Bite, lock on, don’t let go



This country is in a bit of a spot right now and in more ways than one. But we will stay with the one – the animal abuse laws and related topics.

What a shambles that is. The RSPCA are rocked by scandal after controversy which, in the end, undermines any good work they do and lets down the many who give to them, probably on the basis they trust them by dint of that Royal seal. Oh. And their boss quit after less than a year, despite a huge salary and perks. So they are effectively without leadership and certainly there is a doubt over continuity.

Here in Scotland its much the same picture. The SSPCA mired in controversy, most recently over the revelation that they own shares in Shell Oil who are involved in vivisection. Its almost too surreal to be real and it must be very disheartening for Scots who give to them.


I think their boss quit his £200k a year role as well not so long ago – for some reason these big charities cant seem to keep their top men for very long despite what strikes me as inflated pay. I don’t know why – maybe they get into the organisations and realise its such a mess that they could earn the same money elewhere with less fuss?

I think its probably fair to say that the above conditions are not exactly fertile ground if we were hoping that such monied and established organisations were going to lead the charge when it comes to historical legal changes.

That’s ok though. I see potential in the UK regardless of them.


I’m a dog owner and it was something that struck me the other day – people in this country buy some pretty amazing things for their dogs that I didn’t even know exist. There are some incredible devices out there to cool, groom, relax, walk, and generally make the life of a dog pretty bloody good.

The fact that there’s such a massive range of products that sell so very well shows me that people must at least care a lot for their own dog and often spend a lot of £ and effort on it.


If the general attitude in this country was apathetic about their dogs then such industries would fail in spectacular fashion. Private vets would go out of business as people would settle purely for home remedies or just let the dog die if it was something too serious. Dog insurance wouldn’t be such a profitable industry, so much so that supermarkets got in on it. Its only profitable because there is a huge demand. And there was a huge demand because…people are bothered enough to spend the £.

There would be no grooming salons, dog behaviourists wouldn’t exist, and so much attention and science wouldn’t be spent on food and nutrition unless ……… many people very much cared.


There are literally tens and tens of thousands of people just like that ^ in this country. There are far more of them than there are yeti’s like Andy and Danny boy. Its just that the majority of them are probably just like I once was – still fairly unaware and not fully informed. I think as they better understood and became aware they would soon begin to wake up, just as I did when I understood better and became fully aware as to the extent and depravity of what I was dealing with.


Once that happens then its going to be a sorry time for their ilk. Once those dog owners I’ve profiled collectively start to fully realise what’s going on then things are going to get very hot for such losers and any politician who is seen to be obstructive in bringing them to justice.


I do not yet think that the best dog owners in this country are fully aware of this issue, the extent of it, the miscarriage of justice any time one is convicted (by virtue of the present sentencing limits). Nor do I think they are yet fully aware of the wider social implications.
They care, they just aren’t fully aware.


If a dog owner is willing to make all that massive effort with their own dog then it stands to reason they are not going to be a happy chappy when it fully dawns on them what has been going on, for how long, and, how extreme it is. I know I wasn’t Mr Happy when it dawned on me. That’s why I created this. As a warning to others like those two gimps (as well as to create advocacy). There will be others like me who just aren’t fully informed and aware. When they are it will naturally change the dynamic.


Those who invest the most time or £ on their dogs just do not yet fully realise what is being allowed to happen here. Its not really their fault, before I chanced upon the Baby story its not really something that entered my head, I’d never seen anything that extreme before, I had no idea what sentence someone got for something like that.


If I wasn’t fully aware then why wasn’t I? It can only be because the press, the big charities and politicians didn’t do all they could to get it out there, to inform and show the truth. I know they did campaigns and the press would sometimes run stories about abuse – but for most of my adult life I had zero idea it was that extreme, nor did I have any clue what sort of sentence a person got for such cruelty. If people who do have a vested interest are not fully aware then it stands to reason that they will not act. To act you first need to see and then accept the full extent of the issue.


The hope comes from the very real fact that there is a large and dormant ‘army’ out there who, if fully informed and put straight would act constructively. At least a good % would. What we need to try to do is get more of those dog owners to be fully informed and awake. Once you are awake yourself you sort of owe it to others like you to awaken them as best you can. At least that way they can make an informed choice how they are going to react to the situation.


Its with that in mind I am looking forward to putting our moving screen on wheels on the road on July 15th. Audio visual is a good way to go, taking that around a densely populated city on a day when it will be extra busy (due to a big festival) is a good way to go.

A shout out is due the others working on this, I cant take even a sliver of credit for the visuals since I just gave a bunch of raw material over and a brief. Its been others who had to make that into a working thing, and, with a few weeks to go it is still a work in progress. Its all looking really good though.


Lets be honest. Once enough people are fully awoken we’re going to make pretty light work of these abusers and this issue. These abusers survive on people being uninformed and not fully aware. They rely on that, for if more people like me were fully aware then it would be impossible for them to be at large at all.



What should be a national scandal has been for too long kept something of an open secret. The information was there, but you had to really want to go looking for it, it would have to occur to you that there first was a big issue.


Like I said last week, I do notice patterns in things. One pattern I see is not a lack of care about dogs and pets at all. There is plenty of care. The care is all good and we should be proud to contribute to it in whatever way that we do (even just by how you care for your own dog).


But care alone is not enough. Caring for pets is obviously very moral but care alone is not enough, its too passive and defensive a reaction. The level of care needs to stay.

What we need to keep doing is going on the attack though. We need to keep attacking the abusers by whatever lawful means we can get away with, we need to keep attacking the politicians who could do more and do not, we need to attack the problem of people not being fully informed by fully informing them.


One day society will desist with this ‘only a dog’ notion and see such extreme acts as they would see a serious sexual assault.

That society will be British society.
I am confident of this as I am convinced there are thousands like me, men and women that are very fond of their own dog and put in hours of care for him/her, men and women who would be aghast if they knew the full extent of what goes on. Not just the abuse, the complete sick joke that passes for ‘punishment’.

What we need to do is keep striking matches and lighting fires (sic).





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