or he loves. It may indeed only be their freedom to live as a parasite and a blight upon society. Remove that freedom, cut off that oxygen supply.
There aren’t millions of freaks like this, its really only a small but extremely toxic %. The danger is if allowed to fester away unchallenged then the % spreads. That has happened and this cannot go on. The spread must cease and the % rolled back to record low levels. You start out by wiping the smug grin off the faces of the first half dozen by taking away their liberty and you will be WELL on your way to doing just that – reducing the % to a historical low.

Its almost embarrassing how pathetic this enemy are. Look at it. What a joke. If we could really take the gloves off this would honestly be a one sided pounding, but since we live in a weird climate in which offenders are often protected more than victims we have to work smart and sort of defer our more primal instincts in exchange for something more viable and with more longevity.


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