The Fix

I’ve been in this grim ‘business’ for what feels like a life time now. I notice patterns in things. In regard to wilful animal cruelty the principal pattern I have noticed is that this tends to be a young persons offence.


A better way to put it would be to say that the young are grossly over represented when it comes to such extreme actions. This doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as an abuser who is 40, 50 or 70. There likely are. But one would not suddenly become such a person at 40. If they haven’t committed such acts by that age – they are almost never going to do it. If they are like that at 40? Its because they were doing it since they were very young.


You need only look at some of the more high profile cases to see this is predominantly a youth issue. The brothers? 17 and 19. The ‘Chunky’ attackers? Not even that old. The guy convicted of animal abuse on a farm a month or two back? About 18. The girl in the press today? 14.


Its not hard to understand though. The simple fact of that matter is this – owing to an array of different reasons that I could list but no one would really read, what we have right now are a youth who are low empathy for one thing.


Low empathy youth leads to abuse of the first thing weaker than they are – pets. They aren’t just low empathy though. They typically place no value on things as everything comes too easily to them.


If owning and getting a bulldog were some sort of high privilege and if there wasn’t this insidious disposable mentality then you would not have a situation where two brothers would so casually do what they did. But since they were so very easily able to get other dogs after Baby died, nothing has value to them, all things can be gotten rid of and replaced, and very little is earned.


You only need to take a walk through parts of any city to see little packs of them and full of swagger they are as well. No wonder. Under a certain age they are well aware I’m not allowed to lay a glove on them, they haven’t been raised to respect the police and they know the court system is a cow that is easily milked by them. Set against that background, what is there for them to fear? Why would they not be emboldened when this is the situation?


I am old enough to definitely tell you that there has been an explosion of pretty scummy youth and its only going to get worse for as long as courts and social workers wring their hands and try to excuse it away with their usual mumbo jumbo.


If I were you the first thing I’d do is accept that, yes, this specific form of abuse is predominantly a young persons domain. AF and DF were quite young at 17 and 19, but I’d suggest that they were abusers even before that age. Perhaps as young as nine or ten.


Its my view (not without merit) that the most crucial age for a child is between say 6-12. Whatever they are exposed to in those six years will go a long way to shaping what they are by the time they get to their late teens.

Its clear that an all too high number of children of that age are being and have been exposed to that which has warped their personality – usually irredeemably. When they are doing this stuff well into late teens and 20’s – there is no putting that genie back in the bottle. Its too late for them by that time.



You simply have an era with a youth who are disproportionately low empathy and with sadistic and narcissistic tendencies. That’s the reality and one symptom is this ever increasing abuse and extreme behaviours, toward animals among many other things.

There’s no easy answer to the end result of decades of moral decay. You cant just roll that back with the stroke of a pen.


There are answers though. Fixes. Ways things could be dealt with short and long term simultaneously.


The fixes are pretty simple – the best fixes usually are. Whether the fixes are applied or not, I have no idea. But if they were applied then you’d move forward at a rapid rate.


I’ll simplify it right down. Part one of the fix is that you are going to need to take care of those who are already a blight and a danger. When guys in their late teens come before courts for stuff as extreme and macabre as this – its crucial that an example is made of them. Examples need to keep on getting made until that part has gone as far as it can go.


However, the key thing is this. It is possible to toughen up and deal with those in the here and now. That must happen. But what sort of children do you think these low empathy youths are going to spawn and punt out into the World when they finally get around to breeding? It wont be children ‘like them’. They will be even worse than the already bad parents who brought them into the World, with even less empathy and even more of a swagger to them. The result? A shit load more victims, be they pets, kids themselves, old people – you name it.


If you want a less cruel and less sadistic next generation then this is what you are selectively going to have to push and promote as the standard.


This should not be confused with raising a generation to be too soft or a pushover – not at all. On the contrary, the new culture pushed should overtly make clear that sadism and cruelty are the actions of losers and freaks while to fight sadism and cruelty are the actions of the brave.

This is the notion and these are the ideas that need pushed into our youngsters and on a national level – and as forever deal. No use aiming it at middle aged people. Even those in their 20’s are already too old. This is a meme that needs and deserves a place in the daily learning life of kids aged approx 6-12. If it were done properly (key word) then it would serve a duel purpose. The first one I have just explained. The second purpose is that some kids that age may very well go off and tell a teacher that things at home are bad.



That’s the two fixes. Those are basically the only two ways that your kids wont be here in 10 years feeling as betrayed by the justice system as you are.


