Lets Move In

I was asked today what sort of thing I’d sanction or pursue if we had more resources to play with than we do. Not as in a stupid amount more – it was framed as being a plausible amount more. The only caveat is that it had to be pretty unusual.

My answer was instant and decisive. In such a hypothetical circumstance I’d absolutely and definitely consider investing in .. real estate.

Let me be more clear. I’d source, locate and rent a property right next door to the enemy. Or at least as close to next door as we could be. Since the properties they stay in aren’t exactly Mayfair, I’d negotiate rolling monthly rental terms for a property, it could be a house, but a shop would serve much the same purpose.


It wouldn’t be terribly expensive to do this, but yes, its fair to say that we’d need to one day be in a position where we had spare budget to genuinely pull such stuff off.


What would we do with it? Make it in our informal HQ. So long as we looked after it and paid on time, the odds are that whoever owed it would be just fine with it. Wouldn’t even need tell them the whole back story.


Who we would put there and what they would do would be kept a guessing game for when we moved in. Done properly, if they chose to up and move out, you could go through the process again. And again. Once we had roots there there’s a lot you could do. Again, I wont say what for reasons that I am sure you appreciate.



Properties in that entire region aren’t prohibitively expensive to rent. Its not London or even Edinburgh prices by any stretch. Wouldn’t even matter if it was one bed unfurnished or a studio flat. In fact that would be just fine.


Maybe one day we will easily be able to just do such things…

We could be neighbours and …. ‘friends’.


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