The Big Summer ‘Snap Frankish’ Contest


Summer is here and with it your chance to have fun.
Entries are now open for the Summer Snap Frankish contest. Remember this one from the height of last summer? Oh how we laughed as he timidly hid under his hoodie on a hot day.

That’s the kind of pics we want for this photo contest. And you can snap away freely as its perfectly legal to film or take photographs in public areas.

We’ll send something to those who get clear snaps as a small prize. I don’t know what, but we will rustle something up. Bonus points for getting both.
They are both very photogenic and no way should they hide their light under a bushel.
‘Tell me I’m pretty’ AF once famously wrote on his own photograph. Okay, lover boy – you are really pretty.
So lets get those entries in.
PM them to us on FB.
If you want to take part then you don’t even need to say so in comments – just send your entry in and we will add it to a wall of shame.
Click and point – that’s all you need do to get into this game this summer.
Over to you…


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