Here’s a fact you can take to the bank though – no Government is going to just hand those fixes to you on a silver platter. They will not initiate them because …. I hate to break it … they really do not give a fuck about you and your issues.


Why would they care about the implications of a low empathy youth? They are the safest people in the country, with their gated community and a hot line to the Met. Do you think the low empathy youth will be going to the schools they pay for their kids to attend? Do you think they’ll be letting their kids hang out with mindless packs of morons? Do you think pets belonging to anyone in high office are at risk of abuse from a thief? Do you think professional politicians who only think in three or four year cycles actually care what your country will be like in 10-15 yrs, when all these low empathy kids start breeding? Forget it. They do not care. If they did care they have long had the powers to show it.


Keep this in mind. Your Government are NOT going to take the lead on the punishment part. And they are definitely not going to take the lead re the part in which you purposefully and wilfully change the social culture among kids in the age group I mentioned.


Does this mean we are all doomed then – if no Government will take the lead? No.

That’s the good news, it by no means the two aims need be doomed at all. It simply and only means Government wont take the lead.


What it does mean is that something external to a Government must take the lead instead. There’s nothing else for it, because if a Gov don’t take the lead and nothing external takes the lead then – that leaves zero.


In regard to this issue its either something external or nothing. There’s no third way, either the Gov take the lead OR something independent of them takes the lead and forces Government into making it a bigger deal. That’s how it works. That’s what it will take and that my friends is how you win this for keeps.


And yes, there are very interesting and innovative ways the other side of it could be made into a national phenomenon as well. There’s no need to wait on the state for that – in fact, anything like that which is state run would probably be third rate. Just look at ANYTHING the state run. Its all waste and corruption.


Really the only true issue is that whatever that external thing is will always need resourced. That’s the biggest and really the only obstacle. The external thing can certainly be built on the sound principles of volunteerism, but even so it is still going to need both financial and human resource.


Obviously the external thing can only grow as fast as that grows and is only as effective as that may be. You need an external force in this case or nothing at all will change – ever. Okay – maybe tweaks.


The dogs don’t need to be doomed to this, but without that external force then they obviously will be. These things I am explaining would be objective truths, regardless of whether we were that external force or not.

This is going to take bold, ambitious and audacious ideas. Even that wont be enough, its pretty much going to take a full on effort for an indeterminate period of time. But if you do have an external force, and if it does have some audacious methods, then what needs to occur is that it needs to be elevated.

Creativity and bold ideas are great – but they are worthless without the resources to turn them into a reality. Again – this is objective true when applied to ANYTHING that is organised with a big job at hand.




If there was some little known EU grant that I could get it would be bloody interesting days. The irony is that there probably is some bizarre grant out there that we would get given! That would be great because I could create the perfect shit storm on one hand and, on the other hand, I would have the freedom to explore the other side of it and actually put things into action.


I honestly wish I believed the RSPCA/SSPCA could be trusted to take care of business here and get the job done. I don’t think that they will. For whatever good works they may do they are not and never have been a specialised pressure group and they would never ever be able to function in ways a totally independent group can. Not to mentiion that the RSPCA seem to be in disarray while the SSPCA may still hold shares in Shell who do experiments on animals. That’s why I don’t have much faith that they would get this particular job over the line.




There are things that I despise just as much as the abuse itself. Here’s a BIG one, I may even despise those more (sometimes an abuse story does have a happy ending). The idea of losing to a % of total moronic, twisted, weak and cowardly filth – this I cannot accept.

I think that even if no one at all was interested I would go on despising the thought of losing … to dregs.

I cannot think of anything more weak and cucked than to lose to scum. That’s what I think of even more than the victims, in fact I try not to think of victims as I get the idea. I could come to terms with losing to scum if there was just no options and zero hope. But that’s not the case AT ALL.

Truly – this is an enemy that can be as utterly destroyed as the law and social boundaries will allow AND you CAN wilfully create a new generation in which those traits I mentioned are cleverly and creatively emphasises as I explained.


With proper resources behind the external force it would trample right over the piss take the abusers have enjoyed too long, it would crush any political filibustering and, as well as that, it would be planting those seeds for the next generation to come.


I would absolutely 100% and without a flicker of doubt stand by that as a template of total domination and victory.

This is what you need and this is what its going to take.

Nothing less will do.
Never give this enemy too much credit. There may be 2,000 people like AF and DF in Britain. An external force does not need 2,000 active people to combat and ultimately totally defeat that. Not at all. To defeat an enemy of approx that size and knowing their mental capalbities as I do, then you can defeat any enemy like that with less than 200 highly motivated people.



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